Omni-Magician – Chapter 100, Broke through the encirclement thanks to Debbie, the loli

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


The Wind Wolf was completely decimated in front of everyone, and in its current form of small shredded up fur, the onlookers could not help but feel an improper level of pity towards the beast that tried to kill them.


Right now, when their gazes returned to focus on Debbie, they could not help but express a change in opinion – especially towards the Gatling in her arms.


Initially, when they saw Debbie carrying two different types of weapons, they were already curious about the Gatling. It was just that after this destructive display that their curiosity blew up, though for a good reason. It was a strange weapon that had an appearance that they have never seen before. Likewise, for a less wealthy place like Stan City, it was rare for them to be able to be so close to a magic weapon. After all, magic weapons were not only rare but extremely expensive.


They had discussions about the Gatling before: guessing its functionality. However, their resulting conclusions could not be further from the truth. Rather than simply using it to smash enemies, it was used to shoot down enemies! An unthinkable use of a weapon until today!


It was so powerful that the mighty Wind Wolf had been made into tatters.


Then, as their gazes noted Debbie, who was leisurely wiping off her sweat, they felt hope erupt from their soul. Their desperation was answered by the great weapon of annihilation; with it, there was a possibility to survive this mess.


As though attesting to the might of the Gatling, the silent night had been frozen still when it roared. Even the Wind Wolves, who were growling in a frenzy, were temporarily kept silent. Noticing that there was something formidable in front of them, the Wind Wolves’ attack halted in place. However, even if that bloody scene did not play in front of them, it was certain that the Gatling’s sound would have temporarily tricked the wolves into a paralysis.


Naturally, the Wind Wolves managed to recover themselves. In a short time span, another roar was made, indicating every one of their members to get into formation and make another attempt again.


“Debbie, stay in front. Everyone else, stay behind her and form a circle! Protect her flanks!” Ye Chui shouted at the top of his lungs, as he was already by Debbie’s side before the rest managed to react. He pointed to the horses and instructed: “take these horses inside our circular formation. If things get bad, they will determine our fate!”


The leader was supposed to be Bedwick, but due to Debbie’s destructive performance, respect was instantly gained. Enough so, to move their hearts and bodies.


In almost an instant, everyone acted as per ordered and prepared to break through this encirclement with Debbie’s firepower; moving without any questions asked.


“Is-s… this a Magic Weapon?” Bedwick moved to Debbie’s flank and asked with shining eyes. “… How long can it continue to fire?”


To that question, Debbie stood there pondering. [Hammer once told me before… uh… but I forgot…]


“About a 100 hours without stop. The weapon will produce some heat but that will not affect the damage or aim of the thing.” Ye Chui replied. The Gatling had been filled with 2 million iron ball bullets. Since it could fire at a rate of 300 bullets per minute, 100 hours was actually a little less than the theoretical time it can last. Even the magic stone that was used to provide magic energy to the weapon could last that long at least. Therefore, there was no problem with Ye Chui’s casual reply of a hundred hours. Nonetheless, if one were to take into account of the heat, that was not a problem as well since Ye Chui had installed a cooling magic matrix into the Gatling.

(Silavin: Math is 111 hours.)


“100 hours!” Bedwick exclaimed as the light in his eye intensified. [For something that could decimate a Wind Wolf in seconds to last for a hundred hours, if I were the one to use it, I would simply be invincible!]


Debbie’s head slightly tilted as she asked Ye Chui: “How do you know so much about this weapon?”


“Hammer had once told me about the Gatling.” Ye Chui hurriedly answered while looking at the pack of wolves take one step closer. “I’ve made a promise to him. That I will definitely protect you.”


“Hammer…” Debbie, who was touched, murmured. “So… you’ve tried to come up to me because of your promise to him?”


“Erm… Yes.” Ye Chui nodded while thinking to himself: [having to maintain two different identities is really exhausting…]


“So that’s why…” Alfea, who overheard the situation muttered out as her gaze towards Ye Chui became tender. “Tony… I’m sorry for misunderstanding… I never thought of the reasons for your action. I-I never considered your duties, and simply thought of…” Alfea stopped herself before reconfirming. “So, you only stuck close to Debbie to protect her.”


Ye Chui: “…”


[… can’t these girls pay attention to the situation we are in? Of all places, why are they expressing themselves like this now? Does it look like the time to think about such things? Seriously?]


While the group was having their ‘touching’ chat, everyone else was already in position to break through this encirclement. With Debbie in the lead, holding on to the destructive Gatling, she was protected on the flanks by Ye Chui, Alfea, Alan, and Bedwick. These four members stuck close to her to protect their main attacker. Meanwhile, the remaining nine stood close to them; they were in a circle with their horses kept in the middle. Since horseback fights were currently disadvantageous, there was no point using the horses to repel the enemy’s. Instead, the horses were kept as back up; once a hole in the wolves’ attacking encirclement was made, they could quickly get on the horses and escape.

(Silavin: this plan shouldn’t work since the horses should theoretically be slower than the wolves, which specialize in speed. This is unless a big enough hole is made.)


“Let’s go!” Bedwick roared!


However, just as the war cry invigorated the men, the wolves struck. It was as though they understood that an all-out attack was going to be launched by their foe, so, in reply, they too launched an all-out attack.


‘Thump, Thump, Thump,’ The deafening gunshots once again resumed fire.


A red flame, scared away the darkness while the red lines tore through it. Those red lines would tear through anything in their path, and this included the wolves that stood in front of it.


Under the moonlight, the wolves cried out chilling howls. They charged through the streets of Skull Town, seemingly creating a spreading sea. However, that is until they met the red lines. The continuous sea of bullets met with the sea of wolves, easily tearing through them, only allowing blood and pieces of flesh to remain. Typically, such a weapon would have a high level of recoil but with Debbie’s strength, the recoil seemed non-existent. Even if she was a loli, with this weapon in her hands, she was invincible on the battlefield. It was no exaggeration to describe her current image to be that of a Buddha – a murderous Buddha who loved guns and left houses in its path collapsed with bullets stuck inside.


If Debbie were to go against an Advance Swordsman with the Gatling, she might not be able to win. However, if she was against large numbers, or in certain other conditions, she would most likely do better than the City Lord, Eric.


Some wolves who were lucky enough to avoid the sea of bullets would manage to get close to Debbie. Unfortunately for them, Ye Chui and the other three were by her side. If the wolves got close, they were dead in their hands. As such, with no one able to stop them, the patrol team managed to cut through the sea of wolves and quickly went forward towards the outskirts of town.


“Ahhh!” Suddenly, a pitiful yell for help sounded off from the rear guards. Under the moonlight, his shadow was no longer in contact with his legs as he was floating mid-air. There, the group turned around to look up into the air to find that there were surrounded by birds. The poor man who was caught in mid-air got quickly disposed of with claws of the birds tearing into him; leaving him in shreds. These birds were the ones who took down the red eagle and were now just flying about in the night sky, staring down at their prey.


“Wolf Hawks! They are level 3 magic beast! Take care not to get caught in their air assaults!” Damon yelled.


Facing Wind Wolves who came in all directions could still reluctantly be dealt with by the swordsmen. However, airborne enemies such as the Wolf Hawks were practically impossible to guard against. In mere minutes, three horses were caught by the Wolf Hawks. The attack came in swift and violent, with claws digging deep into the horse’s hides. When the horses were lifted up, it was immediately swarmed upon. With all the claws that tore through it, the blood that splatter down seemed like rain, covering the unfortunate soul who was underneath the carcass.


With a slash, the Wind Wolf that went against Ye Chui collapsed. The boy took this opportunity to look up, and as he saw the uphill battle he was facing, he prepared himself.


With the attacks of the Wolf Hawks, they were unable to escape; only resist the eventual violation of their organs.


A Wolf Hawk once again swept down and easily manage to avoid the wings of a few swordsmen. Its claws quickly landed on the dark horse, but before it took the horse up into the air, Ye Chui screamed in his mind: [You’ve fallen into my trap!]


Ye Chui wanted to say it out but refrained from doing so, taking up the space scroll and tearing it up to suddenly vanish into the light.


In the next second, he appeared just next to the dark horse. This was the horse that Alfea had prepared for him, and it had a saddle with an array written under it which was constantly transmitting its coordinates to Ye Chui.


“What is he planning to do?!” Someone who noticed Ye Chui’s actions screamed.


The Wolf Hawks that noticed a human that suddenly appeared in their zone started to fly towards him. As the nightmarish scene had played repeatedly, the members on the ground had already prepared themselves to once again see another corpse appear before them. However, the suit of armor that was up in the air did bleed. Instead, it was the Wolf Hawks that got torn to shreds.


Once the Wolf Hawks got close enough, Ye Chui unleashed what he had prepared for them. He tightly held onto his long sword, and as the Wolf Hawk approached, one side of his body began to glow. Once they got close enough, <Windwalk> magic enchantment on his body and the <Wind Blade> enchantment on his long sword had been activated. Sharp air blades were thrown through the air, and with Ye Chui spinning around, he had transformed into a blender.  This spinning was not manually controlled by Ye Chui but rather, a magic program which he had programmed after the situation in the Ancient Tomb. Therefore, after activation, Ye Chui only needed to aim his <Wind Blade>.


With just one attack, at least 78 Wolf Hawks were hit. Every single one of them was shredded, but those that had their body cut into halves only cried out for a short time before their voices died out. Around Ye Chui, blood and feathers were scattered about, and those Wolf Hawks that saw this scene quickly got frightened. It was fortunate that these Wolf Hawks had weak wills, quickly scattering away, not causing any more harm.


Up above the skies, the enemies were all already dealt with but down below, Ye Chui was going to land in a sea of wolves.


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    (Silavin: this plan shouldn’t work since the horses should theoretically be slower than the wolves, which specialize in speed. This is unless a big enough hole is made.)

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