Omni-Magician – Chapter 99, Spectacle of the Gatling!

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


The patrol team had five female members: Debbie, Alfea, Antano and two more. Antano was a Level 4 Swordsman at only 24-year-old. She stood out as she wore a red suit of armor and typically holds a long sword in her left hand while a diamond shield in the right.

She was quite familiar with Debbie as they held conversations before. Likewise, when she came out from the corner of the shadow, she smiled to Debbie and said: “I’m sorry that I startled you but I mean no harm. I just came here to specifically see you. It seems that you are still safe”

“You think of my safety?” Debbie stared back. Although she was airheaded at times, she was by no means stupid. With the Gatling now in her hand, tightly clenched, she looked towards Antano and asked: “why are you so good to me?”

“I have a sister who is as old as you. She would clamor all day to be a City lord’s guard, but she did not have the talent to do so. You, on the other hand, have considerable skill to join.” Antano said with a smile, approaching Debbie with small steps. Under the cloudy and cold moonlight, her expression seemed exceptionally gentle as she continued: “I can introduce you to her when we get back from our duty.”

The expression on Debbie’s face softened: “Alright.”

Suddenly, a miserable and sharp voice suddenly rang out which came from the church.

“Something’s wrong!” The Antano body suddenly tightened as she turned around, beckoned to Debbie, and rapidly ran towards the church

Debbie hurriedly responded, carrying her greatsword with her.

“What happened?” Debbie rushed into the church and looked around, questioning Alfea.

“A’tod woke up.” Alfea answered, ” in a panic…”

At the corner of the church, A’tod continued to scream. He pounded on the floor with a fierce expression: “Leave… Leave this place… Hurry up and leave this place!!”

Several City Lord’s Guard encircled him and held him down. Bedwick, on the other hand, stood on one side and attempted to calm him down. However, A’tod was in no condition to listen to his words. In his extremely panic-stricken state, he continued to struggle while screaming, to the point where even the several strong guards around find it hard to hold him down.

“How did this happen?” Debbie was surprised.

“He should have finally managed to escape from Skull Town with great difficulty, only to wake up and brought back to us again. If you were him, how would you respond?” Ye Chui replied and stood by him Debbie, Alfea, Alan, and Antano, look at Ye Chui and nodded in agreement in front of the church entrance, but suddenly came to realize that something wasn’t right. “wait… He… was probably warning us?”

“A warning?” Debbie and Alfea asked simultaneously.

All of a sudden, A’tod stopped roaring; his whole body twitched without ceasing as his throat seems to choke. His complexion took a turn for the worst, enough so for Bedwick’s complexion to change and roared: “get away from him!”

Soon as it was said, something black started to crawl out of A’tod’s mouth. One by one, a swarm of jet black wasp started to expel out of his body. As soon as they took flight, a burst of buzzing rung out. Everyone around him at that time was too slow except for Balmain, who was quick enough to perform a beautiful backward somersault and take cover somewhere else. Unfortunately, the other three were stung by that black winged insect and immediately suffered torture, as they screamed in agony and fell down to never stand again.

“These are Black Wasps!” Bedwick looked in great surprise, “Everyone! Get away from the church! Make sure you avoid getting stung at all cost!”

Short sword rapped rapidly in Bedwick hand during the speeches, the ground was littered with the little Black Wasp, but the horde of Black Wasps were still densely swarming out from A’tod’s mouth. This situation was different from the blood bats, Bedwick short sword was simply impossible to guard against so many of them.

All the City Lord’s Guards around took note of Bedwick’s order and rushed out of the church. During this period of time, one unlucky soul was taken down by the Black Wasps, as his pitiful scream was acting as confirmation though Bedwick was the last one to leave the church.

Ye Chui quickly ran back to close the gate but a swarm of the Black Wasps was starting to surround him.

“Tony!” Alfea screamed in great panic

However, her fears were superfluous as the sound of static began to sound out from Ye Chui’s armor suit, and a layer of bright blue light coated him. The group of Black Wasps that came close got taken down by the electricity, as though phosphate insecticide (Dichlorvos) was spurted, all of them dropped to the ground. Since they were black already, nothing of their appearance had changed except now, they leaked out a burnt stink. This is one of the Iron Swordsman’s armor function.  The left arm was equipped with<Four times of lightning> array, after the activation, the armor suits whole body would be coated with electricity. By the market standards, any suit of armor that had this capability could be considered as a high-grade armor. However, this was not for sale as it took great pains to make two separate layers: one for the conducting and one for insulating. Initially, Ye Chui already had the ability to coat his armor with electricity but he did not prepare insulation to keep himself safe. However, after the upgrade, he was able to use this devastating attack, with results that left him more than satisfied.

“Ugh!” When he closed the gate of the church, wiped away the burnt Black Wasps corpses on his armor and turned around to see everyone around him staring in surprise. “There is nothing to be surprised about. Quickly block the windows!”

Everyone snapped out of their daze and went into action.

The Black Wasp was an insect type of magical beast, it was so weak that it could not be recognized as a level 1 magic beast. However, in a colony, they were noted to be extremely lethal to the point where anyone would fear them. They were horrendous animals that will hatch their eggs using the corpses of both humans and magical beasts, using the deceased’s magic power to decrease the time it took to hatch the eggs. They were considered to be a terrifying existence, and since insect type magic beasts were rare to find in the Black Forest, no one would have thought that A’tod would have been used as their host. Even after A’tod gave his warning, the team will still too late to react and experienced four fatalities.

However, it was not over yet.

When everyone hurriedly blocked the window of the church, howls from wolves sounded off from all directions. The tied up horses near the church panicked in fright and trembled and for good reason. If they were to look around them, the darkness that shrouded them had an army of red lights.

“Rank 3 Magic Beast, Wind Wolf!” Damon yelled, ” And a pack with so many!”

The army of red eyes slowly approached them, letting out growls that seemed to come from hell. With this number, there were at least over a hundred of them. A Level 3 Wind Wolf is very tricky to deal with already but a hundred? These magic beasts had a considerable level of intelligence but when they act together, they become deadlier. With the high comprehension level of every wolf, they can move into a formation and gradually move forward as a group. Meanwhile, the patrol team was trapped. The church which was their only form of terrain defense had been taken over by the Black Wasps, and now they were out in the open, an easy target to be hunted down.

The strongest in the team, Bedwick, had a gloomy expression stuck on his face as he ordered: “Stick together and do not push out!”

“No!” Ye Chui suddenly opened his mouth, and quickly arrived at Debbie’s side, “Debbie can handle this.”

When others heard Ye Chui’s words, in this tense time, they displayed a bit of ridicule. They thought to themselves: [Beckwick, the strongest among them, had already considered the situation to be close to hopeless. So, what can this little girl do?] Allen shouted in low voice: “Iron Swordsman, I think the situation has made you a little confused. During these times, we should run away. What can a little girl like her do?”


Just when he had finished his remark, a Wind Wolf rushed ahead, it had the same strength as an ordinary wolf but was much faster. Its red eye was filled with coldness. which froze the hearts of its prey. From a mere ten meter away, it leaped forward and almost instantly arrived in front of the patrol team.

Everyone hurriedly picked up their weapons, preparing to fight head-on, but it was too late.

“Thump thump thump……”

Debbie held the Gatling in her hand fired her first shot, and the next caused red fire to break out from the barrel. Due to the darkness of the night, the red fire was especially bright as a rain of gunshots fired out. The Wind Wolf that charged forward was bombarded by the bullets and flew back; the blood and flesh splashed under the moonlight in all directions and fell down meters away.

“Cool!” Debbie held up the Gatling as she smiled with incomprehensible excitement.


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