Omni-Magician – Chapter 111, When In Doubt, Trust Debbie’s Instincts

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Ye Chui saw the form of a dragon. However, his field of vision only perceived the dense forest. The dragon only appeared within the mind, within his sea of consciousness.


In front of such a mighty presence, he felt nothing but inferiority. A breath was more than enough to erase his very being.


Its appearance resembled closer to a western dragon as compared to an eastern dragon. Although Ye Chui could not perceive its blur figure with clarity, he could still see its massive body; wide wingspan, smooth scales; and unrestrainable strength. Such a display of might made Ye Chui unable to move, only able to respond with a cold sweat trickling down his back.


“What’s going on? Didn’t the Dragon Race go extinct?” Ye Chui heart fluttered.


“Human…” The mouth of dragon open and an ethereal voice leaked off and directly penetrated into Ye Chui consciousness. The dragon had heterochromia (both eyes had a different color), one was orange while the other was yellow. This pair of eyes stared at Ye Chui as it ordered: “You are a magician… So I order you now. Serve my child and I’ll present your wealth that you cannot fathom …”


[Me? Become a servant of your baby? A dragon’s baby?]


Ye Chui consciousness stood against this formidable force of coercion that threatened to tear him apart at any moment. While the dragon is waiting for his reply, he forced himself not to faint and murmured: “I refuse …”


The sense of oppression suddenly disappeared.


The figure of the dragon inside Ye Chui consciousness also disappeared and everything seemed to be an illusion. However, he knew that everything that occurred was real. What had happened was a display of power that he had never seen before; a magic ability to directly influence his mind and spirit.


He dropped down on his back in exhaustion. He originally wanted to say “I refuse to do it” but with just the first two words, the dragon withdrew itself.


[Do you expect me to say I accept?] Ye Chui mocked but he understood that whether it was truly a dragon or not, the other party must be enraged right now.


However, as he was in deep thought, someone suddenly patted his shoulder which started him.


“Debbie!” He called out and turned his head towards the presence to find a little girl muttering in her sleep.


“Ye Chui, I want to eat noodles.”


Ye Chui: “….”


[What are you doing? You are supposed to be on duty…] Ye Chui thought as he tapped on her shoulder to gently wake her up.


Debbie, who felt tap immediately woke up and asked in bewilderment. “Tony, did something happen?”


“Did you not feel that just now?” Ye Chui asked in a calm voice.


Debbie went into deep thought and then nodded in grave feeling that she felt, or was currently feeling.

“What did you feel?” Ye Chui hurriedly asked again. It seems that both of them felt the oppression of the dragon.


“I feel as though I was starving and craved for the noodles cooked Hammer.” Debbie earnestly said.


Ye Chui: “…didn’t you just eat several kilograms of roast pork just now?”


Debbie tilted her head in confusion: “So… what?”


“Nothing … Nothing at all…” Ye Chui ask Debbie with sullen mood “Was there something else besides being hungry?”


“No.” Debbie realized that something is wrong, “What happened?”


“It’s just that I felt a dragon’s presence. That dragon wishes to take a magician as a servant for its baby….” Ye Chui was slightly worried as he turned his attention towards the deeper part of the forest, where the dragon was. Hoping that he wasn’t thinking too much, he spoke out: “Let’s move out now. I believe the situation is going to get worse from here on out.”


“Are we headed there?” Debbie doubtfully questioned.


Ye Chui pointed in the opposite direction of the dragon: “No. Let’s go over there. I think your intuition is bad so let’s depend on mine.”


Debbie: “….”


Since they were already lost, they were already taking a chance no matter which direction they head. Therefore, when Ye Chui planned to move in that direction, Debbie did not question any further. “Alright then let’s go”


The two packed up and hurriedly left in that direction.



At the direction of the dragon where Ye Chui ran away from stood a hill. This hill which marked the center of the jungle had a dragon in it. At this very moment, Magic Beast of all shapes and form were gathered around this hill. They, regardless of having legs or not, were all in submission.


Within this dense ring of Magic Beasts, there was none below Level 4. There were Level 4 Jungle Bears, level 4 Black Gold Leopards, level 5 Twin Tail Snakes and level 5 Black Scorpions and so on. None the less, the one that stood out the most must have been the Magic Beast closest to the mountain. It emitted a thicker and more ferocious aura than the rest. It took the form of a level 5 Nimble Shadow Cat, but it was by no means if the same strength as it kinsmen. It was the only level 6 Magic Beast, and the king of the Dark Forest.


However, even with its indisputable strength, it was still kneeling in front of a pitch black cave in submission. The number of beasts was over hundred and any every single one of them was considered dangerous. They were not as intelligent as humans but their instinct and lineage made them even more cunning and ferocious than the typical human.


They were all gathered here because of an existence that they could not hope to compete against. Typically, even the timidest Magic Beast would not have a natural disposition to submit under another of a different race. They would typically flee or fight to the death. However, they all recognized that any effort of resistance at this point, towards this being, was a fruitless endeavor.




Within the cave, a roar sounded out. The roar is very unusual, it was pleasant to hear but at the same time, it carried an unquestionable level of dignity. Following this powerful roar was a strong gale wind. Every Magic Beast that heard it trembled in fear as they recognized the order they were given. The Nimble Shadow Cat King answered this roar and led the horde of magical beast toward the direction that Ye Chui and Debbie went to.



“What is happening behind us? It’s as though an army is approaching behind us…” Debbie felt something was amiss and turned around to warn Ye Chui.


Her warning soon became reality as they could feel the ground under their feet is trembling; as if a cavalry is following them.


“Umm…” Ye Chui nod his head and quicken his movement, a teleportation scroll appeared and he tore it apart. Soon, white light dyes their bodies and within seconds, they’ve nowhere to be found.


Suddenly they appear ten meters from their current position.


Debbie: “… isn’t the distance you can teleport to too short?”


Ye Chui:”… well… there’s a reason for it.”


“Haa… ” Debbie sighed and stretched her hand out to Ye Chui “Let me hold on to it. My luck is pretty good.”


“Ok, tear the scroll and imagine the direction that you wish for us to teleport to.” Ye Chui thought that it was better to believe in Debbie’s luck and give her the scroll.


Debbie opened the scroll and a bright light shone upon them again, wrapping their figures and vanishing.


The next moment, they teleported to a location 700 hundred meters away. Nonetheless, their luck ran out as they were teleported to a somewhere above a lakelet. Sadly, this lakelet was the one they had traveled away from and they had not enough time to react.


“Bang!” The both of them fell into the lakelet and had to swim to shore and crawl and without a break. The eyes magic beasts rapidly closing in on them gleamed as their vision locked unto them.


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