Omni-Magician – Chapter 117, The One Who Held Against Ten Thousand Beasts Without Falling Back

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[There was nothing shameless about helping an unconscious girl change their clothes.]


Ye Chui convinced and did the deed. After he was done, he felt a bit famished. As though on instinct, he placed his hand close to his space ring and took out a piece of dry bread along with some water.


Debbie, still unconscious, was obviously unable to feed herself. Therefore, Ye Chui took it upon himself to feed her.


Afterwards, Ye Chui laid his back on a stone wall. By his side was the unconscious Debbie. As his vision strays about, he repeatedly caught sight of the Snow Dragon Beast. Even after it woke up, it did not speak.


Instead, as though was a little tipsy, the Dragon trotted off deeper into the cave. Nonetheless, even without the Snow Dragon to keep watch, there was no way for Ye Chui to escape.


There were at least around 40 level-five Magic Beasts guarding the entrance of the cave, making it close to impossible to escape.


Since it was the Snow Dragon that is going to be the one to establish the Slave Contract, it was practically guaranteed to succeed. Therefore, the only thing Ye Chui can do now is to wait peacefully.


Of course, Ye Chui did not wish to waste any time and started to focus his mind into Space Magic.


The worth of a Magician is not simply defined by the innumerous practices they went through to cast a spell or the Magic Power they have. Rather, the most important aspect of a magician is their knowledge. Therefore, studying and understanding is critical for a Magician.


In just two days, Ye Chui had already transcended an average Magician’s understanding in the Magic Symbols. This was the advantage he had from his reincarnation into this world; the knowledge of another world that aided in his studies.


Of course, if he was the main character of a novel, he would be someone who was born with a deeper understanding of Magic Symbols. With his golden finger, he would be able to spawn out armor like those that he was currently wearing. Heck, with his golden finger, he would be an enchanting master!

(Silavin: The author is trying to make some reference here but I just don’t get it.)

As time quickly and silently passes by, Ye Chui noticed that it was already morning thanks to Javis’s built-in clock function.


[I don’t know if it was because of the dragon’s blood or not but I do not feel tired at all after not having a proper good night’s rest for two days, Strangely, I would even say that I feel energized.]


As Ye Chui was contemplating, the Snow Dragon suddenly shivered. The sudden movement caught Ye Chui’s eyes and he could not help but furrow his brows. Slightly curious, Ye Chui tried to move closer but before he got up, the Snow Dragon’s shivering got stronger and more frequent. As time passed, the worse it got.


“Hey, what’s happening to you?” Ye Chui asked.


“My baby is coming out.” The Snow Dragon replied directly into Ye Chui’s consciousness.


“So fast?” Ye Chui worded out in surprise. He had originally thought that he would be kept here for a few more days before the birthing started.


The Snow Dragon, unable to stop herself from shivering, directed her gaze towards the entrance to the cave with a threatening gaze. With both pair of golden eyes glued, “ Be careful. They are starting to get restless.”


“Why now of all times?” Ye Chui questioned in surprise as his gaze also darted over to the entrance of the cave.


“I am at my weakest state when giving birth. At that moment, I will be unable to hold them back with my submission spell. Therefore, they will certainly act in retaliation while I am giving birth.” The Snow Dragon’s voice in Ye Chui’s head sounded as though it was taking a deep breath. “I must give birth now. Due to my understanding of their own instincts, I have been postponing my darling’s birth for a while now.

 Now that I have you, a Magician here, I can finally give birth while you prevent them from taking any further action!”


“What the Hell! Why did you not tell me this sooner?!”


Left helpless, Ye Chui took up Debbie’s Gatling and quickly aimed towards the cave entrance. There, the four Magic Beast in his sights were moving about in a restless manner. With Debbie behind him asleep, it was impossible for him to escape. It was crystal clear that they were only able to survive thanks to the Snow Dragon’s will. Therefore, the only way out of this was to help the Snow Dragon and buy her some time. Placing faith into his own judgment, he expected that the Snow Dragon had an escape route already prepared; only allowing them to use it once her baby was born.


Outside of the cave entrance, the Magic Beast all started to gather. Within their eyes still held a gaze of deep reverence; the effect of <Dragon Might>.


However, with the effect of <dragon Might weakening, a secondary emotion was starting to emerge out from their gaze. It was madness and greed. As the seconds pass by, their instinctual lust for power grows. At any second, it would overpower the effects of the <Dragon Might>.


Of course, their lust was the Snow Dragon’s flesh. Even without any explanation, Ye Chui had already experienced how powerful a drop of blood was. If they were to eat even a small piece of flesh, just how strong would these Magic Beast become?


As Ye Chui greeted the tsunami of hostility, he noticed a familiar figure leading the rest. It was the Level 6 Nimble Shadow Cat.


“What? How is it still alive?” Ye Chui saw this beast and muttered in shock.


“Master, when it was stabbed by your sword, it definitely stopped moving. However, when I thought that it was dead and took out the long sword from its body, it ran away as quick as possible. This beast is just too sly!” Jarvis innocently shared.


“Instead, why not say that you were too naive.”


The Nimble Shadow Cat had its red eyes glued to the pair of boy and girl. Even from afar, Ye Chui could feel the blood thirst seeping out from this Beast. Ye Chui turned his head back to check on Debbie and cursed. “This asshole. Good. Since you aren’t dead yet, let me just send you back to the yellow river.”


Magic Beast, in great numbers, started to swarm into the cave, leaving Ye Chui tightly gripping the Gatling in preparation.


The cartridge of the Gatling was actually Debbie’s ring, via space magic. If anyone wishes to use the Gatling, it was a requirement that they have permission to the space ring. Naturally, as the designer and creator of the weapon, Ye Chui had the highest level of authority.


Of course, the only thing that prevented him from using the Gatling was its monstrous recoil. Luckily, thanks to the Dragon Blood baptism that he had received, his whole constitution and strength had greatly improved to the point that the recoil had little effect on him.


His ridiculous luck seemed to have no end as even the environment was a heaven’s gift to him. In such a small and open tunnel, it was nearly impossible for any beings within his sight to go for cover or avoid his shots; the perfect place for a blood bath.


[Reloading. Check.]


[Target in sight. Check.]


[Take a deep breath and relax…]


“Thump, Thump, Thump”


The entire cave system seems to shake, echoing the sound of the gun fires. The entrance in front of Ye Chui had chips and dust storming all over as a reddish-white flare continuously burst from a single point. Along accompanying the sound of gunfire was the cries of Magic Beast, as their flesh got ground down by the hail of bullets.  This was the true meaning of one man holding against a ten thousand.

(Silavin: Firstly, you aren’t even against a thousand. And secondly, this is a reference to Guan Yu who held a castle on siege along.)


A few Magic Beast got taken down but the fast Nimble Shadow Cat was easily avoiding all the shots thrown at it. It would slyly hide behind other Magic Beast to take cover, avoiding all of Ye Chui’s shots.


Letting out a loud and enraged growl, a completely different type of Magic Beast began to move in. It was no longer a mammal type but an insect type.


It was a group of Black Wasp.


Although Black Wasps are Magic Beast, they do not possess a high level of intelligence. In fact, it was disputable whether they were smarted to normal wasps or not. None the less, they prove to be a terrifying existence. Within the Dark Forest, these Black Wasps follow a leader of higher intelligence, acting as weapons.  Their current leader was none other than the Nimble Shadow Cat. However, one does not need to hold the title of King to be their leader. The leader of the pack of Wind Wolves would also be recognized as their leader.


The dense cloud of Black Wasp broke in like a stream and started to fill the place.


Although the Gatling could fire 300 rounds per minute, it was unable to overcome the wall of Black Wasp. Even if a whole round was fired and every single steel bullet managed to take one Black Wasp down, the wall continued to encroach closer.


Knowing that this would only end with them getting swarmed over, Ye Chui placed the Gatling back on the ground and took out his magic wand.


He took a deep breath and aimed his wand at the large mass of approaching Black Wasp.


[Intermediate Offensive Spell, <Gale’s Baptism>]


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