Omni-Magician – Chapter 98, Don’t You Dare Speak Another Word, You Darn Gangster

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Magic beasts tended to be more active in dark nights, hence, even though the patrol team knew that they had met with a tricky situation, they could only find shelter to temporarily hide from the coldness of the night in Skull Town before leaving the horrifying place the next morning. Everyone in the team knew that roaming around in the night would pose a great danger to them, as the bloodthirsty magic beasts could once again return to this town and cause great devastation.

The patrol team, led by Balmain, conducted a simple search in Skull Town. During the search, they managed to discover some human corpses lying in some inconspicuous locations, as well as a variety of magical beasts. The patrol team quickly exterminated those magic beasts that were not higher than level three and found out that these magic beasts seemed to have broken off from the original group of magical beasts that attacked Skull town.

Under the arrangement of Bedwick, the 18-men team split up into four different groups, which took turns to standby for any sudden attacks by magic beasts while the other team members took a rest.

[Of those magic beasts which Balmain and the rest encountered, there were two species of magical beasts that were born enemies, however, they managed to form an alliance… There’s only one reason that these two magic beasts can co-exist harmoniously with each other – there must be an even more powerful force that controls them!] Ye Chui made his own analysis, as he was in standby mode.

Through the Aigen-Dazs Continent encyclopedia, Ye Chui had a certain understanding about magic beasts. The reason why magic beasts were named ‘magic beasts’ is that of the magic crystals formed within their bodies. Although the magic crystals gave them a certain level of intelligence, only level seven magic beasts possessed intelligence comparable to that of a human. Those magic beasts, level six and lower, were similar to infants.

An example of such intelligence was the display of teamwork: under extreme pressure from an external source, the worst of enemies can form an alliance to fight the battle together.

In all recorded history, the peripheral of the Dark Forest to Stan City had only been inhabited by magic beasts of level six and below. It was recognized that the region of the Dark Forest was land claimed by the magic beasts. Therefore, splitting the zone apart, respecting each territory, there were no major battles fought. It could be recognized as a peaceful period between the two kinds. But, if that was the case, why was there a huge raid such as this? What could have caused such a catastrophe to suddenly occur?

Ye Chui sat down beside Debbie, suddenly ruining her train of thoughts. The boy, unaware of what he has done, opened his mouth to ask: “What were you thinking of?”

“Nothing.” Debbie, who took up both the Gatling and the Great Sword – at Hammer’s behest – replied.

Ye Chui sat next to Debbie to protect her. Unknowingly, after Ye Chui sat next to Debbie, Alfea came along. For reasons unknown, she sat next to Ye Chui. Ultimately, a handsome man with long hair, seemingly thinking that he needs to be next to her, sat next to Alfea. In the end, the group stood on night watch were these four people.

Seeing that Debbie suddenly stood up as though something happened, Ye Chui worriedly got up and ran to her side to question: “What happened?”


“I’m going to sit over there.” Debbie irritatingly replied.

“Why?” Ye Chui asked with care.

“Because. Its. Convenient.” Debbie stared daggers at Ye Chui  

“Oh…” Ye Chui did not feel relieved to have Debbie out of his sight and asked: “why don’t I accompany you?”

“Useless bastard! Try if you dare!” Debbie aimed her Gatling at Ye Chui’s head and warned.

Alfea in cold sweat quickly ran over and tried to pacify the loli: “Debbie, how about I join you?”

“There is no need. I can handle myself.” Debbie hastily shook her head in response. Although this small town was dangerous, Debbie was assured that with the Gatling in her hands, she was safe. Taking the barrel away from Ye Chui’s face and placing it back on her small shoulder, she reminded: “Hammer made me a gun to protect me, so there is no need to worry about my safety.”

Ye Chui: “…”

[Should I be happy or sad?]

Debbie’s eyes vigilantly stuck to the iron suit as she walked away to the corner she had pointed to, disappearing from the sight of the two who stood up.

Ye Chui’s stared at the darkness Debbie had disappeared to but noticed his actions were not appropriate for the Iron Swordsman. Quickly, he looked away to pretend that nothing had happened. However, unbeknownst to him, likewise to anyone in the group, an unknown figure had passed by their notice at this exact moment; towards Debbie.

In Stan City, where no one was aware of the crisis that had befallen onto Skull Town – a place merely kilometers away; there was a group of magic beasts closing up on them. Obviously, their visit was due to the attraction of a huge meal that consists of 200,000 humans.

Inside the huge mansion, which was on par with the City Lord’s Manor and the Mercenary Guild, owned by none other than the Magician Guild Master Oupu, was Oberth. These days, he had resorted to sneaking into his own home late at night. When the moon was at its apex, and the night was silent, only then would his figure be found sourcing a way back home. Every single time he walked through the gate, he had prayed that his father was asleep. Of course, the reason for his actions was the event that had occurred three days ago. After what had happened in the Magician Guild, Oupu continued to wear a nasty expression. Pissed and disappointed at his own son, Oupu ordered Oberth to seek out Booth. The result only ended up with Oberth being denied lesson from Booth, causing the boy to have no face to meet his father. Whatever the case, Oberth now avoided his home like the plague, only returning to rest before leaving again early in the morning.

Just when he entered the front door, Oberth suddenly heard a sound that greeted him from behind: “Master Oberth. Nice to see that you have returned”.

The one who caught him was none other than their family steward, Mattis. He was an old man that seemed frail with the bony physic of his, However, even with that appearance, he has been a loyal servant of their family, working and dedicating his life to his role for more than 20 years. A man who saw Oberth grew up from a baby. This man was currently standing behind the door, and with his words of ambush, he caused Oberth to jump in fright.

“Mattis… You scared me to death.” Oberth pats on his chest as he complains.

“Young Master,” before Oberth could completely relax, a phrase of thunderous words came into his ears: “your father is waiting for you in the study room. Please visit him soon.”

Pacing back and forth outside the study room, Oberth prepared himself to enter. When he opened the door, he saw his father, Oupu, sitting down reading a book under the lamp – <The Mysteries of the Wind Element>. Having taken notice that his son had finally arrived, Oupu jolted down some notes and placed the book down; shifting all his attention to Oberth.


“Dad…” Oberth greeted with hesitation in his voice.

“What have you been doing these past few days? I told you to get Mr. Booth back here and yet? How long is it going to take? Useless.” Oupu indifferently spat out.

“Dad… I-I don’t know what Hammer had done to Master Booth. I went to ask him just today but… he was not willing to come back at all. He even drove me away…” Oberth stuttered at first but gradually spit out all the grievances he had felt these past few day; twisting some truths. “Dad, for Master Booth to accept a trash like Hammer as his student, what can I do?”

“You are calling him trash when you are inferior to a bastard Magician like him?” Oupu coldly shouted.

A Magician’s ability has linkage to their bloodline. Since Oberth is Oupu’s son, he has a higher aptitude for magic compared to other Magicians. The importance of bloodline could be said to be so important that generations of magicians could be bred if they were bored from pure-blooded Magicians. Opposite to their expectations was someone like Hammer, who was adopted from the streets. Since his origins were shady, with his only know parent being George, who had no blood relations to the boy, his ability could be considered abnormal. For such Magicians, they were most likely illegitimate children of some pureblood with a commoner; in short, bastard children or bastard Magicians.

To lose to such offsprings was considered one of the ultimate form of humiliation to a pure blooded Magician.

Oberth, ashamed of himself, lowered his head, unable to meet his father’s gaze.

Oupu, originally enraged, could not help but sigh as he watches his son in grief. In the end, he gave out a helping hand: “Alright. Listen. If you wish to gain Mr. Booth’s favor, you could always ask me for help you know?”

Oberth’s eyes brightened up as he lifted his head up “Father! I think we can…”

“Yes. Hammer must not be allowed to live. I will make the necessary arrangements.” Oupu, after hearing Obeth’s plan, coldly nods in agreement. The Intermediate Attack Spell <Gale Baptism> had been learned by the boy for free. This was a fact that made Oupu enraged till now, and he judged that payback was necessary. Likewise, if Hammer was removed from the picture, Booth could finally focus all his attention on Oberth; a simple murder that kills two bird with one stone.

“Oberth smiles radiantly but he realized something and asked: “Erm… Dad, what about Debbie?”

“Relax!” Oupu sneered. “I will pluck out any sprouts before they turn to weed. I had already come to the same conclusion as you, my son, and bribed someone inside their patrol team before they left. With her current strength from the reports, her funeral is already certain.”


Back in the gloomy and dreary Skull Town, Debbie was reorganizing her armor. While she held her precious Gatling by her shoulder, she noticed a presence appear behind her.

“Who are you!?” Snapping around, Debbie quickly draws out the Gatling and pointed it towards the presence, ready to fire at any time.

“Debbie, you don’t have to be anxious.” A feminine voice spoke out. It came from someone familiar, another female member of the patrol team: the Level 4 Swordsman, Antano. Appearing from the shadows, she greeted Debbie with a smile: “I’m sorry that I startled you but I mean no harm. I just came here to specifically see you -“


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