My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms

My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms – Chapter 2, Moon Palace Fairy’s Song

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Translator: Silavin

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


The discussion of Liu Xin Yue continued through the dormitory.


But Lin Hai wasn’t paying any attention to that.


Do you want to learn [Moon Palace Fairy’s Song]?




Lin Hai subconsciously accepted.


The next moment, the [Moon Palace Fairy’s Song] disappeared from Lin Hai’s hand.


In Lin Hai’s mind, a peculiar method of vocalization appeared in his mind, and it felt like he could execute it perfectly like he had done it since he was born.


“Hey Lin Hai, what are you doing standing there stunned for? Liu Liang is taking us to the bar now, hurry up!”


Liu Liang was a rich second generation, but he didn’t act like the usual delicate rich second generations and is on good terms with a few people in the dormitory.


When the discussion about Liu Xin Yue reached its apex, Liu Liang decided to invite everyone to the Candy Bar to have a look at what was going on.


Liu Liang’s decision naturally causes a burst of cheering.


All the way to the bar, Lin Hai was still muddled. What just happened was amazing.


“My god! It really is Liu Xin Yue” As he entered the bar Liu Liang exclaimed.


Lin Hai looked up.


On stage, Liu Xin Yue’s pure and gorgeous face was particularly charming under this light.


Her dress was incompatible with the noisy, chaotic and smokey environment of the bar, like a lotus flower in the mud.


At this time, Liu Xin Yue was singing Xu Ruyun’s [If the Cloud Knows], with a slightly hoarse voice, the sadness in the song is skillfully interpreted.




“Great singing!”




After the song was finished, cheers and whistles rang out from around the stage.


A drunken man with wolf-like eyes unabashedly sauntered up on the stage and right up to Liu Xin Yue.


“Hey little sister, come down and have a rest and drink with your big brother here.” A middle-aged man with a bald head and gold chains came up on stage.


“I, I don’t drink.” Liu Xin Yue said waving her hand with a flustered face.


“No? It doesn’t matter, my brother wants to talk to you” the bald middle-aged man grabbed her hand.


“Ah!” Liu Xin Yue screamed and quickly stepped back avoiding the bald man.


“My god! Liu Xin Yue is in trouble!” Wang Peng was about to rush over but was stopped by Liu Liang.


“Don’t be impulsive, I’ve seen that bald-headed man before, he has a bad reputation around South Street, last time I saw him, he was a small fry. He must have sucked up to Ye Shao.


“Ye Shao? Who’s that?”


“Ye Zi Ming!”


Wang Peng suddenly shuddered.


Ye Zi Ming was someone they could not afford to offend.


“Well, we can’t just watch Liu Xin Yue suffer!” Wang Peng said stomping his foot.


At this time, Bald Head ran onto the stage chasing Liu Xin Yue left and right.


“Why don’t you give a little face to this big brother here? Believe it or not but you won’t leave this bar unless you’re with me!”


“Big brother, I really can’t drink” Liu Xin Yue cried out in a hurry.


Bald Head went to throw a cup of wine in Liu Xin Yue’s face “He’s so shameless!” someone commented.


“Ah!” Liu Xin Yue screamed in horror and hurriedly tried to block her face.


However, after waiting for a while, not a drop of wine had fallen.


Liu Xin Yue glanced up with a doubtful look on her face and saw an unusually tall body in front of her own.


Lin Hai wiped the wine from his face, smiled and said: “Big brother, she really can’t drink, but if you want to drink, I can accompany you!”


“Who the fuck are you? What’s the matter with you? Get away!” Bald Head gave Lin Hai a fierce push


“My god, Lin Hai has gone mad! Acting like a hero to save the beauty, he’ll die!”


Off the side of the stage, Wang Ping and the others were frightened to see Lin Hai suddenly appear on stage.


“In case a fight breaks out, we should all go together to rescue Lin Hai and Liu Xin Yue and make a run for it!”


Liu Liang gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.


“I’m her boyfriend” Lin Hai’s words stunned Liu Xin Yue but at the same time, a strange feeling rushed through her heart.


If he was her boyfriend, it would be expected for him to stand in front of her to shield her from wind and rain.


“Go back to your mother, like I care if your her boyfriend or not, she will accompany me for a drink! Even if she doesn’t want to, she will! Go away!” Bald Head smashed the bottle in his hand.


What should I do? What should I do? Lin Hai was anxious.


Off the stage, he saw Liu Xin Yue being forced by Bald Head. She couldn’t resist him so he ran up.


As for coming up with a way to rescue her, he had no time to think of one.


A flash of inspiration suddenly appeared in Lin Hai’s mind.


Lin Hai clapped his hands, shocking Bald Head.


“Big brother, you are the bald man of South Street right?” Lin Hai said greeting him.


“Do you know me?” Bald Head scratched his head in confusion. He could not remember if he had seen Lin Hai before.


“My god! In South Street who doesn’t know you? The straight forward and heroic man! All the brothers mention you saying you’re great!”


“Haha, all the brothers sing praises of you!”


When he heard such flattery, he could not help but get a little fluttered.


“Little brother, who is your eldest brother? I can give you some face once I know his name.” Bald Head now looked at Lin Hai in a pleasant light now and spoke politely to him.


“Ah!” Lin Hai sighed and continued to flatter him.


“Big brother, you may not know, but there is only one big brother in the minds of the younger brothers of South Street, and that man is you!” Lin Hai said raising his voice.


“Ah, haha, be quiet be quiet!” Bald Head quickly waved that away but had a happy look on his face.


“It really is my honor to meet you today, Big Brother. Please grant my life long wish and accept me as your little brother!”


“Haha, alright, I’ll take you in today!” Bald Head had long been fooled by Lin Hai.


“Yes!” Lin Hai shook his hand and praised himself to be a genius. However, in reality, it didn’t take much to fool this brut.


“My little brother’s girlfriend, you can’t move.”


Lin Hai was ready to plead for Liu Xin Yue, but he couldn’t think of what to say. He had to open his mouth first.


“Now that you’re my little brother, I’ll be borrowing your girlfriend for tonight.” Bald Head said with a straight face as he looked a Lin hai dangerously.


[Fuck your sister!] Lin Hai’s plea was stuck in his throat “He’s so shameless, stealing his younger brothers woman!”


“Wait a minute” Lin Hai raised his hand and grabbed the microphone next to him.


He had to find a way to divert Bald Head’s attention then find a way out of here.


“Let’s be quiet” the crowd beneath the stage quietened.


“You all may not know, but this brother is the Big Brother of South Street!” Lin Hai pointed to Bald Head.


“How are you all, friends?”


In the eyes of all, he was being called Brother and his bald-headed ego was floating sky high.

He regarded himself as a star. Like a fool, he kept waving to the crowd.


“Big Brother is my idol!” Lin Hai continued with his flattery.


“Today, I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate a song to my Big Brother to show my deep respect for him!”


“The lullaby of the powertrain for my Big Brother!”


“Lullaby?” Before Bald Head could react Lin Hai started singing.


“Dear baby to sleep, I am your warmest comfort.” Lin Hai subconsciously used the singing method of [Moon Palace Fairy’s Song].


As if a voice from heaven had descended, when Lin Hai opened his mouth, the noisy bar suddenly went quiet.


“Daddy is standing by you gently. Don’t be afraid of the night.”


“My baby. don’t cry anymore, You have to learn to work hard and not be afraid of the dark.


“In the future, you have to face the night of your life.”


“Baby sleep, sleep well, father. will always be by your side.


“Joy and sorrow, don’t be afraid to face it, my brave baby.


A soft emotional voice fills everyone’s ears.


At this moment, the entire bar had their most vulnerable nerves stirred in their heart as if they were taken back to their childhood.


Father’s warm smile, warm hands, sitting on Father’s shoulders, playful happiness and sleeping warmly in Father’s company, past scenes play through everyone’s hearts.


Now, Father is old, his body is no longer upright, he is lonely at home, looking forward to the return of his children day and night, looking forward to it…..


Unconsciously, the whole bar was immersed in the song, in tears!


“I’m going home, to visit my father!”


“Hello, dad, I miss you, I’m coming to visit now.”


“Dad, I’ll bring you to my house tomorrow, if Xiao Li opposes it again, I’ll dump her.”


It was unknown how long it took people to wake up and feel their guilt towards their father.


Bald Head wiped his tears away, “What a man! He thinks of my father, who has been dead for many years.”


“This is a good song, specifically for my Big Brother!”


When Bald head thought of such a song for him, it made him feel dignified.


“Big Brother, this song is sung by a father to his son.” Bald Head’s lackeys whispered to him


One of the lackeys was slapped in the back of the head.


“Fuck you, this song…” Bald Head stopped his words halfway through his sentence.


“God! He dared to play me!” Bald Head roared.


But Looking around, Lin Hai and Liu Xin Yue were long out of sight


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