My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms

My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms – Chapter 4, Devoted to Art?

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Translator: Silavin

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


“Vanishing Pellet?”


Lin Hai quickly clicked on the money pouch icon to check the description.


Vanishing Pellet: Invisibility and ability to disappear without a trace. Lasts up to 2 hours.


“Crap, the technique of invisibility?”


Lin Hai was surprised.


“Fuck, if Wang Peng knew about this, he’ll take the pill and run to the girls’ locker room to watch them shower.”


“Eh? Fine print below: Should not be taken by anyone below the Golden Celestial Realm”


[Fuck! Lies!] Lin Hai felt discouraged.


Obviously, as a regular mortal, the vanishing pellet would be ineffective for Lin Hai.


Too lazy to redeem the vanishing pellet, Lin Hai exited the money pouch description page and saw that the High Heaven Trading Circle chat was active again.


Jiu Tian Xuan Xu: The person who sent the red packet is so handsome! (Thumbs up emoji)


Lei Gong: Thanks boss (Kowtow emoji)


Ri You Shen: Crap, why did you have to give out the red packets when I was on duty? Now I don’t have one. (Crying emoji)


Ye You Shen: I don’t know what to say. (Distraught emoji)


Chi Jiao Daxian: @Zhang Guo Lao, are you willing to sell your Yuan Medicine?


Zhang Guo Lao: I’ve already used it. (Laughing emoji)


Chi Jiao Daxian: @Zhang Guo Lao, crap! (Unamused emoji)


Erlang Shen: @Lord Lao Zi, why did you send it out now when everyone’s busy…aiyo, you’re so cunning – grabbed everyone by the balls when they’re not looking!


Monkey King: Haha, my son, how do your balls feel now? @Lord Lao Zi, hurry up and send the red packets again!


These two idiots could fight, grab red packets and send messages at the same time. Lin Hai was really impressed.


Lord Lao Zi: @Everyone, from now on, I will be sending out daily red packets into the group. If anyone disobeys my rules again, I will not be distributing any red packets on that day.


Tie Guai Li: I support you!


Tai Bai Jin Xing: Stop posting advertisements! It starts with us!


Chang Er: Only hooligans post advertisements.


Erlang Shen: Those that post advertisements will have to invite Xiao Tian Quan over for dinner.


Xiao Tian Quan: Woof woof!


Monkey King: Whoever dares to post advertisements



Not long later, these deities began to show their support one by one. Even the ones who posted advertisements earlier have shamelessly shown their support.


But they had no choice, Lord Lao Zi’s red packet was on the line.


The second period was for self-study.


Lin Hai was playing with his phone when suddenly the students around him began to buzz with excitement.


Looking up, Lin Hai spotted Liu Xin Yue standing at the door, looking around.


Upon seeing Lin Hai, Liu Xin Yue smiled sweetly and walked over to him.


“Shit! It’s the young and pretty Liu Xin Yue! What is she doing in our class? Who do you think she’s looking for?”


“Maybe she has a crush on me and is here to confess her feelings.”


“Get lost, have you seen your face? I bet she’s here to confess her feelings for me.”


The male students started drooling at the sight of the school belle.


Zhao Lei couldn’t keep his eyes off her, especially upon seeing Liu Xin Yue walking towards him with a sweet smile on her face.


“Haha, Liu Xin Yue is here to look for me!”


“I mean it makes sense, aside from me, this room is full of bums. Liu Xin Yue is way out of their league.”


“Come, gorgeous. Give me a hug!”


Wang Ting glared at Liu Xin Yue as her face darkened with rage.


Liu Xin Yue wore a white chiffon shirt and blue denim shorts which hugged her figure perfectly. She had an air of youth and beauty around her as she moved. It was mesmerizing.


Of course, this did not matter to Wang Ting.


What made Wang Ting really mad was the fact that she was wearing the exact same shirt!


Yes, the same shirt!


Wang Ting’s looks are considered to be better than average. But with her fashionable clothing, she seemed even more young and beautiful.


However, with Liu Xin Yue wearing the same shirt, Wang Ting was instantly overshadowed.


When some students began looking back and forth between her and Liu Xin Yue, Wan-Ting started to feel like a clown and wished that she could crawl into a hole to hide.


“Liu Xin Yue…” When Liu Xin Yue was a few steps away, Zhao Lei stood up, smiled and waved at her.


Zhao Lei’s actions nearly caused Wang Ting to explode into a fit of rage. How dare he try to pick up another girl in front of her.


However, Wang Ting did not dare to express her anger and could only endure silently. She was afraid that if she were to get into a fight with Zhao Lei, he would dump her.


Liu Xin Yue ignored Zhao Lei and walked straight past him and sat down next to Lin Hai.


“What the shit is this?”


“Liu Xin Yue is here to see Lin Hai? This doesn’t make any sense…”


“Earlier, Wang Ting said that she was the one who dumped Lin Hai, looks like that wasn’t what really happened.”


“Exactly, Lin Hai has Liu Xin Yue so why would he even care about Wang Ting? Looks like she was the one that got dumped.”


“Did Y’all notice that Wang Ting and Liu Xin Yue are wearing the exact same shirt? There must be a story here.”


Suddenly the classroom was filled with chaos.


Wang Ting was shocked that Liu Xin Yue was actually here to meet Lin Hai.


Then, Wang Ting felt an inexplicable sense of shame.


Upon hearing what others had to say about her, Wang Ting stood up. She couldn’t bear to stay in the classroom any longer.


Zhao Lei glared at Lin Hai and stormed out of the classroom as well.


“Why are you here?” Lin Hai was very surprised.


“Could you do me a favor?” Liu Xin Yue asked shyly.


“Just tell me what you need. I’ll climb mountains and swim the depths of the sea for you. Even if I have to sell my flesh, I wouldn’t complain about it if it helps you.” Lin Hai proclaimed righteously.  


“Stop joking around.” Liu Xin Yue laughed and said, “I was doing a lot of thinking last night and realized that the reason why your singing was so well last night must be because of your unique technique of vocalizing.”




Lin Hai nearly fell off his seat.


[Crap, how did she figure that out? She’s a music student, of course, she’ll be able to figure out the key to my singing even if she only heard me sing once.]


“You’re right, it is a unique method of vocalization.”


“Then can you please teach me?” Liu Xin Yue asked in anticipation.


“What did you say?” Lin Hai asked angrily. “I am a tall and handsome guy, I’ll only sell my body, not my art!”


“Don’t be annoying. Hurry, answer me!”






“But I have one condition.”


“What condition?”


“Be my girlfriend.”


“Get lost!” Liu Xin Yue punched Lin Hai softly.


“Crap, with all that whispering and flirting, looks like Liu Xin Yue really is together with Lin Hai.”


The two’s intimate actions are causing their classmates’ imaginations to run wild.


“Seriously, will you teach me?”


“What’s in it for me?”


“What do you want?”


“I already told you what I want.”


Liu Xin Yue bit her lip and glared at Lin Hai.


Lin Hai realized that he could joke no longer, otherwise, Liu Xin Yue would really become upset.


But before Lin Hai could say anything, she replied.


“Alright, you have a deal!”


“What!” Lin Hai was dumbfounded.


“You are so devoted to your art, that you would be willing to sacrifice your body?”


Liu Xin Yue did not reply but her eyes were slowly turning red.


“What the shit?” Lin Hai panicked, “I was just kidding! I’ll coach you with no strings attached.”


“I’ll wait for you at the Music Practice Room tonight at 7.”


Without waiting for Lin Hai’s reply, Liu Xin Yue stood up and left the classroom


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