Omni-Magician – Chapter 114, WTF? Is this a Dragon?

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Translator: Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


After some time had passed, Ye Chui lethargically opened his eyes. As he awoke, he could feel the cold from the ground penetrate his armor suit and permeated into his skin. Of course, this chill was only bad due to his fall into the lake accompanied by Debbie. Since he was wet and cold, his limbs were numb and heavy. However, disregarding all of this, he concentrated to the crystal on his chest.




“Master. You finally woke up.” Jarvis replied in an excited tone of voice.


“Where are we?”


“I don’t know.”


“You don’t know?”


“Master, sorry but when I tried to escape with both you and Debbie, I ran about at top speed. As you know, I do not usually take full control of the armor suit so, in such an urgent situation, I had to forcibly take control of something I am completely not used to. As a result, I could not travel in a straight path but I still manage to move at top speed…”


“Alright… what happened afterward?”


“Afterwards… I discovered that I was going in the completely wrong direction but by that time, I was already too late. Before I could change the path, I had already been surrounded by around thirty Magic Beasts. It seems as though I had actually managed to stumble into their den. “


Ye Chui: “…”


[Wanting to escape this pit, I ended up meeting the pit’s creator. Fuck my life.]

(Silavin: trying to escape my prison just to meet my warden – you should get this reference more accurately.)


Ye Chui despaired. The situation was gloomy but the thing that brought a tear to his heart was disgrace:

[To think the artificial intelligence that I made led me to dig my own grave].


Jarvis, feeling a tad bit guilty, apologized.

“Sorry Master but I can only see ahead of me by three meters… so, I thought this was the direction back…”


“No. It’s alright. Don’t say any more than that.”


The words that Jarvis sprouted stabbed deep into Ye Chui’s soul. On the verge of crying, Ye Chui kept trying to deceive himself: [No! There are people around! Don’t]. Of course, trying to convince himself took some great deal of effort. However, he persevered through!


After a while, he managed to calm down and sat up. With the venom impeding his movements, it took some time for him to look around. However, the homogenous surroundings repeated itself, presenting a cave. Taking a deep breath, Ye Chui indulged in the moist air and the silent, peaceful juncture.


Checking up on Debbie, who was still lying down on the ground by his side with her Great Sword and Gatling next to her, Ye Chui asked. “Is she alright?”


“Yes. She should wake up without harm. The paralysis venom is not fatal. Furthermore, the thirty Magic Beasts that surrounded us while you two were asleep seemed to not wish to do us any harm. Instead, they seem to only appear to lead us here.” Javis answer.


“That doesn’t sound right.” Ye Chui muttered while rubbing his sore shoulder. It was the spot of armor that had been ripped into by the Nimble Shadow Cat. Due to that bite, it was still numb. “I believe that they were really not trying to do us harm. After all, if they really wanted to, we would have been dead. However, that is not what is bugging me. It’s Debbie. If we were to compare my physique to Debbie’s, she should have woken up first. So, why is she still asleep?”


After those words left his mouth, Ye Chui crawled closer to Debbie and examined her condition. Seeing how there were no other unexpected injuries on her body, he breathed a sigh of relief. [Looking at how her breathing is so calm, she really should be fine].


“Oh?” Ye Chui muttered as once his gaze left Debbie, it returned to check on his condition. He found that many parts of the armor suit had been damaged and the <Wind Walk> array engraved into his left leg amour had been completely destroyed. This meant that any wild maneuvers that he attempted would be faced with much difficulty. This injury was also a testament to Jarvis’ struggle to bring them to safety.


“The reason Master woke up first was because it treated your injuries first.”


“It?” Ye Chui furrowed.


“Master, it’s coming,” Jarvis warned,


Ye Chui hastily turned around. His hand surreptitiously traced down to his waist but the sword was not there. In a panic, he reached out and grabbed Debbie’s great sword.


Naturally, with his own body strength, Ye Chui had no way to swing this sword. However, using his suit of armor, the <Wind Walk> array in his arm started to glimmer, allowing him to lift the sword up in preparation.


Within the darkness, was a pair of glowing eyes that seemed to lock onto him.


Accompanying this gaze was a torrent of pressure. Similar to before, Ye Chui once again felt a pressure of domination from this being.


[There is no mistaking it. This is the same being as before!]


“Magician, I see that you have finally woke up… “ Ye Chui heard a voice reverberate into his mind.


“Who are you and what do you want?” Ye Chui asked with a shaky voice.


He knew that the original king of the forest was none other than the Nimble Shadow Cat that died in his hands. However, it was obvious that the hierarchy was different. Rather than the king, that Nimble Shadow Cat was now no different to that of a laborer, who served under a ruler; and right now, the ruler in question, was none other than the being in front of him.


This overlord had led a group of Magic Beast to chase after them and brought both he, its target, and Debbie here. Right now, Ye Chui had no idea what it was planning.


“I only have one wish and that is for you to serve under my baby.” The overpowering being said.


“I am not used to putting on airs like you humans so I will carry on speaking as I am used to. I have received a heavy wound and right now, I am on the verge of death. However, my baby will soon be born and I need you to be the person that takes care of it. In short, I need you to bring it up and serve under it for the rest of your life.”


“That’s it?” Ye Chui asked with his voice sunken. Right now, this overwhelmingly powerful beast had exposed that it was heavily wounded. Woefully, that piece of news was useless. Ye Chui could tell that even at this point in time, it would not take a single minute for this beast to slaughter him.  


“That’s it.” A sound of confirmation rang out, causing the whole cave to give the impression that it had swayed. “I can feel your deep-seated fear towards me but I can assure you that I can guarantee the safety of both you, and that little girl next to you. I will form up a slave contract between you and my baby, and for generations to come, you will live as its servant and teach it to adapt to the lifestyle of humans.”


Ye Chui gulped. He had read up on the slave contract before. It was a devious spell that enslaved others by binding their soul. Once a soul had been linked up to the master, even after one’s death, the soul still remained in the hands of the master. It was worse than having shackles to your neck. It was such a domineering spell that claimed your entire life, this one or the next, belonged to the master.


The records that he read from were all examples of humans creating a slave contract as the master, and then binding a Magic Beast to them. Typically, such a spell would require at least a level 7 Magician to cast. Therefore, it was a rare and luxurious way for a Magician to showcase their prowess and nobility. With such high requirements, only a few cities would be able to host such a Magic Beast. Stan City, unfortunately, is not one of them. Nonetheless, the situation right now far surpassed recorded knowledge as this formidable existence has proclaimed that it can cast a binding from a Magic Beast to be a master and a human to be a slave.


“May I ask what kind of Magic Beast you are? Ye Chui hesitantly asked.


After being reborn to this world and spending some time indulging in Magic, Ye Chui knew that he could unravel this binding in due time. This was because Magic, much like programming, did not have a perfect structure. Therefore, as the Father of Studies, he would be able to find this loophole eventually unbind the spell. Nonetheless, he wanted to know the identity of the being he would be working for temporarily.


“I… am a Dragon.” The beast declared.


The glowing eyes within the darkness gradually got bigger, as the form of the beast’s outline became clearer.


When the figure finally displayed all its glorious form in front of Ye Chui’s eyes to honor, the boy’s brain short-circuited for a second. [WTF is this? That… that is a dragon?! The Hell!]


[I wish to laugh but can’t. Shit!]


To describe the amazing form of the beast that awed Ye Chui: it had it had four pudgy legs which were attached to a barrel like a waist. Ye Chui subconsciously compared this beast to a bloated, domestic pig, which was by no means an unfair comparison. Its build was similar to that of a pig but its facial features were much rougher. It was much fiercer. However, this fierce appearance was a stark contrast to its overwhelming waist size, causing a hilarious contrast. Also, there were scales and two horns on the top of its head that stuck out in a pointed angle. Not forgetting the wings, which were quite small, did not deliver this figure any grace. Instead, it seemed like the winds were something akin to decorations.


Ye Chui: “…”


“I am a Magic Beast that runs the lineage of many great dragons.” The beast breathed out. “I am close to the peak of level 9, and if I can reach that level, I can transform into a being recognized as a Great Dragon!”


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