My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms

My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms – Chapter 3, Lord Lao Zi’s Red Packet

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Translator: Silavin

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


“Mister, Jiang Nan University, hurry!”


As everyone was engrossed in the music, Lin Hai grabbed Liu Xin Yue’s hand and ran straight out of the bar and into a taxi.


After boarding the taxi, Liu Xin Yue felt uncomfortable and unclasped her hand from Lin Hai’s.


“I’m sorry for pretending to be your boyfriend and holding your hand.” Lin Hai laughed awkwardly and reluctantly let go of her soft hands.


[Fuck, it was so smooth and soft.]


“It’s okay.” Liu Xin Yue blushed. “Thank you for helping me just now.”


“You’re welcome, helping others is what this generation ought to do!” Lin Hai mimicked the words of a martial arts movie character, not forgetting to strike a pose in the cramped taxi.


Liu Xin Yue laughed when she saw Lin Hai’s funny pose.


[Beautiful…] Lin Hai couldn’t help but stare.


“Oh yeah, you sang really well just now. It was so emotional that it made me cry.”


“Yeah, I thought it was really good too, I was by moved myself.” Lin Hai agreed wholeheartedly.


“Wow, your skin is really thick. I’ve never met anyone who would praise themselves like that.”


After getting out of the taxi, Liu Xin Yue looked at Lin Hai weirdly.


“Wait, how did you know that I go to Jiang Nan University?”


“Because I can read minds.” Lin Hai answered seriously.


“Yeah right. Like I’ll believe that.” Liu Xin Yue’s lip’s twitched; she was itching to smile. The more they talked, the more she realized that Lin Hai could never be serious.


Deep in thought, Liu Xin Yue suddenly asked, “You’re a student at Jiang Nan University too? So, you’ve already recognized me just now?”


“Guess you’re not dumb after all.”


“Wait, but why don’t I recognize you at all?” Liu Xin Yue was puzzled.


[Crap, was he really that invisible?] Lin Hai frowned.


He had already spent 3 years in university. Even if she didn’t recognize him initially, after meeting a few times he should have at least looked somewhat familiar.


“Oh yeah, why did you start singing in bars anyways?” Lin Hai finally asked the question that has been plaguing his mind the whole night.


Liu Xin Yue’s face fell and her mood dropped.


“Thanks for today, I should go.”


“Uhh…I’ll walk you.” Lin Hai mentally scolded himself for prying.


After sending Liu Xin Yue home, Lin Hai received a call from Wang Peng, who sounded very worried.


“Lin Hai, where are you? Don’t leave, baldie is looking everywhere for you.”


“Don’t worry, I’m with Liu Xin Yue and we’ve already reached school.” Lin Hai’s heart was warm.


“Shit, that was fast!” Wang Peng sighed in relief.


“I must say, you were pretty awesome. I can’t believe you saved a damsel in distress and even left baldie standing there in shock. How did Liu Xin Yue repay you? Oh yeah, you didn’t really sing much whenever we went to karaoke. I didn’t expect you to sing so well, I even started to cry…”


Lin Hai hung up immediately, otherwise Wang Peng would not stop talking.


Lying in bed, Lin Hai recalled the day’s events and thought that everything felt like a dream.


The effect of <Moon Palace Fairy’s Song> exceeded Lin Hai’s expectations and helped to save both Liu Xin Yue and him.


At that moment, Lin Hai decided that the silly WeChat group was undoubtedly made up of deities.


With that thought, Lin Hai quickly picked up his phone and opened WeChat.


The High Heaven Trading Circle and Yu Tu were still there.


[I really wasn’t dreaming!]


Lin Hai felt a wave of excitement. His life was definitely going to change.


Soon after, Wang Peng and his friends arrived. Naturally, they talked about what happened that night and continued chatting past midnight.


The next day.


“Eh?” Upon walking into class, Lin Hai noticed that Wang Ting was engrossed in playing with her new tablet.


Sitting beside her was a boy sporting various luxury brands, with one hand straying dangerously up her thigh.


Lin Hai recognized the boy. He was Zhao Lei, from the class next door. Rumour has it that his family runs a big company and is very rich; must be how Zhao Lei affords to drive his BMW to school every day.


Lin Hai couldn’t believe that Wang Ting had already found herself a new guy, having only broken up with him for a day.


“Hey, Ting Ting, isn’t that your boyfriend?” Zhao Lei mocked as Lin Hai walked into the room.


“Ex-boyfriend. He was so poor, who would even like him? I was just playing with him; dumped him yesterday. Right now, you’re the only person in my heart.” Wang Ting said as she rubbed Zhao Lei’s bicep.


“Haha, you’re right. Look at all his cheap clothes. Even a swine wouldn’t like him.”


“You’re right, swine only like you.” Lin Hai replied as he found a place to sit.


“Of course…” Zhao Lei nodded arrogantly before ending his sentence abruptly.


“HAHAHA” The students in the classroom roared with laughter.


Wang Ting’s face turned the color of pig’s liver — red.


At this moment, the teacher walked in and everyone quietened down.


Lin Hai wasn’t very interested in this class. He opened WeChat and saw that High Heaven Trading Circle was active again.


Dragon King of the East: Missing Item Notice: I have misplaced the Night Pearl the night before. If found, please contact me. Thank you.


Erlang Shen: Why did you put up a Missing Item Notice? If you can’t find something, go find the monkey, he definitely stole it.


Monkey King: @Erlang Shen, My son, how dare you to accuse me? Are you trying to pick a fight?


Erlang Shen: As if I’m scared of you. Let’s fight!


Monkey King: Guess you really are itching for a fight.


Erlang Shen: Come. The one who pussies out is the going to need to call the winner Grandfather


Erlang Shen sent a really complicated picture with a small red dot in the centre.


Monkey King: Good, I’m coming!


The group chat quieted down.


Guess those two went to fight it out at the location sent by Erlang Shen.


Ding Dong!


Not long later, Lin Hai received another message on WeChat.


Zao Wang Ye: Looking for an apprentice, age and sex do not matter. Willing to train him/her. Pay is attractive. If interested, please come for an interview.


Ri You Shen: Looking for a night shift part-time job, preferably night time security.


Chang Er: My Great Friends in this group chat, please help vote for me. Thanks!


Li Jing: My son is participating in the “High Heaven Kids Beauty Pageant”, please vote for number 14. Thanks, everyone!


Ne Zha: Wrong, everyone please vote for number 13. Hong Hai Er is number 14.


Hong Hai Er: Everyone, please vote for me while you’re at it. (Wide-eyed emoji)


“Hahaha, turns out these deities are like regular humans too.”


Just then, Lin Hai felt like he could relate to these seemingly unapproachable and unrelatable gods.


“Ahem…” Lord Lao Zi couldn’t watch any longer.


Lord Lao Zi: Everyone please note, this is a transaction group. Chatting is allowed but please refrain from posting advertisements, asking for likes and garnering votes.


Qi Xian Nu: Pan Tao Yuan fruit store is having a grand sale! There will be a 20% discount storewide.


Mo Li Hai: I am conducting Pipa lessons. Send your kids so I can help them learn a new skill! Registration hotline: 2b2b22b.



Various advertisements were sent and Lord Lao Zi’s words were lost in a sea of messages.


Everyone ignored him.


“Haha, interesting.” Lin Hai decided to tag @Lord Lao Zi.


Xiao Hutu Xian: @Lord Lao Zi, if you can solve a problem using a red packet, then it’s not a problem at all. (speak no evil monkey emoji)


Lord Lao Zi: @Xiao Hutu Xian, (3 thumbs up emojis)


“What the shit is this?” Lin Hai realized his name in the group chat was not Lin Hai, but Small Confused Fairy instead.


Ding Dong!


Suddenly, a big red packet appeared on his screen.


Lin Hai clicked on it swiftly.


“You have redeemed Lord Lao Zi’s red packet.”


He got it!


Silavin: Anyone interested to help translate this novel can contact me through: Discord/Email. No need to be good with Chinese.


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