Omni-Magician – Chapter 112, The Power of the Offensive Spell

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Translator: Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


Silavin: Note. Since this is the same lakelet, a lot of the water had already been cleared away by Debbie’s tornado. Also, title is a spoiler.


Seeing the ferocious group of Magic Beasts move inches closer with each second, the oozing bloodlust got thicker. Ye Chui rose up in preparation and shook off the water in his suit. However, when he looked behind him to check on the little girl, he hurriedly looked back.  Speechless and slightly embarrassed, he thought. [Isn’t this bad?]


Unknown whether it was a blessing from the heavens, Debbie did not take retribution against him. Instead, similar to the boy, she hid her front and rush forward in front of the boy, shoving him aside in the process. She only allowed her back to be seen. This was to not only hide her figure but her embarrassment as well.


“Let me make the first move. I want to display my Super Sword Giant Spinning Top!” The little girl declared as she placed the Great Sword on her hip, prepared to attack.


Ye Chui, unable to say anything due to his ‘precarious’ situation, took a few steps back. Taking the same actions as the Magic Beasts were surrounding them. However, they moved back for an entirely different reason; they could feel their own existence threatened once the little girl they all had their gazes on started to spin. On instinct, they fell back and readied their stance.


“Take This!”


The Super-Sword Giant Spinning Top started and a tornado was created in its wake. Through the tornado was visibly ten meters tall, it held a great amount of power. The branches from above started to sway and were forced to part with some of its leaves. As the heavens shook, the ground was stirred. Water and more of the poor leaves were disturbed by this storm.

(Silavin: The Leaves! Why is there no mercy for the Leaves!)


Just as a servant following its master’s will, the tornado started to move. However, it was not targeted to move towards the Magic Beasts but a gigantic tree nearby.

(Silavin: Nooo! What do you have against nature?! Earth-chan!!)


The tornado was strong enough to uproot the tree. It, now equipped with a gigantic tree, started to swing as though swathing bugs on the ground. Facing its wake was none other than the Magic Beast, who fell without the ability to resist.

(Silavin: Truth be told, the tree was cut into two and thrown. However, that does not seem to make as much sense in the next paragraph.)


From the start, this attack was calculated by Debbie. The Magic Beasts had taken just a mere second to surround them. Giving them any more time would put the pair in a more dangerous situation. Therefore, she had to create an opportunity to not only stop their movements but to open a path for Ye Chui and her to escape. The tornado that she had created was meant to buy some time as it traveled forth. However, if you see a raging bull, would you not avoid it? Therefore, the tornado acted as a diversion for the true attack, the tree. Using her exquisite control, Debbie made the tree thrown to an area with the most Magic Beasts. Taking that group of Magic Beasts down in an instant opened a path for both of them, and aware of this, she moved the instant the Tornado was released.


Dashing forth after she had released the tornado, she ordered: “Come!”


Although the situation was tense, Debbie still remained level-headed.


Similarly, Ye Chui, who understood, followed by a sprint.


Nonetheless, this plan was not without flaws. Their back was wide open to attacks, to which a swift Magic Beast took the opportunity to unleash a strike. It appeared like a shadow the instant it leaped forth, as it plunged towards Ye Chui. This Beast was none other than the Godas Black Leopard, A Level 4 Magic Beast. At its name implies, it was completely black and suited for sneak attacks. It was fast, and to accompany it, was a striking force capable of crushing or clawing an ordinary Swordsman’s armor apart.


However, it was not facing an ordinary Swordsman. It was facing the Iron Swordsman.


Before it was airborne, Ye Chui was already aware of its presence. Taking a small second to turn around, Ye Chui opened his arms as though he was prepared to hug a kitten. Of course, this wondrous hug was accompanied by an electrifying glow.


<Lightning Beam>!


In a flash, the light beam struck the Godas Black Leopard and forced it to fly back. However, even when its body bounced off the ground multiple times, it could still stand up as before. No, it was now more ferocious than before.


A normal Level 4 Swordsman would have been completely annihilated by that one strike with a body barely recognizable as human. Watching another level 4 Magic Beast only further enforced the difference between humans and its kind. Worse, it seemed hardly injured from that strike and was more than ready for another charge.


With the opening Debbie had created, the pair ran in hoped to escape this encirclement. They were by no means slow. However, this is the forest, the terrain these Beasts lived all their lives in. Even if both Debbie and Ye Chui were fast for humans, they were incomparable to the Beast of this land.


Debbie, knowing full well of the situation, placed her Great Sword back onto her back and held onto her Gatling. To slow down the approaching force, she would fire a few rounds behind her. Though her posture theoretically slowed her down, thanks to the strong recoil of the gun, she managed to travel even faster than just running.


Unfortunately, this barrage of bullets was not enough.


The torrent of stomping approaching behind them continued to get lower with each passing second.


Debbie turned towards Ye Chui with eyes filled with desperation.


Ye Chui, understanding that gaze immediately halted his motion and faced the rampage behind him.


Caught by surprise, Debbie also stopped running. [In this type of situation, I guess only someone who had reached the peak of Swordsmanship like City Lord Eric can manage to escape. That’s right. Even if we run, it is hopeless. So, let’s make our final stance here]. The little girl moved forth to Ye Chui’s side and stood firm, prepared for her final moments to be spent here. In a remorseful tone, she spoke: “I wished I saw Hammer at least one last time. However, as a Swordsman, this is a fair way to go.”


The Magic Beast, noticing that their prey had halt escaping, once again form an encirclement.


Ye Chui, under his helmet, turned towards Debbie and gave a smile. Naturally, this smile was hidden from the little girl’s view but it was obvious from his tone of voice. “When did I ever say that we are going to die here?”


“You…” Debbie stared in bewilderment.


“Don’t worry. I still have a trick up my sleeve. I saved my ultimate trump just for a moment like this. We will live!” Ye Chui foretold as he took a step forward like a hero and extended out his left hand. In just a short moment, a light began to envelop that arm and a white glow permeated all around him.


Advance Offensive Spell, <Earth Fissure>!


This was his ultimate trump. It was the blessing of a magician that Booth had left him. The blessing of a magician is mostly used as a protective spell to protect the targeted individual. The spell is formed by magic matrixes compressed into the body. It is a convenient as its use does not require the wearer to be a magician. Thus, even normal beings can use such a spell. Of course, such convenience comes at a cost. The blessing of a magician will cost twice the amount of magic power in relation to the actual spell being cast. Also, since blessings are normally compacted, they will only be able to display around 90% of the actual spell.


However, for a level 9 spell, 90% is more than enough.


The white light on Ye Chui’s arm got more intense to the point that any onlooker will be blinded. The Magic Beasts, charging towards this light could feel that an immense amount of magic power was coming out. The more sensitive and alert ones managed to turn away in an attempt to feel but even with a head start, would Ye Chui possibly allow them to flee?


<Earth Fissure> is limited in its attack range. It would be unwise to unleash such a spell in Skull Town where all the Wolves were scattered around. However, now was different. The animals were like a swarm, densely packed together. It was more effective to use to spell now.


“Go to hell!”


Ye Chui cursed and the terrifying spell got released from his hand.


The next instant, the ground had fissures on it. However, it only appeared as though an actual fissure had occurred. In truth, there were space blades coming out from his arm, which spliced into the ground creating this uneven surface. Although the surface looked as though it was in a mess, it was clear that the clean cuts left this uneven surface ridiculously smooth.


Naturally, with all the random space blades flying around, the trees around was not spared as well. Some of them were sliced into ten pieces by the time Ye Chui blinked his eyes.


Similarly, the Magic Beast around were not spared. Even if they were recognized as a species that fully focused on defense, they would all end up shredded into pieces. After all, a level 5 Iron Amour Lizard was sliced into ten pieces just as easily as the bark on the tree.


These blades are edges of broken space. They are invisible to the eye and sharper than any blade in the world. However, sharpness is not an accurate measurement of these blades. These blades slice the space between objects from a dimensional standpoint. Therefore, regardless of how hard the material is, it would be sliced (unless it is resistant to dimensional distortions).


Wind blades are also invisible but in regards to its might and stealth, they fall behind when compared to the space blades. Space blades exist in another plane entirely so they do not contain matter like wind blades, and thus, cannot be sensed and guarded against.


In front of such a mighty power, a large number of Magic Beasts fell.

These Magic Beasts were no longer recognizable as their body parts were all dyed in red and mixed into those that stood next to them.


Of course, the scenery they left behind was not Eden, but to Ye Chui and Debbie, it was similar. To them, this spelled a little hope for their survival. After all, the huge ground of enemies in front of them was suddenly annihilated!


Silavin: Unleash the Spell, and let all Magic Beast be Annihilated


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