Omni-Magician – Chapter 124, No Turning Back

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An oath made under the right to Duel to Death can be raised, so long as it was declared within the jurisdiction of the Church of Light, by any swordsman or Magician against any other swordsman or Magician, can be just oral, and if the oath was accepted by the opposite party, then they can fight each other to death and the Church of Light shall not intervene in that fight anymore.


This oath can only be entered by those that have crossed the specialist realm and above, otherwise, the oath is void. If anyone violates its oath then the violator shall be dealt with false accusation penalty, nobody escapes the penalty.


On Aigen-Daxs Continent, this type of duel to the death is quite a common sight.


This is after all the world ruled by swords and magic. Any problem can be solved with power. Even if one commits a crime and faces the death penalty, they can will amnesty through strength. Here strength is justice.


In the beginning, Busca framed Anthony’s Magic Emporium with vile deception, making it hard for Debbie to pay back the debt, bringing people to smash the shop ever so frequently to make it even harder and harder to pay up the debt. Debbie did not approach the City Lord’s Manor, as such cases were too common for the Lord’s Manor to handle. And even if the City Lord was to handle the issue, it can simply be handled by Busca by issuing an oath to duel.


No one expected Ye Chui to declare a challenge under the oath. That and the fact that is was called against a rank 7, Bedwick. Suddenly, everyone was dumbfounded to hear that and looked at Ye Chui, baffled.


“Hammer, stop messing around… why would you challenge Bedwick!” Alfea asked Ye Chui immediately and thought that he should have hit his head too hard or something to challenge Bedwick for no reason.


Athol, Damon, Alan and the others that heard this was also surprised at what Ye Chui said just now, and could not understand Ye Chui’s intentions.


Eric knit his brows, looked at Ye Chui and asked: “do you know what an oath to Duel to the Death is?”


“I do certainly know what the oath means.” Ye Chui nods, looking back at Bedwick, “therefore I declare a Duel to Death against swordsman Bedwick.”


“Why?” asked City Lord Eric.


Ye Chui sneered, and looked at Eric, and said: “I do not know how Bedwick managed to return to Stan City. Nor do I know what exactly he told you all when he returned, but the fact is that Bedwick, Iron-Swordsman, Debbie, and Antano brought up the rear as the team tried to escape. During that time Bedwick ambushed Debbie however, she was saved by Antano who died in the process. He then tried to kill Iron-Swordsman and Debbie. At the end when Iron-Swordsman and Debbie were surrounded by a pack of Wind Wolves, Bedwick ran away. He drilled into the ground like the mole he is and believed that the Iron-Swordsman and Debbie were dead. It was only by sheer luck that they were able to escape thanks to a teleportation scroll.”


“What nonsense are you talking?” Bedwick yelled, “You say that Iron-Swordsman told you all that? Can you even prove what you just said?”


“I believe in Iron-Swordsman’s words.” Ye Chui said sneering “I am very weak compared to your acting skills. It is true that the words that I said cannot be proven, hence I have no other choice but to declare a Duel to Death under the oath of Church of Light. I ask again, I declare a Duel to Death under oath against Swordsman Bedwick, do you dare accept?”


Ye Chui knew already that proving Bedwick’s guilt was impossible, especially since he did not have any evidence. Even if Iron-Swordsman and Debbie were to recount the happenings in the Dark Forest, no one will believe them over the testimony of an Advanced Swordsman like Bedwick, he had influence in Stan City. To top that Oupu the guild master of the Magician’s Guild will support that time whether it be Ye Chui or Iron-Swordsman they both will be cattle waiting to be slaughtered. Since that is the case Ye Chui can only rely on these crude methods.


He must challenge Bedwick to a life and death duel, and kill Bedwick in the challenge directly!


He experienced cleansing from dragon blood, learned Draconic language, reached level 4 as a Magician, all these added to Ye Chui’s confidence in facing and gaining a victory against a rank 7 swordsman. Even if he can’t kill him he can cripple him at the least.


Bedwick’s eyes kept looking around in a panic as he was thinking of a reason why Hammer would act in such a manner and have the confidence to beat him.


Others on the scene like Damon, Athol, and Alan believed that Bedwick an Advanced Swordsman with a noble character and prestige would not stoop so low as to assassinate Debbie. These accusations led to them getting irritated.


However, Alfea thought of something and asked “Uncle Bedwick, I remember you saying that you saw Debbie and Tony were ripped to pieces by a pack of wolves and that your arm was also bitten by one of the wind wolves, giving you no other option but to cut it off in order to escape, but now we can see that Debbie is safe and sound. Can you explain all this then?”


“That…” Bedwick starts to falter, as he answered flustered: “how can I know that…. It may be that I was mistaken at that time….”


His response was a little shaky.


Erik knit his brows together, he was someone that knew Bedwick well. And the way he saw Bedwick respond to Ye Chui’s words, it could be that young ones like Alfea weren’t aware of, but he as the City Lord knew the kind of shady person this Advanced Swordsman was. Yet for a rank 3 Magician such as Ye Chui to challenge him to a duel to the death is not a good strategy, for Ye Chui would definitely fail. He knew that his daughter had a good relationship with Debbie, who was Ye Chui’s fiancée. So he did not like Ye Chui taking such a losing gamble, hence advised: “Hammer, I will definitely get to the bottom of this, so I implore you to withdraw this challenge.”


“City Lord Eric, I do understand the urgency of the matter at hand, however, since the issue of the Beast Tide is not something the Stan City need to fear, I cannot keep waiting patiently regarding the injustice that Debbie and Tony had to suffer.” His voice was firm while saying that and continue while facing Bedwick again “Bedwick, do you accept my challenge to duel to death or not?”


“You… You…” Bedwick was in a hard spot, he did not know how to respond.


[Hammer is the student of a peak rank 9 Magician Booth. It would be one thing if I were to kill Hammer from the shadows but out in public, if I were to act, Booth would definitely return the favor by killing me in secret. Therefore, under the context of this challenge, if I were to kill him, then there is a chance to justify myself to that expert. So it would be better if I accepted this challenge….


On the other hand, if I don’t accept the challenge, not only will I lose face, Hammer would be given time to seek help from Booth. At that point, if they came at me together, I would most likely be dead. So, the best option is to take this opportunity and eliminate Hammer under the Duel to the Death. In the end, what I just need to do is to kill him during this Duel to the Death. If it comes to the point where I have to face Booth, then I still have a chance to escape.


Since Stan City is currently facing the Beast Tide, no one will have time to look for me for the time being. So, hopefully, I can escape from everyone…]


As he thought of all this, Bedwick’s face was suffused with a wisp of fiendish grin, filled with cruelty, and he raised his hand showing three fingers, looking at Ye Chui while saying: “I am a just warrior, but you Hammer came to me challenging to Duel to Death under Oath, I shall accept and end this facade. I, Bedwick takes an oath under the Church of Light to Duel to Death issued by Hammer. I accept your challenge Magician Hammer!”


Just as his words ended, two beams of golden yellow lights shined upon the bodies of Ye Chui and Bedwick separately.


The Duel to Death under Church of Light has been established.


Now they must fight until one of them is dead. There is no turning back


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