Omni-Magician – Chapter 115, Dragon Language Magic

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Translator: Silavin

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When he heard the Magic Beast’s words, Ye Chui was dumbfounded. He was shocked beyond words and simply could not find his tongue. Anyone would feel the same way if they heard a pig claim to be a dragon.


The creature before Ye Chui’s eyes was, in fact, a Magic Beast in the form of a pig. It carefully scanned Ye Chui and read his mind, then callously said, “I am a Level 8 Snow Dragon Beast, and within my body runs the lineage of many great dragons. I had opportunities to advance to a Level 9. I used to be beautiful, but because of my baby, I am stuck in this forsaken form…”


“Uh….” Ye Chui sized up the Snow Dragon Beast in front of him. He could not fathom that the pig was once a beautiful dragon.


The Snow Dragon Beast coldly snorted, “If you were not the only magician nearby, I would punish you for your insolence!”


Ye Chui hesitated. “You and your child are both Magic Beasts, why would you want him to be in the human world?”


“Because even though I can use Dragon Might to frighten the Magic Beasts, they lack intelligence. Their natural disposition is to be cruel, and even under the influence of the Servant Contract, they may be unable to bear the temptation of my baby,” the Snow Dragon Beast whispered to Ye Chui.


“Temptation of your baby?” Ye Chui curiously enquired.


“My baby carries the bloodline of the purest dragon… Although I am one step from a genuine dragon, the world’s last Great Dragon has disappeared for 5000 years. I do not know how many Magic Beasts are stuck like me, but the baby is different. It contains pure Dragon Blood. It can certainly become the next Great Dragon to gallop the world.”


As the Snow Dragon said these words, Ye Chui could detect a sense of maternal gentleness.


Ye Chui pondered for a bit and looked in the direction of a cave entrance. “As far as I know, the so-called Magic Beasts all have dragon blood in them, but after innumerable years of multiplication and reproduction, the dragon blood in their bodies have in one way or another faded. Only a handful of Magic Beasts have the ability to harness the power of the dragon blood that runs in their veins,” Ye Chui explained to the best of his ability.


“There is no doubt that Dragon Blood is the most precious thing for Magic Beasts… I suppose you are afraid that other Magic Beasts will injure your baby?”


“Precisely,” the Snow Dragon Beast nodded gently.


“You are truly intelligent. Where I am from, there are many Magic Beasts close to Level 9. I am widely considered to be one of the stronger ones, but when they found out about the baby, they joined forces to kill me. I was grievously injured, so I fled originally intending to deliver the baby to the Magic Beasts that dwell here, but their strength has only disappointed me. After a display of Dragon Might, the Level 3 Magic Beasts could not withstand the pressure and escaped from the Dark Forest. The Level 4, 5 and 6 Magic Beasts submitted to my will, but their surrender derives from an instinct of fear,”


Ye Chui realized at this point the reason for the absence of Level 3 Magic Beasts in the forest, as well as why the Level 4 and 5 Magic Beasts stuck together – because of the Dragon Might!


“This fear will dissipate sooner or later, especially once I depart. By that time, the baby will become nothing but meat for them, and so I have chosen the humans to raise it instead,” the Snow Dragon Beast finished.


“Alright, I have spoken enough. Now I shall assist you and the baby in ending the Slave Contract.”


“Hold on…” Ye Chui began to speak.


But the Snow Dragon Beast lifted a paw, one akin to those of a lion or tiger. It shimmered and flashed a golden light which rapidly inundated Ye Chui’s body. He felt as though he was attacked by an irresistible and formidable consciousness, and his body tightened as if layers upon layers of shackles were bolted onto him, disabling his ability to move. Even his consciousness was unable to fight back. Under such a powerful force, Ye Chui could do nothing but stay still.


However, that feeling vanishes quickly.


Ye Chui fell on the ground dripping with cold sweat. His eyes darted to the pink, piggish belly of the Snow Dragon Beast. He could feel as though golden yellow chains extended indistinctly from himself to the Snow Dragon Beast.


His consciousness was entangled in the golden chain. He could not understand what such power was with the limited magic knowledge he held.


“This… what is this?!” Ye Chui panicked. He could feel the chain to be magic, but it is made up of thirty-two magic symbols. Though the chains can also be regarded as a program Ye Chui was unable to analyze its constitution.


“This is Dragon Language,” the Snow Dragon Beast had just ended a Servant Contract. Its voice sounded weaker.


“Dragon Language?”


“Don’t you know? The human race learned magic from the Dragons. The Great Dragon talent is the power to control nature. This talent derives from Dragon Language. There were thirty-two Dragon Languages. 13,000 years ago, the Magic Emperor of the human race learned the mystery of Dragon Language from the Great Dragon, birthing the power you hold today.”


“If so… why are the magic symbols I learn not part of the Dragon Language?” Ye Chui curiously probed.


“Dragon Language can only be studied and comprehended by the Great Dragon, who can brand the Language in human memory. However, Dragon Language is impossible for humans to learn by themselves. Hence, the Magic Emperor split the Dragon Language to become thirty-two Magic Symbols. Since the extermination of the Great Dragon, only a few talented people have been able to grasp the magic of the Dragon Language,” the Snow Dragon Beast answered.


“I see…” Ye Chui now saw that the Magic Symbols he has been learning are only a reduced version of Dragon Language. He wondered how powerful he could become if he learned Dragon Language. Besides, to untie himself from the Servant Contract, he would have to depend upon Dragon Language, which requires him to learn it first.


“Magician, you are too weak. To ensure the safety of the baby, I have decided to impart upon you a gift…” the Snow Dragon Beast resumed.


Ye Chui’s rubbed his brightened eyes. Is the Snow Dragon Beast going to teach him Dragon Language? This is an opportunity that appears only once in a lifetime. Even the Nine Peak Magicians will never be presented with such luck!


With a pleasant demeanour, Ye Chui asked, “You can teach me… Dragon Language?”


The Snow Dragon Beast’s yellow eyes stared at Ye Chui and said,


“You wish.”


Silavin: This novel will be continuing translation. No one seems to wish to pick it up and another guy has contacted me, who seem interested in picking this up.

I will do the same as Martial Peak, translation check. But as this point in time, I am still too busy to commit to a full translation.

If you are interested to help translate, do contact me via discord. Just PM me.


For now, we will mainly be doing it one per week.

This chapter was translated in September last year. The new guy has started translating on 118 (ready to be posted).


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