Omni-Magician – Chapter 104, A Mole?!

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Skill Mode was an ability achieved once an Intermediate Swordsman entered the realm of an Advance Swordsman. It was meant to boost the Swordsman’s reaction speed and power; even allowing them to exert out a new found power. In fact, <Protection of War God> was a downgraded imitation of the Advance Swordsman’s <War God Mode>.

Naturally, an imitation that Intermediate Swordsman could use as a Sword Skill was a far cry from the original’s strength. Nonetheless, for it to be popularly taught, it showed how useful or powerful the original Skill Mode must be.

The <War God Mode> is, without doubt, a Skill Mode that is within the apex of Skill Mode category. If one were to compare Bedwick skill to it, <Shadow Mouse Mode> would be a laughing stock.

Even when he only had a weaker Skill Mode, Ye Chui and Debbie combined was still not enough to take on Bedwick when he had activated this Skill Mode.

Ye Chui is not a Swordsman but with his suit on, and knowledge of science and technology, his fighting prowess surpassed the average Level, 6 swordsmen. Debbie, on the other hand, was a Level, 3 swordsmen. However, with her strong sense of battle awareness and the Gatling, she was by no means inferior to a Level 6 Swordsman

Unfortunately, when facing against Bedwick, a Level  7 Swordsmen, they could not produce confidence in winning. Worse still, there was a pack of Wind Wolves surrounding them with a covetous eye.

“Be careful. Alfea told me about Bedwick’s skill before. He will seldom use it because anyone who sees it doesn’t live to tell the tale.” Debbie’s face turned solemn as she aimed the Gatlin gun at the silhouette of Bedwick in shadow form.

[Just what is this skill? The special effect it produces alone looks powerful…] Ye Chui thought.

Inside his space ring, he has teleportation scroll that can teleport him away for a maximum distance of 1 kilometer. However, the distance and direction when using this scroll are completely random.

In short, he had no way of controlling it.

Therefore, when the thought first entered his mind, to use this scroll to escape from Skull Town, he instantly destroyed it. If he had actually used it and teleported into the middle of the horde of Wind Wolves, how would that not be any different from his offering his head to them on a platter?  Thus, at that point in time, it was better to think of a way to escape the encirclement; a trial that had a higher success rate.

Unfortunately their predicament this time was different. They were within the wilderness and being surrounded by only thirty to forty Wind Wolves. With Debbie by his side, even if they end up teleporting directly into the middle of the pack, with his suit and the Gatlin’s firepower, escaping from that scenario was by no means considered an ordeal.

Regrettably, even with all the advantages at this point in time, Ye Chui still chose not to use the teleportation scroll. Though it is fast inactivation, the teleportation process cannot be disturbed. Therefore, there will be a moment where Bedwick had free reign to attack. This feature was similar to games but right now, this is a matter of life and death; respawn isn’t available.

Besides the most import point was not that.

Ye Chui, like before, was enraged. Unless he took Bedwick’s head, the burning hatred in his heart will not settle down. The swirling dark emotions were so strong that this so-called borderline between realms did not enter the any of Ye Chui’s cognitive senses.

He suddenly remembers the stealth magic wand given to him by Booth, this can be used as a hidden card.

The problem was with the pack of Wind Wolves around. The stealth effect will cease the moment magic power is disturbed. So, for the moment, it was useless.

Finally, the last treasure that Booth gave him, the Blessing of a Magician: <Space Rupture>.

Ye Chui was confident in using this spell, it could not only kill Bedwick but the surrounding wind wolves in the vicinity as well. However, this is a one-time use of a High-level spell. Therefore, Ye Chui regarded this as a life-preserving spell. Unless absolutely necessary, he would choose to preserve it. In this dense wilderness of unknown, it should be common sense to save your life-preserving spell for emergencies.

“What should we do?” Debbie whispered, temporarily set aside the prejudices she had with Iron Swordsman.

“He was already fast enough, but to think he will move faster now…  

Find a way to divert his attention away from me. I need you to help create an opportunity for me to use a teleportation scroll next to him.” Ye Chui whispered. The teleportation scroll is not going to be used for escape but instead, to transfer Bedwick into the unfinished sealed ancient tomb. This move will not manage to kill him but it will certainly leave him to a fate worse than death.

[Let’s call this move Ancient Tomb Trap for now.]

Debbie glanced at him in disbelief “Are you trying to escape?”

Ye Chui smiled: “Of course not, we’ll be showing him a spectacular performance.”

Debbie smiled sweetly.

Debbie took a glance back at Antano. Although she had only known this woman for a mere day, Antano was more than willing to lay her life down in sacrifice for Debbie. Therefore, Debbie was more than compelled to settle this debt.

The time they took to whisper to each other was short. However, it was more than enough time for Bedwick to completely enter <Shadow Mouse Mode>.

His body, coated with layers upon layers of terrifying black fog, made him seem like an abyss. Evilly, he coldly spoke out:  “No one has ever lived to tell the tale after they’ve seen my Swordsman Skill Mode! Since you’ve seen it, then brace yourself for death!”

After he said his piece, he launched an attack, forcing both Debbie and Ye Chui to raise their guards.


Bedwick, whose whole body is covered with black mist suddenly, sank into the ground like a mouse in hiding. This one move left both Ye Chui and Debbie stunned. The ground which Bedwick sank into looks produced a bump, and as he continued to move around, it gave out a very dangerous slight; especially when it was speeding towards Ye Chui and Debbie’s feet.

Ye Chui: “… WTF, A Mole!?”

Bedwick <Shadow Mouse Mode> gave him the same ability the shadow mouse had. Although shadow mouse was nothing but Level 1 Magical Beast, it is famous for its speed and the ability to drill under the ground. This gave it a high level of confidence to fight and escaped.

While this skill is convenient, he didn’t use it previously in Skull Town because the ground there is covered with thick layer of bluestone. Moreover, the geological location there is very hard to drill in the ground.

“I see now why he doesn’t want other people to see this Skill Mode… The change that he displays is so gross that it frustrates him to no end if others were to see this.” Ye Chui said while urging not to vomit.

Debbie violently sweats as the mound quickly arrived below their feet. In a panic, she cried out,”Dodge!”

Although the <Shadow Mouse Mode>  looked gross, the power is, without doubt, formidable. With a few whizzing sounds, a cold bright light of the dagger suddenly shot out below the ground. Ye Chui quickly pulled Debbie and jumped behind him, only to look at the ground once again with a wrinkled brow.

“What do we do now?” Debbie hurriedly asked as she saw the mound on the ground rushed toward them again.

“Debbie, have you ever heard of a game called the whack the mole? Ye Chui thoughtfully asked.


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