Omni-Magician – Chapter 123, Fight to Death

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“Debbie!” Alfea could see Debbie laying on the bed through the window. She rushed into the room to see how Debbie was doing. She was relieved to find that out that Debbie was alive, and went to Ye Chui to ask him about the situation “Hammer, how did Debbie come back? How was she poisoned? And what happened to Tony? How is he doing?”


The more Alfea asked Ye Chui these questions, the more Bedwick’s face became pale, yesterday when he returned to Stan City, he claimed that he saw, with his own eyes, Tony and Debbie being killed by a pack of Wind Wolves, but now Debbie was right in front of them, and not only that, Iron-Swordsman was more than likely to have survived now that Debbie was still alive. Once either of them spoke about the fact that he tried to assassinate Debbie, and that he was the one that killed Antano, he will have to face the consequences in one way or the other ……


Ye Chui tells everyone to calm down and looked at Bedwick, and spoke: “Debbie is alright, all she needs is some rest. She was poisoned with a paralysis toxin, and will soon be able to wake up. And as for Iron-Swordsman, he is alright as well. He was the one that brought Debbie back here.”


“He is all right!” Alfea was happy to hear that, and almost start to cry “where is he now?”


“He suffered a few minor injuries, so he is recuperating from those.” Ye Chui responded.


“He is wounded, then bring him to the City Lord’s Manor, we have the best doctor and medical facilities in the entire city, the healing light Magician Mr. Bagens can treat any flesh wound,” Alfea said anxiously


Ye Chui never expected Alfea to care so much about his altered ego, but he really did not need any medical therapy so he refused her: “Do not worry, the injuries are only skin deep and he will be fine… but thank you for caring about him so much”


[Who cares about what you think…] Alfea was upset at Hammer’s response, and that she found the tall and short mercenaries on the ground one done by lightning and the other by Gatling, she was sure that it was done by Iron-Swordsman. It has only been a short while since they caught up to this scene so she was sure that Iron-Swordsman was still close by; aware of his presence, she started looking for him anxiously.


Ye Chui did not want to delay anymore with the talk of Iron-Swordsman’s whereabouts, so he put it behind, also his grudge against Bedwick, and moved to talk to Erik: “Sir City Lord, Iron-Swordsman has asked me to pass on important information.”


“What information?” Eric who was observing the situation asked without thinking too much into it, as he was also looking forward to meeting the Iron-Swordsman.


Bedwick began to sweat immediately as he thought that Ye Chui would accuse him of the assassination attempt.


However, the information was far from that, and even more frightening.


“There is a Magic Beast Tide heading towards Stan City, it is estimated to take less than three hours for it to arrive at the Stan City.” It took a while for Ye Chui’s words to sink in their minds.


“Beast tide?” Eric gawked, knits his brows and asks “How large, did he say, this beast tied is?”


“Every Magic Beast in Dark Forest that is below rank 3.” Ye Chui said plainly.


“What?!” Eric was shocked again.


From the intelligence he had on Dark Forest he had an estimate of the number of Magic Beasts that live in the Dark Forest. From the previous instances of Beast Tides, there would be no less than a 1000 Magic Beasts attacking Stan City. It would be difficult but not impossible to defend.….. But now Ye Chui says that all the Magic Beasts in Dark Forest are now attacking……


How many beasts are those? Thousands, over ten thousand!


“That’s impossible!” Bedwick says shaking “how can that be possible…. There is no way so many beasts would start attacking together? You spout nonsense! The iron-Swordsman is talking nonsense! How can you say something that ridiculous….”


In recorded history, the Magic Beast tide was generally caused by a few reasons: if any treasure of Heaven and Earth was born attracting powerful Magic Beasts; or the king of the Magic Beasts getting into dispute with humans and hence calling for the beasts in his domain to attack the humans; or one on the Magic Beasts advancing into a higher realm pushing all the weaker Magic Beasts to flee away from it. This time it was because the snow dragon beast released its <Dragons Might>, frightening all the flower ranked Magic Beast to death, forcing them to flee.


“There is a peak rank 9 magic beast in the Dark Forest right now which happens to possess dragon bloodline, and it released its <Dragon’s Might> for some reason causing the Magic Beast tide.” Ye Chui answered, naturally he did not speak of the Snow Dragon Beast giving birth, and finally added: “this is what Iron-Swordsman told me, I have no way of confirming, so you can investigate, however, I am sure you can feel the tremors from the approaching beast tide.”


“Immediately go and investigate it properly!” Eric spoke turning his head towards Balmain in a commanding tone “take Bader with you for good measure, he excels at using earth magic. So if there really is a beast tide heading this way he can sense it through the earth.”


Eric stopped Balmain just then and said softly: ”inform Oupu to prepare to cast the Stan City Grand Protection spell at once before you head out, although I doubt there to be a beast tide, if there is one then we have no other choice but to cast the Grand Protection.”


“Yes.” Balmain leaves in a hurry.


Ye Chui gawked and asked: “Grand Protection?”

(Satya: Has he ever heard of the word Library? I mean for someone who thinks so highly of having information at hand does not even bother to read about large scale defense spells and methods.)


Alfea who was near him explained: “how can you not know that, Hammer? Grand Protection can cover the entire area of Stan City, it a large scare defense Formation. It is said to be impregnable. It has defended Stan City in the past and helped us counter many beast tides. So long as we have Grand Protection, we will be safe no matter what.”


After saying these words she turned to her father Eric, expecting him to speak of more specifics about the Grand Protection also hoping to learn more.


“Stan City’s Grand Protection is said to be capable of defending against a peak rank 7 Magicians without breaking. It was designed by a peak rank 9 Magician, so this Grand Protection is by no means to be underestimated,” once Eric spoke of the few points about the Grand Protection, everyone around him felt relieved, “since the Magic Beasts attacking are only below rank 3, then even if there are numerous beasts heading here, they will not be able to break through the defenses of Grand Protection.”


“….” Ye Chui felt assured and his heart relaxed. [The strongest Magic Beast in Dark Forest was only rank 6, and I was able to kill it. The rank 4 and rank 5 Magic Beasts are right now being hunt down by Snow Dragon Beast, which will not be able to survive <Dragon Might>. Those that escaped from the Dark Forest are all primary Magic Beasts, so this beast tide should not cause much of a problem.]


Since that was the case, Ye Chui can handle other matters right now.


Eric issued orders one after the other to the City Lord’s Guards, in order to respond to any situation that could arise in the next few moments. Alfea was preparing to head back to Debbie’s room to look after her. Damon and Alan were handling the two dead bodies lying in the courtyard. They were both trying to figure out who tried to attack Ye Chui, and why, but as they checked up on the victim himself, they discovered that Ye Chui’s vision was completely locked on Bedwick.


Feeling this intense stare, Bedwick felt troubled. He was thinking of getting out of this mess, and just then Ye Chui stood in front of him and said suddenly: “I invoke my right to Duel to Death under Church of Light, I, Ye Chui, challenge you to fight to death under oath shadow mouse swordsman Bedwick!”


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