Omni-Magician – Chapter 101, Handsome For Only Three Seconds

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Translator: Piggy

Translation Checker: Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


Debbie glancing behind her and saw Ye Chui tore the space scroll in his hand to suddenly appear in mid-air. Releasing <Wind Blade>, he managed to cut down 78 Wolf Hawks. In the surprise, she held the Gatlin with an even tighter grip. Taking her eyes away from the sky and focusing forward, she thought about the attack with an infuriated face and muttered: “To think you would copy my attack.”

Her mutter held no hint of a gripe. Instead, it was a pure feeling of gloating. Little did she know that this move was honestly inspired by her Giant Spinning Top, and programmed by Ye Chui.

Meanwhile, a deep silence spread out within the patrol team.

Ye Chui was someone unrecognized by the majority of the patrol team and since they did not know him, they did not know his fighting capabilities.

It was only with Alfea’s strong insistence that Iron Swordsman’s strength that they made him part of the patrol team. Therefore, they did not place him in their eyes. For example Alan, he had the assumption that the Iron Swordsman used a trickery to obtain Alfea’s heart.

Therefore, he held a cold and rancorous attitude towards him; an attempt to uncover this ‘trickery’.

When Ye Chui wasted the space transfer scroll to practice, Bedwick had made aloud his praises of the Iron Swordsman but Alan, on the other hand, was demeaning.

Likewise, it could be said that majority of the team held a hint of animosity at that point as they each silently thought to themselves: ‘Just how filthy rich is this armored plated guy? No matter how much money you have, you still need skills’.

However, those condemning thoughts ceased after they personal saw Ye Chui’s clever use of the teleportation scroll and attack that sliced up 78 Wolf Hawks. At this point, they were forced to admit that the two new members of their team, Debbie, and the Iron Swordsman, had individually far surpassed their strength. Their power is so important that during his crisis, it was the determining factor in their life and death!

Alan’s long sword was covered with a layer of glow. With a slash, a wind wolf got split into two and in the midst of this short break, the boy looked up into the sky which was littered with flying pieces flesh and blood. He thought of his own emotions, which was a complete sense of powerlessness.

[If someone as powerful as him is trying to compete with me for Alfea’s attention, what hope do I have?]

“Not good! He is falling down into that pack of wolves!” Alfea screamed.

Others took note but were unable to do anything as Ye Chui was slowly falling into a pack of gathering wolves; together, the wolves waited for him to descend from high above, to bring in an opportunity for them to have a feast.

Even Debbie, was unable to give aid as her Gatlin could be redirected now with all their Wind Wolves charging directly at her.

Many of the spectators felt immense guilt for this event as they helplessly watched the events unfold. But, little did they know that Ye Chui held no thoughts of sacrificing himself

His peril was just an act for his preparations.

Up in the air, while falling, Ye Chui’s boots started to light up.

The <Windwalk> array had been activated.

Though it was not strong enough to allow him flight, it managed to soften his fall. After all, his first plan required him to counter the impact he had to face when landing. Even in his suit, a fall from such a height would most likely result in fractured legs.

As for the Wind Wolves waiting below, Ye Chui already had something in store for them.

He landed in a room with a worn out building that had a roof was completely exposed to the sky.

The moment his legs touched the ground, the Wind Wolves pounced into the place.

Immediately, the onlookers around paled in fright as they pledge to forever remember the heroic sacrifice of Iron Swordsman.

But shortly later,

A bright blue beam shot out from the ramshackle building. It rotated around the house and obliterated everything in its path.

The wall which held up the building was easily was blown away, and along with it were the Wind Wolves which crowded around.

This beam of light came from the Iron Swordsman’s chest, in which there was a large crystal containing a <Lightning Beam> enchantment.

It was an enchantment that made used of the <Lightning> array into a concentrated beam. Furthermore, its power was directly dependent on the magic supplied to it, thus the destructive power.

Ye Chui made use of all the magic power the crystal has and converge it in the chest to release this powerful <Lightning Beam>

This move was Ye Chui’s strongest card but its cost was no small matter. However, the cost was not an issue right now.

After the annihilation the Wind Wolves around him, he activated <Windwalk> and jumped into the air (about 20 meters high). With this one jump, he managed to fall back to the middle of the group and when he landed, the blue crystal in his chest dropped onto the group.

Everyone was once again shocked. They thought that Iron Swordsman death was set in stone. However, not only did he manage to survive, he did so with power and charm.

How can he be so grand?

“Tony, did you get hurt?” Alfea asked as she was resisting a Wind Wolves attack.

She had noticed that Ye Chui was still crouching on the ground and in her worry and the deafening fires of the Gatling, she yelled.

Ye Chui waved his hand indicated that he was alright. Lifting the mask, he loudly vomited – according to the common stories on Earth, the hero should vomit blood but Ye Chui’s vomit was the pie that was eaten during dinner. Just from the rotation in the air plus the fall in mid-air make him dizzy, who can stand such thing? Even Debbie’s first time using Giant Spinning Top also caused her to spit and faint.


Handsome for only three seconds.

“Tony… are you alright?” Alfea asked as she sweated.

“Nothing. I vomit… because I wasn’t too accustomed to it.” Ye Chui shouted from the ground to stand up and ready to rejoin the camp.

Debbie who was in front heard the word of Ye Chui and her mouth once again pouted, “Not only copied my trick but also my words …”


Silavin: got a new translator :D. He’s still new to it so I need to heavily check his work for now but he seems very commited to the job and is willing to accept scrutiny. If things goes well, we can most likely resume the weekly job of 2 chapters.


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