Omni-Magician – Chapter 105, Combined Strength to Whack the Mole

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Translator: Piggy

Translation Checker: Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


“Swizh!” “Swizh!” “Swizh!”

The ground shone with a cold light. The light was a combination of the drilling attack enabled by <Shadow Mouse Mode> and the sword aura Bedwick injected into his dagger. The attack was malicious; within a single moment, the blade would rush out of the ground and ruthlessly stabs. Even Debbie, who was alert at the time of attack muttered in shock: “Ah!” as she suddenly noticed a warm current flow down her left leg.

(Rosy: That’s blood NOT urine, okay my dear readers)

She aimed the Gatling under her and opened fire but Bedwick was too quick. He was already at another spot before the gunshots were fired. Biting her lips while suppressing the pain, she turns and shouted to Ye Chui: “Hey, what is Whack the Mole that you said before?”

“It’s an interesting game and it is the best way to destroy this rat-like skill!”  Ye Chui said while cleverly avoiding the attack. Previously he was separated with Debbie while avoiding the attack. He had already figured out the way to destroy the mouse skill but to do that he needs the cooperation of Debbie. So he dashes toward her and shouted: “Throw your greatsword!”

Debbie was stunned for a moment but still threw the great sword that she was carrying on her back. It conveniently flew toward mound up ground, and it bore more than half meter depth. Unfortunately, Bedwick ground drilling was too quick for it to hit.

Debbie bombarded the ground with Gatling and sudden turn around to look at Ye Chui. “Then what”?

“I’ll make sure you die Iron Swordsman! To think that you have the gall to insult my skill and demean it to be a rat like skill. Damn! No one has ever lived after insulting my <Shadow Mouse Mode>. You will die horribly along with this girl.” Bedwick voice came from underground; because of the thick layer of soil, it sounded sultry, as though he was speaking from the desert.

Ye Chui loudly laughed, cleverly backflipping and returned the sword to the scabbard. Standing beside Debbie, he placed both arms around her waist and hugged her.

Debbie immediately started, not forgetting to take him to the task. She clenches her teeth and asked: “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking you up.”

Ye Chui was chuckling in his heart as he thought of what was about to happen next. “We will be doing an aerial bombardment!”

Bedwick quickly returned back underground and rushed toward Ye Chui and Debbie. However, before he could reach them, Ye Chui took a huge leap up into the air and activate the <Windwalk> array, holding Debbie in his arms.

“Staying in midair is useless. What a fool! It doesn’t matter how high you jump; as long as I guard against you when you’re descending, you’re dead.”

“Who said that I will fall back to the ground?” Ye Chui gave a self-satisfied smile and beckoned to Debbie, “Fire at the ground!”

Although Debbie was usually unaware, she is by no means dumb. In actual fact, she is quite bright. She managed to quickly understand Ye Chui’s intention. Her small face flushed a little as she positioned the Gatling at her chest and pointing the barrel toward the ground. A series of deafening gunfire rang out, “Thump thump thump.”

The Gatling recoil is strong but for Debbie who can carry and play around with a 50kg Great Sword, the recoil was no problem. If it was another person, the recoil could perhaps even cause their whole body to fly away. Also, with just the recoil from the gun, it was enough to enable the pair to stay in midair without dropping. As for directional changes, thanks to the <Wind Walk> array within Ye Chui’s suit, he was able to make control the minute adjustments to aid with the aim of the gun; of course, this includes their movements in the air and any change in altitude.

The reason that he told Debbie to throw the Great Sword away was not to hit Bedwick but instead, it was to lighten the weight he was about to carry so as to have better control of their movement.

Bedwick <Shadow Mouse Mode> could perform a sneak attack on his enemies from the ground but with Ye Chui and Debbie in midair, what can he do? Even his dagger aura projection can’t injure the two fluttering about in midair.

The ground mound began around within the encirclement created by the Wind Wolves. Meanwhile, Debbie was doing her best in directing the Gatling to follow along with the trail left by Bedwick’s digging. At this moment, Debbie’s face turned flush as she finally comprehended what it means to ’Whack the Mole’.

“He’s at your left, fire toward the left… Wait. He made a right turn; hurry up and hit him! Hit him!” Ye Chui gave out a series of instructions. With this game, the previously mourning of deaths from the Skull Town quickly transformed in the blink of an eye as they were not a little excited.

Bedwick originally thought that he could use the advanced skill to instantly end Ye Chui’s and Debbie’s lives, but the result turns out the opposite of what he was expecting. He was now a burrowing rat, scurrying away from Debbie’s and Ye Chui’s <Combined Body Technique: Whack the Mole> with no way to fight back. This helpless situation was something that no human would normally experience. Just who in the right mind would ever think that they can rely on the Great Killing Device’s recoil to fly in midair?

(Silavin: Math Geniuses in the comment section, I am absolutely sure that the force a Gatling gun cannot overcome the difference in weight between two individuals. Currently not including Ye Chui’s armour. Maybe Wind Walk might lessen their weight but I would think that 10kg of weight is more than enough to keep the gun from flying. Your thoughts?)


The Wind Wolves within the vicinity watch with stern eyes. They revealed some surprised in their gaze. Thanks to the Magic Crystal within them, they had a certain level of intelligence. They were hostile toward the human race, beast clan, and other intelligence races as they had longed for the intelligence these other races had. Looking at the battlefield in front of them which display this new innovative technique, mesmerized them. In their hearts, they reminded themselves: [That’s my goal. I want to gain enough intelligence to come up with something like this.]

(Silavin: Omae wa mou Shindeiru!)



(Silavin: Nani!)


Bedwick who had been beaten like a mole for a while, finally could not help but send an angry roar. Although the body had received a boost in defense, taking a few shots from the Gatling had left certain parts of his body dripping with blood. He finally realized his own prided <Skill Mode> was nothing in front of Ye Chui’s and Debbie’s shameless combination technique.

As he roared, he got out the ground and quickly rushed toward the dead body of Antano!

Then, he lifted the corpse of Antano in the air as his meat shield. Debbie’s eye contains angrier, did not expect Bedwick actually despicable.

“Haha, even if you still have the ability to fight, you have no choice but to destroy the body of your precious friend!” Bedwick wrapped his body with black mist; both hands lifted the dead body. This time his appearance was akin to a devil that had crawled out of hell.

Silavin: Truth be told, Piggy has really improved his translation as of late. However, currently, I am unable to contact him so we will see how things play out.


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  1. Small amount of research says 11kg of force as recoil for your standard gattling gun invented from 1884ish and that’s if you’re carrying it since the weight if the gun itself deals with most of the recoil to begin with

    1. I don’t think the weight of the gun would deal with the recoil when an individual is lifting the gun up though.

      Similarly, the weight of the gun alone is not sufficient – that’s why they added a stopper at the back of those machines to counteract the recoil. Since the direction of the weight and recoil is perpendicular, they should not influence the other too much.

  2. Go look at
    (Can you make a machine gun jetpack)
    If you don’t want to, I can summarise it for you: Depends on the machine gun, but with the right type, yes. You can fly with one.

    The thing you should consider though is the fact that Debbie does not fly away from normal use… Well, maybe not normal use, but when she was previously shooting at bedwick and had to aim at the ground she should have flied away. Seeing how her weapon runs on magic power and therefore is lighter, and does not need to carry the weight of ammunition, and has a very high rate of fire, I’d say it’s reasonable that it might have enough recoil to life a person, two is questionable, but if it has enough power, it can.

  3. Unfortunately, the weapon in the story doesn’t make any sense:

    The Gatling gun in the story fires at 300 RPM, which is at least half the cyclic rate of most automatic rifles like the M16 (700-950 RPM), AK47 (600 RPM), G36 (750 RPM), FAMAS (900-1000 RPM), etc. Even the earliest hand cranked Gatling guns 150 years ago could fire over 300 RPM, let alone modern rotary guns like the infamous M134 Minigun (2000-6000RPM) and GAU-8 Avenger (3900RPM).

    The entire point of having rotary barrels was to dissipate heat faster by firing less frequently per a barrel, and it doesn’t particularly have anything to do with automatic firing, hence the story’s rotary system doesn’t make sense in the first place.

    Gatling in the story fires steel balls with a maximum diameter of ~0.9cm, so we know each round is approximately 2.98g. With a firing rate of 300 RPM, we have 5 rounds per second, hence we have 5 x 0.00298 x muzzle velocity = thrust required = (mass of Iron Swordsman + mass of Debbie) x gravity. If Iron Swordsman is somewhere around 175lbs with armor and Debbie is 150lbs with weapon, then we have 325lbs = 147.4kg, which is 1446N, hence the muzzle velocity must be at least 97,046m/s, which is ridiculous. That’s about 100 times the muzzle velocity of an assault rifle, about 30 times the muzzle velocity of the Warthog mounted anti-tank GAU-8.

    So we’re left with a contradictory weapon: one that has at least 25 times the recoil of an AK47 with rounds that leave the muzzle at 282 times the speed of sound when the plot requires it and a slow automatic that fires rounds about the mass of a .22 at reasonable velocities at other times.

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