Omni-Magician – Chapter 103, He has a hundred methods to put that guy down!

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Translator: Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


The accursed sound of <Wind Blade> spread out from Ye Chui’s long sword towards Bedwick.


However, the man hardly felt pressure. Instead, he coldly snorted and jumped, hiding behind cover. Once there was a small opening, he rushed forward with just one leap but it was more than enough to cause the land that his feet was on to produce a pair of pits. With this one simple move, he shot like an arrow through the air towards Ye Chui.


In Bedwick’s mind, his status as a Level 7 Swordsman far surpassed Ye Chui’s level of strength. At the least, Ye Chui’s level of strength was within the high tier of Level 5 swordsman; very close to Level 6 Swordsman.


Therefore, the gulf between their strength was the difference between an Advanced Level Swordsman to an Intermediate Swordsman; a difference enough to end with one attack.But, reality did not match Bedwick’s expectations. As he approached, Ye Chui launched an attack.


The attack seemed simple at first, a forward thrust, but that was just the curtain before the main show started. Successively, the blade moved to another direction, making full use of its two-sided nature. The successive slashes soon became three and four.

Initially, all these attacks seemed to be plain but after each swing, their subtle beauty emerged. This was especially the case with Ye Chui’s attacks as his sword was bathed in a silver glow. This beautiful attack, which was rushing its way towards Bedwick acted at a counter, sealing the attack of a Level 7 Swordsman.


Even with Bedwick’s level of speed, he felt that this attack was enough of a threat. Worst of all, these attacks were not normal. It felt that if he took one wrong move, he would definitely be hit. The feeling he got could be described as when a Swordsman with only power met a Martial Artist practitioner.


What Ye Chui used was the 12 consecutive attack sword style from the ancient tomb. Truth be told, he was unable to match Bedwick’s breakneck speed. It was only fortunate this attack style was almost all-purpose, enabling its simple activation to counter Bedwick’s attack.


Taking a step back to retreat from the attack, Bedwick soon regains his footing and jumped up. No longer going to directly enter Ye Chui’s attack, he used his Sword Skill, <Star Dance>. This was a Sword Skill he had used against the Blood Bats. Just like before, his body was wrapped in a cold light, which slowly concentrated to his sword and when released, it was like a shower of stars that shot out. Each ‘shooting star’ was powerful, enough to lay mortal wounds against a person.


With this one skill, he was certain that the Iron Swordsman has met his end. With that one sword style attack, it was impossible to defend himself against this many ‘stars’.


Unfortunately, Bedwick had forgotten that this battle was not one on one. Debbie was by Ye Chui’s side.


Just as the Sword Skill was released, and the cold light was about to rain down, the sound of gunshots could be heard. The momentary silence within the forest was once again broken as the muzzle of the Gatling was directed towards a dark figure in midair. Although she was not aware of what was happening, she felt that there would be no loss in firing her attacks towards the sky. Therefore, Debbie placed all of her focus up, and when the Bedwick’s skill was released; their attacks met with blinding sparks of a collision.


Any of the ‘stars’ that met in this collision did not fall. Instead, they shattered. On the other hand, the bullets that they were up against did not even sway an inch; the red trail behind each bullet was still in a straight line. Seeing his attack not work, Bedwick let out a snort and stood in front of the attack. He was by no means afraid as the sound of glass shattering sounded out. This was none other than <Crystal Guard>. A magical object that was commonly used to protect its user from harm (up to a certain degree). Ye Chui had once seen Busca wear such an item but it was clearer than day Bedwick’s was a tier or two higher than Busca’s <Crystal Guard>. Of course, with the aid of this one item, Bedwick had practically shut down Debbie’s attack, enabling him to fall back to the ground without a single scratch on his body.


Meanwhile, the Wind Wolves who were initially going in for an attack stopped in their tracks. With a few ominous howls from the other wolves at the back, then every one of their kin stopped moving forward and was lying in wait. All they did was close up the encirclement and laid in wait; watching the humans in front of them. Since they were Magic Beast, they were far more intelligent than ordinary wolves. When Bedwick started to attack, they already understood that within this team of three, an internal strife was occurring. Therefore, to minimize their losses, they were going to wait for the humans to weaken each other.


“Dammit! These bloody bastards are smart!” Ye Chui cursed as he understood the Wind Wolves’ plan. If the Wind Wolves were to continue their attack, Ye Chui could at least find an opportunity where Bedwick had to concentrate on this horde and escape with Debbie. After all, with Debbie’s weapon of annihilation being the thing these wolves feared to most, this plan was highly achievable. However, with the Wind Wolves only sitting in waiting, fully focused on preventing their escape, the only thing he could do was fight Bedwick.


“This is… Wait. What’s going on?” Debbie asked as her gaze scanned around for answers. Holding onto the Gatling with heavy breaths, the looked towards the bloodied corpse of Antano and sorrowfully looked at Ye Chui, who had his eyes on Bedwick. Noticing an alert gaze, she shifts her focus towards Bedwick and promptly questioned: “Was Antano killed by him?”


Ye Chui gave a nod and took a deep breath before breaking in for questioning as well: “Why are you out to kill Debbie? Who ordered you?”


During the day, when they first met up with Bedwick, it was undeniable that they had a good impression of him. He was a friendly middle-aged man but in a mere instant, this man threw away his skin to now reveal his true form; a cold-hearted murderer.


Prepared with the dagger in hand, Bedwick took glances at the wolves that had stopped moving. With another snort, he wore a smile of ridicule towards Ye Chui.


“Well, you got me. There are some people that asked me for a favor, to find an opportunity to end the life of that young miss over there while on this patrol mission. However, it’s a shame. Truth be told, I could have ended it much soon if we had not come across such a large number of Magic Beasts. With a number that is a first for this century, I had no choice but to temporarily put the assassination on hold. But now…”


Bedwick’s eyes lands on the weapon in Debbie’s hands.


A tingling sensation immediately ran through Debbie’s body as her grip in the Gatling got tighter. Her now piercing gaze was entirely directed at Bedwick as she swore: “I will never hand this to you even if I die!”


“Then die. I’ll just pry it from your hands.” Bedwick callously mocked. “Iron Swordsman, I know that you are skilled but truth be told, for me to end your life, it’s not that hard of a task. What about this? Walk away now and I’ll allow you to live. My only goal is that little girl over there.”


Debbie quickly checked on Ye Chui’s expression in worry.

(Silavin: Don’t really understand how she would be able to check when his face is covered.)


“Relax. I will fight by your side; even if it means death.” Ye Chui comforts with a smile.


Debbie continued to stare so Ye Chui quickly continued his statement: “This is something Hammer has entrusted me with after all…”


“Hammer…” Debbie muttered as her expression turned into a maiden in longing. “He has been really good to me…”


[Hey! Why are you so full of praises now? Why not say it when I am in front of you? Ha… No matter. At least I heard it…]


“Hammer?” Bedwick sneers. “He’s dead! Hahaha! That idiot dares to snatch the Magician Guild Master’s Successor’s Teacher. He deserves to be sent straight to hell. Hahaha! To think he had offended Oupu ahahaha. The Guild Master is not someone who forgives so easily, and he is not someone who is incapable. Hammer has no hope of surviving his wrath. That man has a hundred ways to make sure that boy meets his end.”


Ye Chui expression turns cold as he cursed: “So, this is planned by those two bastards; Oberth and his father.”


Debbie, in anger, screamed out: “You dare to touch my Hammer! I’d like to see you try!”


“By the end of today, you would have already been dead. Why would you still think of others at this point in time?” Bedwick took a deep breath and slightly arched his body into a pouncing position.  However, before he attacks, he wanted to preach: ”You two should know the disparity between the Swordsman’s Level is mostly accounted for by the individual’s Sword Aura. Beginner Swordsmen are only capable of using brute force but once they step into the Intermediate Swordsman realm, they will be able to utilize some Sword Aura. Of course, Advance Swordsman, the peak, can go even further! Their whole body can integrate with the Sword Aura, giving birth to a unique Skill Mode! Now, you will experience my Skill Mode: Shadow Mouse Mode!”


As he spoke, Bedwick’s entire body started to slowly dissolve into a black mist, causing even the outline of his human figure to slowly disappear.


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