Omni-Magician – Chapter 102, Debbie is Under My Protection

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With the whole army of Wind Wolves making up more than a hundred in strength, and when half of them were annihilated (mostly by Debbie), everyone was exhausted. Although the losses by the Wind Wolves were large, they were still comparable to the patrol team. Six members were killed and two out of the remaining twelve gravely injured were placed on horseback. To top it off half of their horses were slaughtered.


The team that explored the ancient tomb: Alfea, Balmain, Athol, Damon; they felt exceptionally exhausted.


During their trials in the ancient tomb, they were pushed back numerous times; made to deal with a immortal swordsman that could not be taken down.


However, the trial itself was not as life-threatening, as the situation they were currently placed in.


In the past they at least still had the time to rest. But right now, they had to use all their strength to survive.


Releasing their Swordsman Skills without ceasing.


Naturally, at such a rate, fatigue would pile up and they would be exhausted.  


Athol the Beastman simply followed his instincts. Letting out bellows repeatedly to display his might, he charged forward and struck down any Wind Wolves that came at him, not caring about the teeth gouged into his shoulder.


Balmain, on the other hand, did not have any wounds on his body but still held a pale face, seeking a moment of rest.


Damon, though more injured than most, was still able to display tenacity unlike the rest around him. His attacks remained swift and precise, hard when it counts. It was most likely due to his life as a mercenary that he had such amazing tenacity.


Although Debbie still remained the top in terms of destructiveness towards the Wind Wolves, the close second would be the man standing beside her: Bedwick.


He was the only Advanced Swordsman in the group, and though he did not have a weapon as great as the Gatling on him, he still managed to tally a kill streak of 20 Wind Wolves!


Followed closely in terms of kills was Ye Chui. After killing and scattering away from the Wolf Hawks, he also entered this killing spree of Wind Wolves.


He stood by Debbie right now, not allowing himself to leave her for a second, ensuring that she was safe from any attack.


With the Iron Swordsman’s suit increasing his senses, as well as its almost infinite supply of magic power, he would cut down any Wind Wolf that approached Debbie in the cruelest of ways.

(Silavin: Yandere)


Similarly, the other team members like Alfea and Alan were trying to protect Debbie with all their might.


With the hails of bullets accompanying the rain of blood, the patrol team finally managed to break through the Wind Wolves’ encirclement and arrived just at the border of the wilderness.


“Let’s go!” Bedwick screamed. “Debbie and I will protect the rear! Everyone move!”


Since the speed of a Wind Wolf far exceeded that of an ordinary horse, there was a need for someone to protect the rear.


As the strongest person in the patrol team, Bedwick volunteered himself to take up the important task. Nevertheless, Debbie’s mighty strength was essential in assisting Bedwick at the rear.


As Debbie got into an excited state, she did not give much thought to Bedwick’s words. She immediately halted her forward strides and scanned the surroundings, giving her companions a chance to leave the scene.


Naturally, Ye Chui would want to stay back to protect Debbie.


Seeing that Alfea decided to stop as well,  Ye Chui’s heart suddenly felt a little constricted. He was touched but due to the dangers he might face, he could not allow her whims to take charge. With a sudden and hard push, he ordered Alan: “Take her away and leave!”


Alan’s actions were as decisive as Ye Chui’s. Without any hesitation, his hands clenched onto Alfea’s arm, allowing no leeway for struggling out. In one breath, they dashed forward, leaving only a trail of smoke behind.


The Wind Wolves pursed behind only meters away. They split into two, one to chase the people on horseback, while the majority stayed back to help themselves to the stationary meal in front of them: Debbie, Ye Chui, Bedwick; and a female swordsman that volunteered, Antano!


She was the Level 4 Swordsman that held a good disposition towards Debbie. She was already battered with a bloodied wound, exhausted from the fight, but she still stood as steady as a mountain next to Debbie. She prepared her shield and longsword. Injecting some magic into her sword, the <fire> enchantment on it started to glow and encased the weapon in a red flame.


Ye Chui, who was close by, gave a nod to her and they both looked forward, continuing their attack against the Wind Wolves.


Unfortunately, the battle in this location would be different to that in Skull Town. Back in Skull Town, the buildings around forced the areas of combat to be limited; typically, more linear.


However, in a forest, where there were numerous vegetation and plenty of space to move about, Debbie was finding it more difficult to hit any of the targets in front of her. Likewise, with large space behind them, the Wind Wolves could now easily move to their flank and surround them in a circle.


Bedwick held a short sword and turned back to check that the patrol team had already disappeared. With this, he had already accomplished his duty and at this point, he could now act.


The short sword that he was holding started to give off a cold twinkle and in seconds, it concentrated at the tip of the sword. With a swing, a huge wave formed and a path was opened.


This was the Intermediate Level Skill: <Cold Night’s Wind>.


“Quickly! Break-though and escape!” Bedwick roared.


At this time, Debbie and the rest pulled up all the firepower towards that path, preventing any Wind Wolves from intersecting their get away.


However, at this moment, Ye Chui saw Antano dash forward with her fire coated longsword in hand. Unfortunately, she was not moving towards a Wind Wolf but instead towards Debbie!


Ye Chui’s heart dropped for a second but that long sword was never meant to pierce Debbie.  




Despite swinging her fire-coated longsword in full force, the swing of the sword was not directed towards Debbie.


Instead, Antano slanted her body sideways and a loud thud could be heard. Under the constant shots fire by the Gatling, the sound of the thud seemed to be negligible.


However, the sound seemed extremely surreal in Ye Chui’s ears. Immediately after, Antano’s fire-coated longsword flew into the air as she fell backward. With a pale as sheet expression, Antano had died.


Ye Chui seemed to understand something, as he quickly looked towards Bedwick, who was standing at the side.


Previously, Ye Chui saw Bedwick release his sword skill, which is an intermediate skill used to launch sneak attacks on an enemy. Unfortunately, Antano discovered his intent and rushed to Debbie’s back to block off his attack.


However, Antano is merely a level four Swordsman, who had a great disparity in competency compared to the level seven Swordsman, Bedwick. Not only did Bedwick’s sword skill brushed off Antano’s fire-coated long sword, the attack even pierced through Antano’s heart, leading to a fatal result.


Debbie, on the other hand, was perfectly fine and had no clue about what just happened.


Bedwick let out an unsatisfied groan as if he was unhappy with Antano’s nosy actions.


After sweeping his sword and brushing those Wind Wolves off, he once again launched another attack towards the ignorant Debbie.

As Antano had said previously that she had a younger sister as old as Debbie, it was only natural that she would give up her life to save Debbie’s.

In the middle of the wilderness, the Wind Wolves had lost the battle against the patrol team.


Previously when Bedwick was surrounded by a pack of Wind Wolves in Skull Town, he felt hopeless, but after leaving Skull Town and facing these defeated Wind Wolves, he had the belief that his skills could give the patrol team a way out.


Hence, an evil thought surfaced in his mind – kill Debbie. By doing so, Bedwick would then be able to obtain a huge amount of bounty.


When Debbie led the team to kill off the Wind Wolves at the start, Bedwick should have felt grateful towards her, but the might of the Gatling made his heart falter. He felt that if the Gatling was in his hands, he would have performed better.


After murdering Debbie, he would not only receive the reward he was promised but the strong magical weapon the girl currently held as well. Such means was the epitome of the phrase ‘killing two birds with one stone’. As such, conscience as a leader or his own profession did not matter right now. All that mattered was profit!


When he had made the order for Debbie to stay behind with him, he was already prepared to end her life here and take all her belongings.


Though the Iron Swordsman and Antano had decided to stay behind with them, it mattered little in the end. After all, after Debbie was dead, the next would be these two onlookers.


Even if they were not killed by his hands, it was a simple matter for him to take Debbie’s possession and run off, leaving those two behind to deal with the Wind Wolves.


Naturally, he would return to the patrol team and inform them that the rest were killed off by the Wind Wolves. With such a huge pack, it would be no surprise to experience some deaths. Therefore, if they were to meet their end here, he would not be suspected in the slightest.


The plan was perfect!  


However, just when he was prepared to mount a sneak attack on Debbie, someone was already waiting to intercept. This person was none other than the Iron Swordsman!


“Mother Loving Goblin Bastard!”


As Ye Chui saw Antano lying motionless on the ground after sacrificing her life for Debbie’s, he uttered the world-renown vulgarity. He then held the long sword in his hands and slashed it towards Bedwick…

(Silavin: MLGB – Fuck your mom in Chinese.)


Silavin: LOL, just posted this after I got the comments. Haha. True, it has been a long time since chapters of this nnovel has been posted. Anyways, hope you enjoy this.


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