Omni-Magician – Chapter 118, Spiritual Powers

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<Gale’s Baptism> is an intermediate offensive spell created by Oupu, No one thought that an Elementary Magician could grasp this intermediate offensive spell, yet Ye Chui only spent two hours completing the magical model and comprehended this spell completely.


As he looked at the dense swarm of Black Wasps, Ye Chui used this spell for the second time.


As the magic matrix was put into the magic wand, a gale began to form in the cavern. The whistle of the wind cried out unceasingly as it flooded around the bodies of the Black Wasps dancing in the air. While the Black Wasps felt a little restless, they persisted in following the Nimble Shadow Cat’s order to try to plunge themselves into Ye Chui as well as pour themselves into Debbie nearby. However, their splendid flying abilities were quickly challenged – the gale blew from within the cavern, and the formidable winds pushed them around chaotically.


Starting from where Ye Chui stood, a strong rush of wind blew all throughout the cave and beyond the entrance.


After Ye Chui stopped firing the Gatling, several magic beasts immediately and fiercely tried to break into the cavern. But after making it half-way in, they felt the wind coming – even if they firmly held on to the ground or anything stuck out, their bodies would be inexorably pushed backward.


Later on, when the time was right, the monstrous  Gale that blew out from the cavern caused an eruption – with a “bang”, an innumerable amount of Black Wasps and magic beasts were fired out of the cavern as if they were artillery shells.


In the cavern, Ye Chui started to feel dizzy – even if his body received the dragon blood baptism, only his magic power and physical quality were upgraded, not his spiritual power. Aside from the supply of magic power, the most important part of releasing a spell lay in the control of spiritual power. Releasing the intermediate offensive spell made Ye Chui consume a lot of spiritual power.


His body shaking, he partly squatted on the ground, holding the Gatling and aiming it at the cavern exit. Taking a breather, he spoke to the Snow Dragon Beast behind him: “Hey, I can no longer hold them off. If they ask for the Black Wasp to charge in again, we will definitely be finished.


The Snow Dragon Beast, which was at its weakest when trying to give birth, had its pair of golden yellow pupils looked at Ye Chui. With a voice that seemed both tired and desperate, it asked, “What should I do……”


Ye Chui turned his head and looked at the Snow Dragon Beast: “Teach me the Dragon Language.”


The dense cloud of Black Wasp that was the first to invade the cave, stormed again.


Even if it’s dangerous, Ye Chui should not by any means have used <Gale’s Baptism>, because it would consume all his spiritual power. To prevent that, he could have used a more efficient spell, like <Fire> or <Lightning>. In this narrow and small Space, stopping the swarm of Black Wasps wasn’t the difficult matter. But he used <Gale’s Baptism>at this moment.


With his energy consumed, if he was unable to stop the rebelling magic beasts, the Snow Dragon Beast would be attacked by them. Now, to save itself and the baby, the Snow Dragon Beast must make Ye Chui even stronger – it must teach him the Dragon Language.


“If I teach you the Dragon Language, and you’re unable to grasp it for even a short time, it might even cause your spiritual power to collapse… I need to understand exactly what you’re intending.” It said helplessly.


“How can you not know?” Ye Chui responded. “My spiritual power is Low-Grade, but the Dragon Language is Advanced Magic Language – if I learn the Dragon Language, it might enhance my spiritual power’s quality, allowing me to become an Intermediate Magician. If I become an Intermediate Magician, I’m confident I’ll be able to stop these magic beasts again.”


Ye Chui did not understand Dragon Langauge but he was well aware of his limitations in regards to his spiritual powers. If magic symbols can be regarded as a programming language, then his spiritual power can be regarded as the hardware.  Unfortunately, for Ye Chui, his hardware can be regarded as out-dated. If he were to be more specific, his spiritual power was equivalent to the CPU. Without a good CPU, any advance programs that he would try and run would be slow and difficult. Even if he were to be the best at programming, the limitations of hardware would still be a wall that he can never overcome. That being said, that is if he were to stick to only one ‘programming language. If he were to make use of a more efficient ‘programming language’, he could remake all programs to be more efficient.


His magic theory had already reached the Advanced Magician level, but his spiritual power was unable to evolve, and it could only stay in the Elementary Magician range.


With the Dragon Language’s assistance, perhaps this formidable programming language would cause his own ability to use magic to evolve. However, that is only under the assumption that his spiritual power will be able to understand and compile the Dragon Language. If it fails, his spirit might end up collapsing completely.


But even though it’s dangerous, the benefits asked that Ye Chui take the chance.


“Are you absolutely certain?” Snow Dragon Beast finally asked, hoping Ye Chui understood the grave risk.


“I’m absolutely certain!” Ye Chui replied.


The Snow Dragon Beast sighed, and a large amount of information directly entered in the Ye Chui mind.


The Dragon Language, compared to Magic Symbols, were much more abstract and mysterious. However, they were much more powerful. The control that Dragon Language brings to its users and effects that it had far surpassed that of Magic Symbols.


[So this is the Dragon Language! An ability that on this continent, only the strongest Great Dragons had!]


The huge wealth of information began unceasingly congealing in Ye Chui’s mind. After a moment, the first character appeared. Then a second, third……


This exchange in information was rapid. Imprinting the Snow Dragon Beast’s knowledge of the Dragon Language’s characters in Ye Chui’s mind took the same time as it would take to blink. But in this one moment, Ye Chui felt his brain was broken down and reformed again countless times.


He thought to himself [spiritual powers and CPUs are really alike]. The pain he is feeling right now seemed similar to how a machine would surpass its capacity and take damage. But a human was different. Though they could end up dead like any piece of hardware, humans have the ability to heal themselves and grow stronger from damage.


[If this were to continue, I would be reborn again… if it doesn’t kill me, it will make me stronger…] Ye Chui thought as he was like a cocoon, ready to be reforged.


Along with the characters of the Dragon Language endlessly imprinting themselves into Ye Chui’s spirit, Ye Chui’s consciousness frequently drew near to the edge of collapse, but he was quick to clench his teeth and make his spirit condense again. It was as if he experienced his second death in that short flash – these lives and deaths were disciplining his spirit, making it repeatedly evolve. Finally, in Ye Chui’s consciousness, he felt that his spiritual power had completely changed.


If his spiritual power used to be a just a small reservoir, then at present his spiritual power was a lake. Once he underwent this process of learning Dragon Language.


The dragon blood made his physical qualities change, giving him a formidable body and full magic power.


The Dragon Language vastly increased the quality of his spiritual power, making him change from a good for nothing magician lacking in spiritual powers to at least a magician that had adequate spiritual powers


His magic theory was very strong, but it could not be displayed with his old levels of magic power and spiritual power. Now, all those issues were easily solved.


Ye Chui opened his eyes. His complexion was pale as snow, but he was smiling.


On top of the lake that his spiritual powers had formed, there laid a white mist. An Elementary Magician’s spiritual power could only flow through the magician himself, but an Advanced Magician’s spiritual power could project outside the body. Now, after his evolution, Ye Chui could very easily project his own spiritual power.


After he had undergone this baptism, he directly entered into the realm of Intermediate Magician.


Silavin: The Actual Title is becoming an Intermediate Magician


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