Omni-Magician – Chapter 122, Hero Enters the Stage

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Ye Chui did receive a cleansing from the dragon blood strengthening his body by a large margin, but in no means can his strength be compared to that of a Great Swordsman in strength. However, he is stronger than any ordinary Swordsman who has practised swordsmanship and having a body as hard as steel.


The shorty might be fierce, but by no means does he have the ability to play with Ye Chui whichever way he wants. And in a real fight, he has no means to defend himself against this weak and frail Magician. He really misjudged when he thought that he can take a punch from this lighter than feather Magician. I mean, how could he possibly be hurt by a featherweight?


However, that perception ended in complete tragedy for him.


The shorty was completely ready to bash Ye Chui in the head once the punch landed and stopped, but to his surprise, Before he could react, he was sent flying.


Yes, he flew backward, soaring in the air through the courtyard, crashing 34 meters away leaving a trail along the way for a few more meters.


This punch broke 2 of his ribs, making him commit blood.

(Satya: Typical bully/thug ending in all these novels)


The tall one that stood to the side anticipating a really good show, was shocked to the bones. However his reaction was swift, he immediately drew his long sword and prepared to defend against Ye Chui’s attack. He understood that the mistake that the shorty made and was not willing to make the same mistake of underestimating Ye Chui.


When the tall one turned to look at Ye Chui, he wasn’t there. He disappeared.


[How can anyone disappear just like that? Am I dreaming?] The tall one thought.


The tall mercenary was getting anxious. He knew that some of the Magicians can alter their appearance, but that can that most cause some confusion during a fight, he never heard of them completely vanishing from sight. Naturally, that was because he has never heard of the Stealth Wand that Booth had created.


Right then Ye Chui returned with the magic wand in one hand and the other carrying Gatling in the other.


He had many other ways to make the mercenaries feel despair. However, right now, he was short of time. Therefore, he made do with the simplest solution, which was to casually end their life; like dry leaves that gets crush when he walks over them.


Ye Chui did not want the flesh and blood of the tall mercenary to spread all across the floor, so he aimed at the mercenary high on his chest, and pressed the trigger.


“Bang bang bang bang…..”


The Gatling fired with a deafening clatter that can be heard from very far away.


Streaks of red lines can be seen as the steel bullets flew out of their shells, at blinding speed, as the penetrated the mercenary’s armor, blood flowing from his chest, shocks spreading throughout his body. The big tall guy flew out of the room under the impact of the steel bullets, following the accurate control of Ye Chui


The steel bullets continuously hit the one who was flying mid-air.


The tall mercenary did not even know what happened as he lost his consciousness.


All that reached the ground was nothing but a pile of ground meat and blood.


The short mercenary crawled from the ground, coughing out blood as he did, only to see the end of his companion. All he could see was the miserable condition the other one was in, now he was frightened when he saw Ye Chui walk towards him, with the wand in one hand and an overly aggressive looking strange device in the other, exuding a cruel aura the made him shiver violently.


Ye Chui reached in front of him, looking at him indifferently.


“Don’t… don’t kill me” the short one… said to Ye Chui… “It… It was all Oupu’s plan. This had nothing to do with me. He was the one that made me do it. I can testify against him. I can help you get him. Just don’t kill me. Please”


“I don’t need you to tell me all that. I already know that it was Oupu who sent you here.” Ye Chui spoke with cold indifference in his voice, and continued “you say you would testify against him for me? He is a Magician’s Guild, Guild Master, and who are you? What are your words worth? You want to keep living after trying to kill me without paying any price?” Ye Chui shook his head as he put the Gatling back into his space ring, held his magic wand out toward the short mercenary and said “Don’t worry, you can ask Oupu for you payment soon when I send him your way, but right now … you can die… <Lightning>.”


Elementary Offensive Spell <Lightning>


The short mercenary was someone that fought many life and death battles, having close encounters with death. He understood what Ye Chui was saying and hence released his Intermediate Defensive Skill <The Shield of the Swordsman>


His short sword danced around him in the air, and his sword aura transformed into a translucent shield by the time Ye Chui’s <Lightning> reached him. The spell hit the illusory shield just as it formed.


One was an Elementary Offensive Spell and the other was an Intermediate Defensive Skill.


The short one was happy, as he understood that he has a chance to flee. Ready to dash off in a heartbeat, he tried to leap off but at that moment, his opportunity was crushed once he heard the sound of a glass shattering.


“ “


That was not really a sound made in reality, but in the short one’s consciousness, that was the sound that he felt when the shield of the Swordsman that he congealed is destroyed. Surprisingly, the Intermediate Defensive Skill was broken by Ye Chui Elementary Offensive Spell.


Right then there was a lightning strike that snaked its way to the short one and enters his chest. The short mercenary felt numbness spread across his body, and he realized that every organ that the electricity came into contact with turned into ashes. In but a few breaths of time the person fell to the ground, body turned into charred pieces of meat.


This Elementary Offensive Spell has achieved the absolute limits of its potential.




The short mercenary’s whole body released wisps of smoke as he lay there on the ground.


Just as the short mercenary fell to the ground, several silhouettes appeared on the scene, as this place was quite close to the City Lord’s Manor. The first to appear was the City Lord Eric, following him were Alfea and Balmain, Bedwick, Alan, Damon and the others. The bodies of Balmain and Damon were covered with white bandages.


When they saw the chaotic condition of the courtyard, as well as the magic wand held in Ye Chui’s grasps, his long gown, unkempt hair dancing in the air, leaving all of them in shock.


Ye Chui assumed a casual posture and stood there silently as he looked at Bedwick with indifference.


He did hope that everyone, Alfea, and Balmain and the others, to live without any more accidents, but did not expect Bedwick to actually survive. This news made his heart burn with rage.


“Master.” Jarvis asked curiously in Ye Chui’s mind, once becoming an Intermediate Magician, Ye Chui can project his spiritual power outward, therefore he did not have to enter the space ring to contact Jarvis, Jarvis continues to ask, “why did you use the <Breeze> spell to make you long robe and hair flutter?


“Don’t you know that such long hair and long robe floating around is very cool looking?” Ye Chui says to Jarvis through his thoughts “every hero enters the stage just like this.”




“What happened here… Hammer?” Alfea asked concerned to Ye Chui, as she rushed to Ye Chui” I heard the sound of Gatling fire, who are these two?”


Ye Chui used Gatling so as to finish here as fast as possible to meet the City Lord Eric, which has caught the attention of everyone in the City Lord’s Manor next door.


“These two tried to ambush me, only ending up dead in my hands.” Ye Chui said casually trying to look as cool as possible.


“Stop joking!” Alfea never believed in the things he said and looked towards Debbie’s room “That was the sound of Gatling right now, and you cannot handle its recoil with your weak body, I am sure Debbie has returned, where is she?”



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