Omni-Magician – Chapter 121, A Magician’s Weak Body

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Translator: Satya

Translation Checker: Silavin

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


Ye Chui looked helplessly as he stared at the ever-advancing tide of the magical beast horde, that ran from the depths of the Dark Forest in fear for their lives, crushing everything under their hooves and claws, sweeping across the land, getting closer and closer to Stan City. This is an unprecedented disaster for the residents of Stan City.


[What the hell is Snow Dragon Beast doing? I never thought that this would be the result of the death throes of Dragon, its might in its final moments. This is truly unexpected and dangerous. I must warn the people of Stan City so we can prepare to defend against the Magical Beast Tide]


Ye Chui held on to Debbie tightly with one hand while operating the teleportation scroll with the other.


The teleportation scroll disintegrates, a flash of white light ripped the space, with Ye Chui disappearing into it. In the next moment he appeared at a place just about 200 meters from where he was. He shook his head in disappointment. Although he had more than 70 teleportation scrolls in his space ring if each can only send him 200-300 meters each time then he does not have enough to take him to Stan City in time.

(Satya: And here I thought he would be in his room in Stan City. I mean what was all that he understood everything about space magic and all in the previous chapters. The dude needs some op bs. Nerd!)


Each passing moment results in another life lost. In such a desperate situation, Ye Chui does not have much time to think. All he can do is to use his understanding of space magic and strive to teleport the farthest possible distance with every scroll he has at hand, hopefully, one kilometer for each scroll he uses. Only in such a way can help as many people as he can.


He equips himself with one more scroll, a flash of light, a tear in the space, the next moment Ye Chui can be seen at an additional 100 meters away.


Without waiting, he pulls out another scroll and casts it without hesitation. A flash of light, a tear in the space, with 300 meters more covered.


The established views towards the teleportation scrolls followed by all contemporary magicians’ state that while using the teleportation scrolls one can only set a general direction of the destination unless one has a certain level of attainment in space magic to be able to derive the coordinates of the destination with accuracy. That is to say that there is no way, normally, for one to choose a specific destination using these scrolls. Ye Chui, on the other hand, does not believe in such backward, discouraging words.


He had contemplated on the teleportation scrolls before on their secrets and effective usage and now that he has advanced to become an Intermediate Magician, he is capable of projecting his spiritual power outside, he is getting better at his usage of the scrolls.




This time it was 500 meters.


With each flash, if a scroll, Ye Chui’s understanding of the space magic concepts improved.


Each flash, 500 meters, 600 meters, 800 meters, 850 meters, 950 meters……


Finally, at his 13th attempt, Ye Chui was able to teleport distance has risen to one kilometer per scroll.


[Yes! This is the way to go. Although it is not easy to pinpoint the space coordinate, it will be far faster than any other way I can think of.  By increasing the distance this far for each scroll I will be there before it is too late.] Ye Chui’s eyes shined, he cast one scroll after the other, on the vast wilderness there were white lights flashing one after the other, each flash sent Ye Chui a kilometer further.


In no time Ye Chui was able to see the Stan city from far.


In less than five minutes he was able to travel more than 50 kilometers. All the teleportation scrolls he had were spent at this point. He had no more left to use. However, he was lucky that he met with a Skull Town Mercenary and asks the mercenary to purchase his mount. The mercenary oblivious of the impending doom sold his horse to Ye Chui for a gold coin. Ye Chui paid the amount, mounted the horse, advised him to return to the city as soon as possible and rode towards the city with haste to Stan City to warn and prepare the defenses.


The city wall was guarded by many City Lord’s Guards, however, he cannot relax as he had to inform the city lord of the approaching beast tide.


Anthony’s Magic Cottage was quite close to City Lord’s Manor, therefore Ye Chui returned to Anthony’s Magic Cottage first. He carried Debbie into one of the room. considering that Iron swordsman has not met Eric, the City Lord, he had to change into the magician’s robe and stored the Iron swordsman suit and was prepared to go talk to the City Lord in City Lord’s Manor. Just as he walked towards the yard and stepped on the stairs, he heard a couple of voices talking.


“Where the hell is this kid, making us wait for nothing?”


“Booth said that he lived here. Guild Master went to great lengths to invite him over, and sending us here, and now what do we have to show for ourselves. I don’t understand how I can explain myself to the guild master.”

(Satya: more like paid him a lot of money to bring him over to the guild master)


These were new voices that Ye Chui did not recognize, yet they brought over many important matters to his attention. Each one bringing a dark expression on his face reminding him of everything that Debbie experience, as he looked on as he walked to the Anthony’s Magic Cottage’s entrance.


“The boy is right here!” exclaimed the two mercenaries, one tall and one short, but both with ugly and ill-intentioned happy faces. As soon as they saw Ye Chui they drew their swords from their waist and said: “Hammer, we’ve been waiting for your cowardly ass from the evening and now you have finally come back.”

(Satya: For those that forgot Ye Chui name in this life was Hammer)


“I don’t know where you have been playing around till now, but now you are dead, boy”  The short one was the first to move as he was nimble and arrived at the foot of the staircase, swinging his sword to block Ye Chui from escaping.


Ye Chui remained calmed after hearing what these two were talking about. Bedwick’s assassination attempt on Debbie was orchestrated by Oupu, and now Oupu has sent these two boneheads after him, so much so that they did not even spare Anthony’s Magic Cottage alone. Even the invitation Oupu sent to Booth had another hidden agenda.


“Oupu…” Ye Chui clenched his teeth, [That piece of shit. He dares to frame Debbie and now he uses his lackeys to make a move against us. I’ve allowed his actions to slide once but now…]


Usually magicians had weak and frail bodies, and are considered weak in close quarter combat. So when the two mercenaries saw Ye Chui tried to pull out his magic wand from his sleeves only to find it empty.


“I heard Guild Master say that you are really good at using magic, so how about we fight it out. But can you use magic now?” the short one sneers as he blocked the entrance. “So why don’t you let us take care of you, and follow us quietly?” patting his chest “how about this, I’ll give you a chance to hit me once. Don’t worry, I’ll not hit back. Go on.”


They have been waiting here for a long time here for him and they were pissed off. I was time for them to vent some of their anger.


Magicians are physically weak and frail bodies. Without a wand they can’t even compare to child, putting the two be relaxed in front of Ye Chui.


They sure thought they were free to do whatever they want with Ye Chui.


There was only ridicule in their eyes when they saw Ye Chui rush towards them swinging his fists, a vicious playful smile hung on their faces, the short one had disdain written all over his face and he showed his ugly yellow teeth when he smiled [does this boy think he can hurt me with his week as hell punch]




Ye Chui punched out.


When Ye Chui punch landed,




The short mercenary flew out of the courtyard and landed with another BANG.


“Silly x, do you think magicians are weak?”


Satya: remember when his body was cleansed with the dragon’s blood. Exactly. Now he is super strong, so the title is a satire. It is funny as the Chinese have the most polite of all insults. Fancy toy! Damn its r rated.


Booth is the space mage that took him as a student. And in the previous chapters his name was translated as Booth. I think that his Chinese name makes a lot more sense and it really suits his character and his powers.


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