Omni-Magician – Chapter 116, No need to say it out. I already know that my body is weak.

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“Don’t be like that. Be more accepting. If you teach me how to use Dragon Language, I will be able to teach it to your baby in the future right?”


Ye Chui said with a wide smile on his face:


“The Human Race’s greed is by no means inferior to that of a Magic Beast. If anyone of our kind were to discover what your baby actually holds within it, the blood of a pure dragon, he will definitely be coveted by all the others. If I manage to learn and make use of the Dragon Language, I will be able to better attend to your child.”


The Snow Dragon continued to stare at Ye Chui in an aloof manner as he spoke.


Her golden pupils didn’t twitch for even a single second.


“Ah, hem” Ye Chui let out an awkward but gentle cough before continuing. “If you are afraid of me managing to master Dragon Language and unlink the Servant Contact, do you believe such thoughts are a simple pipe dream?”


Although Ye Chui has some level of acting, praiseworthy by his standards, he still could not help boast a little.


“That is indeed a pipe dream. An impossible one at that.” The Snow Dragon nods in approval as it slowly nested its body and directed its gaze back to Ye Chui.

“Dragon Language is intricate and deep. If I were to teach you, It could curb your growth or restrict it. In fact, the gains will out weight the cost. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)After all, it’s not like you are not going to be the next Magic Emperor and manage to master Dragon Language. Therefore, you will not be able to surpass a Great Dragon.”


Having mentioned the Magic Emperor, the man who enabled mankind to learn magic and began the era of magic, the Snow Dragon revealed an expression of respect.


“For that, you don’t need to worry about my ability to learn. I believe my own skills are quite good…” Ye Chui continued to try and persuade the Dragon. He is well aware of his own skills as the Father of Studies. Therefore, as long as he could get the opportunity to learn Dragon Language, he will be able to one day unbind the Servant Contact.


However, out of his expectation, the Snow Dragon shook its head. “No. I will give you something else.”


“What do you wish to give me?” Ye Chui asked with a question in mind [what could possibly be better than the opportunity to learn Dragon Language?]


“Dragon Blood Essence” The Snow Dragon replied.


“Dragon’s Blood Essence?”


Ye Chui gawked as he recalled the information that he had read up on in the encyclopedia. It was written that a Great Dragon represents the strength of ten thousand Magic Beast. With its strong vitality, it is contained within essences. Each of their body parts can be used as miraculous medication, but Dragon Blood Essence is unique as it contained the dragon’s vitality. Naturally, not every single drop of blood contains essence. Rather, each dragon has normal blood and blood that contain its own essence. Since this Dragon Blood Essence represents the vitality of a Dragon, it is limited in quantity.


The Dragon Blood Essence can be used to baptize a human’s body. It can be used to forge a human’s body such that it will be so strong that they would practically never run out of Magic Power. This process if called Dragon Blood Baptism and only a few had the chance to undergo such treatment.

The record holder for the number of times he had performed the Dragon Blood Baptism was none other than the Magic Emperor who had done it three times.


It is said that when he resisted the invasion of an alien race from the north, he had spent three full days casting magic without rest; only ending when he managed to slaughter over a million foes.


Though Dragon Blood Essence had no way of increasing one’s intellect, it would still greatly strengthen one’s body.  Doubling or tripling the energy in each cell in the body possess. It can cure the illness of a body but the main aspect is the increase in one’s bodily energy.


For Swordsman, Dragon Blood Baptism would increase their Sword Aura while for a Magician, it would increase their Magic Power.


Understanding the effects of the Dragon Blood Essence, Ye Chui’s eyes lit up.


“My Dragon Blood Essence is inferior to that of a Great Dragon’s due to impurities but I estimate it to be at least 70%. That will be more than enough to improve your physique.” The Snow Dragon said as it surveyed Ye Chui’s body. “Magician, your body is just so weak.”


Ye Chui: “…”


[No need to say it out loud. I already know that my body is weak!] Alfea and Debbie had already pointed it out countless times! I already know that my bones are as weak as a twig alright!]


The Snow Dragon had already made a contract binding Ye Chui to its baby. Since it was made using Dragon Language, it could only be broken by someone who understood Dragon Language.

Therefore, even if Ye Chui were to die, his children will all be bound to her child.  Therefore, she was more willing to improve Ye Chui’s physique.


Leisurely stretching out her claw, a small droplet of glowing red slowly condensed at its tip. Before passing this precious treasure away, she looked at Ye Chui and sighed. [I hope this human will not disappoint me.]


As soon as her silent sigh dissipated, the drop of blood shot through the air towards  Ye Chui.


The droplet was nothing extraordinary in regards to size but once it touched Ye Chui’s skin, his mind started to muddle. An eruption of energy burst forth from his body but at the same time, it was as though millions of insects were biting every inch of his body.  Unable to speak, Ye Chui could only clench his teeth as every organ and cells were agonizingly being ripped apart from the inside.


Unable to bear the pain any longer, the young Magician collapsed onto the ground and passed out. By the time he could finally manage to open his eyes, he discovered from Jarvis that five hours had passed.


[Damn it. If I am not wrong, it already night…] Ye Chui thought as he crawled up from the ground.


Due to most of his armor suit’s functionality being down, his ability to move should have been hindered from its weight. However, he felt strangely relaxed. Right now, he felt no pressure from his suit of armor. It felt as though his body was covered in bubble wrap instead of some metal.


Noticing that something had changed, Ye Chui checked his body and ordered Javis to turn down all functionalities in his suit. When the full suit’s weight was acting on his body, Ye Chui felt that he was able to withstand it without any difficulty.


When he had a check on his hands, he noticed that he was able to see in the dark now. The veins and fingerprints were visible.


Meanwhile, within his body, Ye Chui felt an inexhaustible amount of Magic Power coursing through him. Previously, he could release 5 to 6 Offensive Spells in a short span of time without rest. However, right now, that number was seemingly doubling every second.


Of course, that means that his body was no longer weak.


Ye Chui turned around to check his surroundings to find the Snow Dragon in its nest not too far away, resting. Therefore, taking this spare time, he checked up on the Debbie, who was still unconscious.


“How is she still unconscious? Are you sure that the <Paralysis Venom> will pose no danger to her?” Ye Chui worriedly asked Jarvis.


“Master, please relax. Miss Debbie is a Great Swordsman, and a high caliber one at that. A trivial <Paralysis Venom> will not cause her any harm. She should be waking up any minute now.” Jarvis answered in an attempt to comfort; after he had done another analysis of Debbie’s body. Although his analyzing ability was not world-renown. It was still more reliable than Ye Chui’s own ability to judge the current situation.


“Alright… hearing you say that, I feel a little bit more relieved.” Ye Chui turned his head back to check up on the Snow Dragon. [What if she were to give Debbie an opportunity to undergo the Dragon Blood Baptism?] However, after confronting his own thoughts to the circumstances of reality, he found it too unlikely. [Dragon Blood Essence is a treasure of the highest grade. Even if she has more to spare, she will definitely not be willing to pass it to someone like Debbie.]


Finally relaxed enough to notice that his clothes were wet, Ye Chui took off his armor suit and wore another set of clean clothes underneath. Noticing that Debbie was in the same condition as him, he muttered with hesitation: “We both fell into the lake and both of us are soaked. It is not good for her to continue sleeping while her body is wet…”


Hearing his Master’s mummer, Jarvis proposed: “Master, there is no one here at the moment. If you wish to change her clothes, you can do so without worry.”


Ye Chui’s face turned slightly red: “How can I do such a thing? I do not have such lewd thoughts.”


“Master, should I operate the armor suit to help you change her clothes then?” Jarvis teased.


“… Your artificial intelligence is not programmed to wear normal clothes. Will you even be able to perform such an act? I can’t risk you injuring Debbie.” Ye Chui said in an awe-inspiring manner; seemingly convinced that he was the only one that could solve the issue and was fully prepared to do the deed.


Taking out a new set of lean clothes from his space ring, he anxiously reached out his hand to Debbie. In his mind, he was reminded of the usual rom-com’s that he had watched in the past: where the male protagonist would be in such a situation and close his eyes. Shamelessly, but not intentionally touching or bumping into those places.


[I’m not as shameless as them!]


[As long as I do not touch those places, I should be fine. All I need to do is change her clothes.]


It was at the moment that… Debbie opened her eyes.


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