Omni-Magician – Chapter 113, The Armour Suit Can Move

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Just as Debbie was prepared to yield her life and be prepared to die as a hero, the twenty-something magic beasts in front of their turned into mincemeat.


The changes of events were just so fast that she could not believe her own eyes. She rubbed her eyes to check the scene before her again.


In front of them were more than twenty magic beasts, and out of that number, at least four of them were Level 5. Each one of them were born and raised in the jungle, and they all held the advantage in battle. However, the scene before her just made her jaws drop, as her mind shutters to comprehend.


It might sound ridiculous, but the caster himself was also speechless. [WTF? Why is a level 9 Magician’s attack so powerful? Is that guy really human?]


The night charge lead by the pack of Wind Wolves the previous night was fought with attrition. However, if they were to release this one attack from a Level 9 magician, they would have been able to level the field and break through the encirclement without breaking a sweat.


This was the power of a Level 9 Magician, and with it, came the respect that enabled them to be frivolous and aloof.


For the entire continent, there weren’t even fifty level 9 Magicians. Furthermore, there were only eight that managed to surpass the realm and step into Specialist Magician. Their prowess and rarity provided them with so many opportunities, that even a king would need to heed their words. Such power, respect, and influence were what Oupu and Oberth lusted for. This was the reason why they were so desperate to make Oberth Booth’s student. Being under the tutelage of such a great figure would be no small feat on its own, and it came with no small amount of opportunities (even if they are low level); a fact which Ye Chui could attest to.


“What did you do? What kind of skill was that? To think that it would be so destructive…” Debbie spoke after a long silence and regaining some of her composure.


“That was not a skill. It is something known as the Blessing of a Magician. It is something a high-level Magician gave to me. I cannot use it again.” Ye Chui answered. As he spoke, he was quickly considering the options available to him. One part of him wished to run as he was aware that they should not stay in this once place for too long but another part of him wished to stay to ensure that all the Magic Beast around were dead – to ensure that they will not come to bite them in the back when they least expect it.


Debbie saw that Ye Chui did not escape and understood his intention and choice. She headed to a pile of Magic Beast parts and sighed: “To think that a Blessing of a Magician is so powerful. If I have an opportunity, I really need to thank that Magician that gave you such an amazing gift.”


After hearing Debbie’s words, an ominous shiver spread through Ye Chui’s back; it was so strong that even his lips and eyelids quivered. [The magician that you are speaking of is currently living in our house. Worse, he had been forced to wash the dishes and do our laundry every day by you!]


Right now, Debbie was obviously not at her optimal condition. If she was her usual self, she would have at least made a guess that the Magician that provided the Blessing was someone Ye Chui knew. At the very least, she should have been able to guess that such a formidable Blessing of a Magician must have been from a high-level magician; the old man who was working like a slave because of her.


As she approached the piles of bodies, a Magic Beast that still survived with half its body stuck out. With jaws filled with its own blood, it tried to finish off Debbie. However, the little girl simple rolled her eyes and pointed the Gatling directly into its throat. With a few fires from her Gatling, the Magic Beast grew limp and was finally extinguished. Watching the dead body slip down from her barrel, she suddenly got reminded of something and spoke to Ye Chui: “These Magic Beast Crystals are valuable, aren’t they. Let’s quickly gather all of them up.”


“…” Ye Chui had beads of perspiration on his forehead as he heard this girl’s greed come out. Seeing how there were so many body parts under their foot and all around, he could not help but shake his head. “Listen. We do not know when the other Magic Beast will arrive so we should leave as soon as possible.”


“Alright.” Debbie gave a nonchalant nod as though she did not mind losing this opportunity to earn money.


In reality, Debbie was not a greedy person but rather a worried ward. Almost all of the money she had collected was for Ye Chui’s further studies. Unfortunately, the image of a greedy wife would never escape from Ye Chui’s mind when Debbie was mentioned (as though they were synonymous).


After they both determined that all the Magic Beast here were dead, Ye Chui stood next to Debbie and spoke up. “Let’s go.”


“Yeah” Debbie nodded.


However, just before they could move a single step forward, a figure flashed towards them.


This figure resembled a big cat, but its speed was nothing to scoff at. Before Debbie even took notice of its presence, the figure had already leaped past her left shoulder.


It took Debbie a second to finally be able to react. She noticed that the area between her neck and shoulder felt cold for an instant before becoming warm. The weird sensation led her hand to reassure that nothing was lacking. However, when she touched her skin, she was met with a sticky liquid.


“Ah!” She gasped but was unable to say more as the next instance was fatal to Ye Chui.


The boy noticed that something was amiss and began preparing himself to take on the next attack. He clenched his sword tightly in his hand, preparing to intercept the monstrous beast heading for him. His eyes darted about, following every single step it took but once this beast got slightly more serious, it disappeared; only leaving the soft rustling sounds on the decayed leaves it stepped on.


‘Zi’, before Ye Chui’s eyes could catch the figure again, he heard a loud static burst out from his shoulder. When he turned to check, all he found was a pierced shoulder pad leaking out blood, and traces of a shadow at the corner of his eyes. With the unease greater than the pain, his eyes followed this shadow. However, when the beast landed on the ground once more, it disappeared from sight.


When it appeared again, it was standing still three meters away with ice-cold glares directed towards Ye Chui.


Though this beast seemed like a huge cat, its mere presence advocated death to all who it laid its eyes on, and this tremendous pressure weight down on them even more when its body was bent in a way that made it easy to pounce on anyone.


Debbie held up her Gatling in reflex to immediately attack but it sank the moment she tried to take aim. As the Gatling’s tip fell back to the ground, Debbie fell kneeling. Unable to bear the surprise and fear, she screamed: “I can’t feel my body anymore! Damn, and I’m feeling faint now… this is…”


“Paralysis Venom!” Ye Chui muttered to complete her statement. He recalled the encyclopedia that he read about Magic Beast and pointed out: “Nimble Shadow Cats develop paralysis venom after they reach level 5. With unparalleled speed and ferocious strikes, I cannot think that this beast is none other than the one Damon mentioned before. The Nimble Shadow Cat of the Dark Forest that had reach Level 6 and is the rightful king of this land.”


Finishing his warning, Ye Chui could also feel his body to start getting heavier.


This Nimble Shadow Cat was obviously not in the group that had previously chased after them. It was following behind them. That was the reason why it did not get caught in the blessing of the Magician that Ye Chui had released.


This sly beast was cautious no matter what enemy it faced and used its subordinates to scout out the enemy first. This sly act was rare for Magic Beast to perform, and was something that went against its aggressive instincts. Such a thought process and strength simply further proved that it was the king of the Dark Forest.


Ye Chui’s whole body trembled with uncontrollable twitching before kneeling to the ground. He tried to resist the venom but it was too much for him to handle. As his vision grew dark, his mouth was covered in foam.


Joyous at its own feat, the Nimble Shadow Cat shook its tail. It gracefully approached Ye Chui, who was unable to move at this point. To be fair, even a Level 5 Magic Beast called the Purple Tank Bear would fall from this venom. Just two humans were nothing to boast as a trophy; even if they were completely paralyzed and helpless.


Filled with confidence, the Nimble Shadow Cat got close to Ye Chui’s arm. It displayed a haughty grin as it checks up on this particular human in front of it. It even let out some soft chuckle to show its arrogance.


[The Humans are nothing special. Sooner or later, I will reach a realm above you and rule over all.] The Nimble Shadow Cat thought as it slowly turned towards Debbie.


However, just before its front paw could manage to move one step forward, the suit of armor began to move. As though the venom had no effect on this Swordsman, he jumped forward. In the fastest move that he could muster, he brought out his long sword and stabbed into the Nimble Shadow Cat, nailing it to the ground.


In actuality, Ye Chui was actually unconscious.


However, that did not mean that he could not move at all.


After all, he was not the only one operating the suit of armor.




“Master, you can relax. I will lead both Debbie and you away from here.”


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