My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms

My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms – Chapter 6, I Accidentally became the King of Songs

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Translator: Silavin

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


Come on, I’ll accept any bet. The bigger the better. So, don’t be stingy”  *


This opportunity was so big that Lin Hai would definitely not let this go.


Meanwhile, Hu Wei got so angry that his nostrils flared up. When he took a deep breath to cool himself down, his bugger seemed to have been recycled. Just when has any of Jiangnan University’s four prince been stingy?


“Let’s gamble with 10.” Hu embraced his chest with both hands and said arrogantly.  *


“10? What 10? Lin Hai was stunned.


“It’s 100,000 dumplings brains.” Zhao Lei said scornfully beside him.


“Ah, no problem, no problem.” Lin Hai nodded like a chicken pecking rice.


Lin Hai: [100,000? Damn!]


“Don’t be fooled, Hu Ge, he’s a poor man and won’t be able to pay 1,000 let alone 10,000” warned Wang Ting


“I won’t be able to get it back? Ha!” Hu Yiwei sneered and his eyes flashed fiercely. “There are plenty of methods to make him pay up.”


“Let’s get started.” Hu Wei winked at Liu Jun.


“Wait a minute.” Lin Hai quickly stopped him


“Why, are you afraid, want to stop?


“I want to add one more condition.”


Lin Hai glanced around at Zhao Lei, Wang Ting and Liu Jun then jokingly said to Hu Wei, “if I win, you and your dogs over there must bark like dogs three times”


“Who are you calling dogs?” says Zhao Lei about to rush at Lin Hai, but Hu Wei stopped him.


“What if you lose?”


Lin Hai shrugged his shoulders.”I’ll do the same.”


“Humph, just looking to humiliate yourself. Let’s get started.”


“Fellow students, the song ‘One Plum Blossom’ for you”.


“‘One Plum Blossom’? What the hell? Are you considering becoming a eunuch? Just what is wrong with your brains?”

(Silavin: here is the song)


After hearing Lin Hai’s words, Liu Jun, who had just adjusted his breath, almost lost his breath.


Liu Xin Yue burst into laughter and gave Lin Hai a coy glance, “Hooligans!”


“True love is just like the vast grasslands…”


It has to be said that Liu Jun’s singing skills are still very solid, the words are correct, full of emotion, this masterpiece of the little brother (The Singer’s nickname), the interpretation of the right.


“Liu Jun, we love you!”


“Liu Jun, you are so good, it’s better than the original Singer. Holy Cow!”


The students who were watching, cheering loudly, seemed to have been taken over by Liu Jun’s song.


Once the song was finished, Liu Jun, satisfied with his performance, provocatively snorted at Lin Hai.


Lin Hai: “Chee, no wonder you chose that song. I never knew you were such a sissy.”




Liu Jun was so angry that he almost vomited blood.


“Enough with the sarcasm, you will be crying soon anyway. It’s your turn”!


“What’s a good song?” Lin Hai went to the middle, pinched his chin and frowned and muttered.


“Yes.” Lin Hai clapped his hands. “Let’s sing a song about Yuquan’s ‘Rainbow’.”

(Silavin: Yuquan’s Rainbow here. Quite a nice song. Not sissy at all.)


‘When you have fallen in love, don’t deny it. When the love of your life moves on without you, don’t feel down.


No matter what the future holds, you must remain strong


If your heart is still wandering about tomorrow


I am willing to bear this love you have and accompany you to build a whole new world.


When my world has you, every single day is like a film.


Whether the plot is romantic or bizarre, the protagonist is you.


When my world has you, it would sometimes be sunny and sometimes be rainy.


On cloudy days, I will tell you that I love. That you more beautiful than the rainbow.`


When Lin Hai opened his mouth, the whole training room was quiet.


No one spoke or cheered.


All the people were drawn into the artistic conception of the song.


Everyone has a happy smile on his face, as if the lover in the song who is willing to bear everything for himself and build a world is beside him, whispering his love to himself.


Liu Xin Yue felt a tender warmth seep into her heart. Looking at the Lin Hai, she could not help get stunned by his face filled with happiness and sweetness.


“When my world has you, I wonder if this song is sung for me?”

“Wow!” The sound room began bubbling with the students went crazy.

“Amazing. I’ve never heard such a beautiful song before.”

“After listening to his song, I want to have a lover to accompany me.”

“No, I want to fall in love.”

Liu Jun’s face went red, and he secretly scolded himself. [The fuck? How could I have been infected by his singing?]

“Well then, now that the song is over, let’s start voting.” Lin Hai shrugged his shoulders.


“This…” Liu Jun hesitated a little. He really didn’t expect Lin Hai to sing so well that even his confidence was shaken and could not help staring at Wang Ting.

Liu Jun cursed, [Is that what you called tone deaf?!]

Lin Hai: “What, can’t face the reality that I am better than you?”

Lin Hai sneered and said to the students, “Dear students, it’s time to announce the results. If you support Liu Jun, please raise your hands!”


Liu Jun looked nervously at the crowd, sparse and lazily, only three or four of the dozens raised their hands, plus Hu Wei, Zhao Lei and Wang Ting, it only added up to six or seven votes.

[Fuck… I lost?!] Liu Jun felt his heart drop and his body grows limp for a second.

Lin Hai: “Well, next up, if you support me, please raise your hand!”

[Whoa!] Lin Hai exclaimed from the sight in front of him as the crowd raised their hands and looked at Lin Hai with admiration on their faces.

“Wow., thanks everyone”, Lin Hai said.

“The result has come out. Time for you to pay up the bet.” Lin Hai shrugged his shoulders toward Hu Wei.

“Huh! It will depend on you. It’s only 100,000 yuan. It’s a huge sum for someone as poor as you but it’s a pittance to me.

“Pop!” A bank card was thrown at Lin Hai. “The password is  000 000.”

“Thank you!” Lin Hai catches him and raised the credit card in the air with pride.

“Hmph, now, can you get lost?!” Hu Wei said, unable to stand the sight of Lin Hai’s grinning face any longer.

“Wait a minute!” Lin Hai suddenly came forward and stopped Hu Wei.


“There seems to be another bet that hasn’t been fulfilled.” When the voice of Lin Hai dropped, Hu Wei’s face changed violently.


Hu Wei: “Why don’t you say it out loud? That I haven’t barked yet!”

Lin Hai: “Yup. Hurry and start barking!”

Hearing this drama payout, onlookers began to whisper to one another.

“Don’t go too far, boy!” Hu Wei’s eyes turned into daggers as he spoke in an ice-cold voice.


“If you wish to gamble then you must prepare to make a loss. Didn’t your parents ever teach you that? What? If you want to regret your decision then don’t agree to such a bet in the first place.” Lin Hai did not shy away and darted back at Hu Wei.

“Good! Good! I’ll remember this!” Hu Wei nodded for a long time.

“Come on you three, start barking!”

“Big Brother Hu, we…”

“Master Hu….”


His three followers all had their face change colour.

“Bark for me!” Hu Wei roared.

“Just you bloody wait Lin Hai!” Zhao Lei cruelly remarked to Lin Hai, and then…


“Woof Woog Woog!”

“Wang Wang Wang!”

“Ao Ao Ao Ao Ao!”

With tomato red faces, they did not dare to stop barking, each wishing to dig a hole to hide in

“Come on!” The students gathered around laughed loudly again.

“Boy, I’ll remember you!” Hu Wei, with a fierce look in his eyes, was ready to leave.

“Hold up!” Lin Hai came forward again and stopped him. “You seem to have forgotten something. You haven’t barked yet.”


“You… ” Hu Wei’s eyes almost started to bleed.

“Kid, do you know who I am? You should know what lines not to cross”

“I don’t care who you are. I only know you lost so now you have to bark.”

[Just what the hell do you take me for? I have already offended you to this extent. You wouldn’t let me go either way. So, how could I possibly let you off easily?] Lin Hai scoffed, unmoved by the threat.

“Good, good!” Hu Wei was breathing heavily.


“I’ll bark for your mom when she is under me. Fuck off!” Hu Wei pushed Lin Hai away and walked towards the door.

Zhao Lei and the remaining of Hu Wei’s followers hasted off with their head hung low in disgrace.

Lin Hai pointed his middle finger at Hu Wei’s back “If you can’t afford to lose, and don’t bloody bet.”  

After Hu Wei left, Lin Hai waved to the students “Thank you for today’s business.”

“Lin Hai, the Song King!”

“Lin Hai, the Song King!”

“Lin Hai, the Song King!”

Lin Hai didn’t know who took the lead but suddenly the training room was full of cheers.

[Did I, accidentally became king of songs?] Lin Hai rubbed his nose shyly.



“Baldheaded!” Outside the training room, Hu Wei called with a somber face, “Clean up a man for me!”



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