My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms

My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms – Chapter 9, Meets the Nemesis

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Translator: Silavin


Lin Hai took the Resurrection Pill with haste.


The moment the pill made contact with his lips, he could already feel incredible warmth surge through his veins. Every inch of his body was overwhelmed with bliss, and this wondrous feeling caused Lin Hai’s body to undergo a great level of change. 


Just in those mere few seconds, Lin Hai’s senses transformed. They become extremely sensitive. The flow of the wind and rustling of grass around him seems to be under his control. He could feel the wind’s gentle caress, as though welcoming this great change. It seems as if it was alive, beating happily around Lin Hai.


When his evolution has ended, Lin Hai felt that he was now as strong as an Ox, filled with bottomless power. He was so confident in his new found power that he would bet that if he were to punch a wall, he can break through it with absolute ease.


[Did I just turn into Superman?!] Lin Hai thought in surprise.


“Fucking piece of shit! I will murder you!” Baldie Qiang approached Lin Hai and was about to stretch his hand out.


“Hold on for a second!” A man came out from Baldie Qiang.


“Zhao Lei?” Lin Hai said with his eyes narrowed. He noticed that by Zhao Lei’s side was Wang Ting, who was wearing a cold sneer.


“Qiang Ge, there are too many people here…” Zhao Lei glanced around at the bustling vendors.


“Ah, yes… I didn’t notice…” Baldie Qiang scratched his head and ordered, “Take him away.” Even Baldie Qiang himself dare not act too arrogantly in front of a crowded place such as this.


“Where are you taking me?” Lin Hai murmured, pretending to be afraid.


“You’ll know when you get there. Move!” Two minions came forward and pushed Lin Hai.


Ten minutes later, Lin Hai was taken to a secluded place by Baldie Qiang’s men.


“You mother fucker, you almost fooled me. Fortunately, Zhao’s girlfriend showed me your picture!” Baldie Qiang pointed at Lin Hai and roared.


[Wang Ting, you… haha… turned against me again?]

 Lin Hai’s heart turned cold, with a bit of reminiscing pain.


At this time, Zhao Lei gave a proud laugh, took out a cigarette, and walked to Lin Hai step by step. Meanwhile, Wang Ting held onto his arm with a prideful air of victory.


Zhao Lei opened his mouth and blew a mouthful of smoke onto Lin Hai’s face with great arrogance. “Boy, you are very fucking arrogant! To think that you dared to order me, your god damn father, to bark like a dog.” Zhao Lei said as he raised his hand and swung down toward Lin Hai’s face.


However, before their skin could make contact, ‘Pat!’ Lin Hai grabbed Zhao Lei’s wrist and twisted it.


“Ahh! It hurts, Stop it! Are you trying to bloody kill me?” Zhao Lei immediately bent down and wailed.


Wang Ting facial expression quickly transform cold as she screamed, “Lin Hai, let go of Brother Lei!”


Lin Hai glanced at Wang Ting, with eyes of cold indifference; emptied from the emotions he had previously.


“Bastard! Let go of Prince Zhao, or else.” Baldie Qiang put up a strong front but was also anxious. With Zhao Lei in Lin Hai’s hands, he was thrown into a state similar to a family member being held, hostage.


Lin Hai chuckled as Baldie Qiang, “Well, if you want to protect this hand, then you should start by learning how to bark three times like your brother down here.”


Baldie Qiang, seemingly unable to fathom what he just heard, asked again, “Lin Hai, what are you…”


“What?” Suddenly, Lin Hai, trying to bring the point forward, put a bit more strength into his hand, “I’m sorry but my hearing seems to have gotten worse after you roared at me.”


“Fuck!” Zhao Lei shouted miserably, “Bark! For god’s sake! Just bloody bark!”


Baldie Qiang realized that there was no escape from this situation, did as he was ordered to “Wang Wang Wang!” 


“Woah, he actually managed to do it. He is quite intelligent. Hey, I think he really has good potential to be a dog.” Lin Hai quipped and quickly turned to Wang Ting, “She, too, has to learn.”


Lin Hai has decided to not let her go, [This woman, not only does the past we share not matter to her one bit, she still tried to throw me under the bus at every chance she gets.]


“Lin Hai, you are sick bastard!” Wang Ting shouted frantically.


“I hear your mouth moving but it does not seem like a bar. Hmmm… ” Lin Hai nodded and put more force on his hands.


“Oh, my Buddha! Babe, just do it quickly!” Zhao Lei’s wailed once again. The pain was so bad that his entire body nearby fell on the floor.


“Wang Wang Wang!” Wang Ting dared not disobey Zhao Lei and barked. However, before she did so, she gave Lin Hai a stare filled with daggers. 


“Very good.” Lin Hai reached out and patted Zhao Lei’s distorted face in pain.


“Remember this, without strength; you should not anger others in the future! Unless you wish to pay a hefty price” After giving a final warning, Zhao Lei was pushed to the ground.


“Mother Fucker! Kill him!” Zhao Lei got up from the ground and quickly hid behind the Baldie Qiang.


A blond guy was eager to act, following Zhao Lei’s command. He rushed up and punched Lin Hai in the face. This one simple act was quick, as though practiced for a thousand times. This man was obviously an experienced fighter.


If this blondie were up against any ordinary soul, his opponents would undoubtedly be knocked down by this punch. Unfortunately, he was up against Lin Hai. To Lin Hai, this blondie could be regarded as nothing else but a snail. This supposedly quick punch was nothing more than a slow-motion swing.


Lin Hai snickered and returned a punched to the blondie.


‘Crreck!’ The sound of broken bones rang out as the blondie flew back by three meters and fell unconscious on the ground.


“I’m sorry, I still can’t control my strength very well.” Lin Hai made an apologetic prayer.


Everyone was shocked by the scene and could only mutter with their voices stuck in their throats: “This…”


“Goddammit! Rub some of your brain cells together! There are so many of you and you plan to attack him one on one? Get all at once!”


 Zhao Lei roared and the remaining gangsters rushed forwards.


Though there seems a chance to win, the scene played out with pure screams of pain and terror. 

Thankfully, it only lasted less than a minute. All the gangsters fell to the ground, each clutching onto a part of their body as they shivered in agony.


[Woah!] Lin Hai felt extremely gratifying as he scanned the ground to look at his handiwork.


Interested to practice some more, Lin Hai’s cold eyes fell onto Baldie Qiang.


“How?! A shadow kick?! The same ones taught by the monks in the mountains?” Baldy Qiang sneered. He was not only unfazed by Lin Hai’s strength but excited to face off against such a worthy opponent.


“Shadow what? What the hell are you talking about?” Lin Hai rolled his eyes and strolled forward.


“Big Brother Hai, please accept me as an apprentice.” Suddenly Baldy Qiang took two steps back and fell on his knees.


“What?” Lin Hai opens his mouth and said, “What the hell are you thinking? Baldy Qiang,  you really do not have an ounce of common sense!”


“Big Brother Hai, I love martial arts since I was a child. I’m a huge fan of Huang Fei Hong. Please, you must accept me.” Baldy Qiang looked as though he was ready to throw down his life for this opportunity.


“Erm… well, we can talk about it later!” Bewildered, Lin Hai could only reply as such. Currently, he has more important things to deal with.


Turning his gaze back towards Zhao Lei, who had just escaped from his ‘vice grip’, he surveyed this pampered prince. 


Zhao Lei was obviously taken aback by the scene in front of him. In fact, he was so frightened by the scene before him, that he shivered whenever his eyes matched with Lin Hai.


“Lin Hai, please, don’t hit me. I was wrong. I know my mistakes.” Zhao Lei begged.


However, words were useless at this point. Without a moment of delay, Lin Hai marched straight to Zhao Lei.


Zhao Lei panicked and turned around to see Wang Ting, who was equally frightened.


As if he had caught the silver lining out of this nightmare, Zhao Lei pulled Wang Ting over and pushed her toward Lin Hai.


“Big Brother Hai, if you want this bitch. Then you can have her. I’ll give her back to you. So, leave me alone” Zhao Lei cried.


Lin Hai put Wang Ting aside, strode forward, reached out and picked up Zhao Lei.


“Big Brother Hai, I was wrong.  Please, give me another chance to make amends.” Zhao Lei’s feet were off the ground, and his face was turning sheet white as he struggled to break free.


“Forgive you?” Lin Hai’s playfully smiled. “I’ve just spared you but look at how you returned my favorable kindness? The moment you manage to break free, you ordered your henchmen to kill me.”


Looking at the harmless smile on Lin Hai’s face, Zhao Lei felt even worse. His actions were truly worse than what the devil would do (at least the devil would keep his words). 


“Big Brother Hai, I really know it’s wrong. This is what Master Hu ordered me to do.”


“Hu Wei?” Lin Hai sneered. “Alright. Go back and send him this message. ‘Stop trying to mess with others in the shadows you wuss.’”


“Yeah, yeah, yeah, Big Brother Hai, I’ll certainly send him this warning.” Zhao Lei said breathlessly.


“Get lost!” 


Throwing Zhao Lei on the ground, Lin Hai walked off.


“Thank you Big Brother Hai, thank you Big Brother Hai.” Zhao Lei nodded and bowed, before running away with Wang Ting following behind.


“Master!” Baldy Qiang shouted from behind.


“Don’t call Master.” Lin Hai looked back and warned.


“Yes, Master.” Baldy Qiang answered respectfully.


“What did I just say?” Lin Hai went up and slapped Blady Qiang.


Meanwhile, he was deep in thought, in pure conflict as to what to do next. On one side, he did not wish to accept a follower but on the other, he wished to do so out of vanity.

 It was as though there were two beings on his shoulders, giving him different messages. 

[Lin Hai, Can’t you just accept him?]

[No. There will be repercussions and it is too troublesome.]

[You know you want to.]

[But this guy is an idiot!]

[All the more he is easily fooled.]

[But having an idiot around would only make the master appear stupid!]




Once this two way battle finally concluded in Lin Hai’s mind. He spoke up, emulating how a monk would talk.

 “You and I have no relations to become master and disciple, go back down the mountain from whence you came.”


“Down the mountain? Master, aren’t we on the hill?”

Baldy Qiang looked confused.


“You brink for brains. Get lost.”

 Lin Hai felt that his brain was losing a few cells already. 


Baldy Qiang: “Oh, Master, shall we set out and go down the hill?”

Lin Hai: “Mother Fucker, I’m saying that I am not taking you in as my disciple!”

Baldy Qiang: “Oh, I see, Master.”

Lin Hai: “Don’t call me Master.”

Baldy Qiang: “All right, Master.”

Lin Hai: “You piece of shit! Didn’t I say not to call me Master!?!?”

Baldy Qiang: “Yes, Master, I understand. I won’t call, Master.”


[AAAAAHHHHHHH!] Lin Hai felt that he has his match.


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