My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms

My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms – Chapter 5, The Fake Boyfriend

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Translator: Silavin

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


Lin Hai was dumbfounded.


He couldn’t believe that Liu Xin Yue actually took his joke seriously.


Of course, Lin Hai would be over the moon if she actually agreed to be his girlfriend.


After all, no boy would turn down the opportunity to be the school belle’s boyfriend.


There was clearly a problem as Liu Xin Yue was crying.


[Fuck, how could I have become a hypocrite who takes advantage of those in need?]


Lin Hai was extremely troubled.


‘Ding Dong!’


Someone added Lin Hai as a friend.


He clicked on the notification. [Crap, it’s the Monkey King!]


Lin Hai was so excited; he grew up watching Journey to The West and really liked the Monkey King.




“Did you just get the vanishing pill? Why don’t you sell it to me?” The Monkey King sent this message right after his friend request was accepted.


“Haha, it’s just a pill, why don’t I just give it to you?” Lin Hai then sent the vanishing pill to the Monkey King.


Since Lin Hai had no use for the pill, he thought he might as well just give it to the Monkey King in exchange for a favor.


“Ah, thank you, thank you!” The Monkey King sent a string of emojis depicting a hand cupping a fist.


“I like you a lot and I will definitely repay you in the future.”


Music Practice Room.


Zhao Lei stood in front of a young man and fawned over him.


“Hu Ge, this is my girlfriend, Wang Ting. Ting Ting, hurry up and greet Hu Ge.”


“Nice to meet you, Hu Ge.”


Hu Wei crossed his legs and glanced at Wang Ting from the corner of his eye.


“I’ve got to say, Zhao Lei, you change your girlfriends faster than I do, but the quality of yours is far inferior to mine.”


Wang Ting’s face reddened immediately.


Zhao Lei laughed in embarrassment.


“Hu Ge, since you’re friends with Ye Shao, can you talk to him about next month’s City Youth Singing Competition? Ting Ting intends to…”


“Xin Yue!” Before Zhao Lei even finished his sentence, Hu Wei stood up and walked towards the door.


Zhao Lei felt embarrassed. He was just about to ask Hu Wei for his help but had to bite his tongue instead.


“Xin Yue, you came.”


Liu Xin Yue frowned.


“How many times do I have to tell you, we’re not that close so please don’t talk to me as if we’re friends.”


“Xin Yue, I’ve already spoken to Ye Shao. If you agree to be my girlfriend, you will be next month’s City Youth Singing Competition’s champion.” Hu Wei brushed off Liu Xin Yue’s attitude and said with a smile.


“Thanks, but no thanks. I already have a boyfriend and I would rather rely on my own abilities to win.”


“You have a boyfriend?” Hui Wei’s face fell.


“Impossible. Tell me, who is it?”


“Xin Yue.” Coincidentally, Lin Hai arrived just in time.


“Who is he?” Hu Wei glared at Lin Hai.


“Didn’t I already tell you? I have a boyfriend. That’s him.” Liu Xin Yue replied as she walked towards Lin Hai.


“Crap!” Watching at the scene before him, Lin Hai immediately understood what he needed to do.


Fuck, he didn’t even know if he had a shot at being Liu Xin Yue’s boyfriend but pretending to be her fake one, for now, he would have to do.


“Hi, I’m Xin Yue’s boyfriend.” Lin Hai stuck his right hand out as he wrapped his other arm around Xin Yue’s soft and slender waist.


Since he had to pretend to be her fake boyfriend, Lin Hai decided he might as well enjoy it while it lasts.


Upon feeling the warmth around her waist, Liu Xin Yue’s body stiffened and she turned her head to glare at Lin Hai.


“My boyfriend, Lin Hai.”


Hu Wei’s face was scarily gloomy.


“Xin Yue, don’t just find any Tom, Dick or Harry to appease me. Don’t you want to win the City Youth Singing Competition?”


Liu Xin Yue trembled. It seems that winning this competition is very important to her.


“I will fight for the title of champion. With my boyfriend’s coaching, I am very confident of winning.”


“Haha, he’s going to coach you? That’s really funny.” Wang Ting and Zhao Lei walked over to join them.


“Hu Ge, Lin Hai is merely a poor country bumpkin and he’s tone deaf. Can’t believe he even thought of coaching someone.”


Wang Ting, eager to impress Hu Wei, began picking on Lin Hai.


Lin Hai frowned. [This woman… In any case, we’ve spent a year together, so why must you keep attacking me?]


“Xin Yue, you still dare say that all of this isn’t to appease me?” Upon hearing what Wang Ting had to say, Hu Wei laughed coldly and was even more certain that Lin Hai was just a fraud that Liu Xin Yue found at the last minute.


Lin Hai and Liu Xin Yue ignored Hu Wei and began discussing vocalization techniques.


“Yes, keep the air between your third and fourth ribs and use these 2 ribs to sing.”


“Haha, you’re killing me here.” Wang Ting over exaggerated her laughter.


“Although I’m not a professional singer, even I know that the air must be kept at the bottom of the lungs and that you must use your abdomen to sing. I’ve never even heard of the technique of using 2 ribs to sing.”


“The thing is, by keeping the air between the ribs, you will not experience pain when breathing.” Zhao Lei agreed.


“Alright, Xin Yue, don’t be a nuisance.” Hu Wei shouted.


“Is this how you do it? Ah~Ya~” Liu Xin Yue followed Lin Hai’s instructions and began singing.


“Yes, that’s it.” Admittedly, Liu Xin Yue is very talented at singing. She was able to find the correct vocal position in just a mere few seconds.


“Liu Xin Yue, Hu Wei treats you with such sincerity, you should feel honored. Why did you go and find this piece of shit? What a disgrace.” Suddenly, a handsome boy walked over.


“Liu Jun, don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong.” This boy, Liu Jun, who was also in the music faculty, looked handsome and sings well.


Everyone in the faculty of music thought that Liu Jun and Liu Xin Yue were a match made in heaven. He even wooed her for a long period of time.


However, Liu Xin Yue had always been cold towards him, causing him to give up on his pursuits, especially since Hu Wei started wooing her too.


Liu Jun originally planned on hooking up with other students, but upon seeing Liu Xin Yue mixing around with Lin Hai, who was clearly an amateur, to disgust Hu Wei, he decided to come and help Hu Wei instead.


After all, Liu Jun plans on participating in the City Youth Singing Competition. Knowing Hu Wei’s friendship with Lin Shao, kissing up to Hu Wei will definitely do Liu Jun some good.


“Liu Xin Yue, listen to me, don’t make Hu Wei angry and tell this piece of garbage to get out of here.”


Lin Hai, unhappy, mocked: “Garbage, who are you asking to leave?”


“Garbage is asking you to leave!”


“I can’t believe you fell for such an old trick. Your IQ worries me.” Lin Hai shook his head condescendingly.


“You…” Liu Jun’s face turned red as he cursed in his heart, [Fuck!].


“Alright, let’s not talk about talent. Since you said you can sing, why don’t you demonstrate your ability right here, right now? Let me see if you’re actually capable of coaching Liu Xin Yue.”


“Sure.” Lin Hai laughed grimly. Fuck, he was screwed.


Liu Jun couldn’t help but laugh. He couldn’t believe that Lin Hai actually agreed.


“Fellow students!” Liu Jun turned around and announced to the students in the practice room.


“This random nobody with baseless courage wants to compete with me to see who can sing better. I, Liu Jun, would like everyone here to help us be the judge.”


“Great! Liu Jun, I love you and I’ll support you!”


“Handsome, I am a big fan. All the best! You can totally crush him!” A few love-struck female students screamed crazily.


Liu Jun proudly turned back and smirked at Lin Hai, only to see him and Liu Xin Yue laughing as they paid Liu Jun no mind.


“Oi, kid, are you ready to compete or not?” Liu Jun despised Lin Hai.


“Oh, you can sing first.” Lin Hai waved his hand around indifferently and continued whispering with Liu Xin Yue, occasionally laughing too.


Liu Jun’s face darkened.


This move showed Liu Hai’s blatant disregard of Liu Jun.


Liu Jun cursed, [Just you wait and see!]


“Alright then, I’ll sing first. When I’m done, you won’t even have the courage to stand on stage.”


“Wait for a second!” Hu Wei suddenly stood up.


“What’s the point of just competing, why don’t we make a bet as well?”


Upon hearing Hu Wei’s proposal, Lin Hai, who was still whispering and laughing, looked up at Hui Wei.


Silavin: I’m wondering if this series is not that interesting to you guys. Should I stop translating this and focus on something else instead?


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