Omni-Magician – Chapter 120, Most Horrifying Beast Tide

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Ye Chui held on to Debbie to his chest and looked at Snow Dragon Beast with perplexed eyes. It would not be possible for a normal person to sense the absolute glory that is now the current situation is, but how could Ye Chui not understand it. There was divine golden yellow aura radiating from the entire body of Snow Dragon Beast as it held on while giving birth to its child… It would have been way more awe-inspiring if it were not for Snow Dragon Beast pig-like appearance.


After a long time, the golden yellow glow on the Snow Dragon Beast started to dim, with a humming sound accompanying its dulling glory.


Snow Dragon Beast body started to shrink at a pace noticeable with the naked eye, growing smaller and thinner to the point it could only be described as skin and bones. And when it was all said and done, the golden yellow glow vanished thoroughly, Ye Chui could finally see what was at the side of Snow Dragon Beast.


[WTF? An EGG?!]


Having seen Snow Dragon Beast that looks round and with four hooves like a mammal (Pig to be precise) Ye Chui thought that it would give birth to a living walking baby, but things don’t look like so….. He still doesn’t grasp the fact that this is a dragon and not as round as hell, a fat pig.


As if it heard what Ye Chui was thinking Snow Dragon Beast spoke with disdain and a mocking tone mentally “How can you be so surprised, it doesn’t matter whether it be a Snow Dragon Beast or a true great dragon, all dragons are born as eggs!”


“Hehe, of course, of course, that definitely natural.” Ye Chui said with an embarrassed tone.


When Ye Chui sizes up the dragon egg, he finds out that this egg was not so big. It was just as big as an ostrich egg, with a white smooth shell that resembles a well-polished marble’s surface. Ye Chui can also feel a very powerful urge to protect this egg his entire life, even at the cost of his life, no matter what he has to do, he must protect it….


[Is it because of the servant contract… that I feel this much reverence towards the dragon egg. I must remove this servant contract before the egg hatches!] Ye Chui decided firmly in his mind.


Snow Dragon Beast had a satisfied and warm smile when she looked at the egg. She stroke the egg ever so gently, showing its unwillingness to let go of it. It has finally given birth to its child, after all the heart-wrenching hardships it went through, the injuries it suffered while fighting for its life and the life of the child, the helpless struggle she went through cornered and forced to hide in the cave biding its time, all the pain it overcame during the time of delivery. It looked at the egg with all her love as she slowly walked toward Ye Chui. It looked at Ye Chui with a firm face its golden yellow eyes gleaming with a decisive expression “I hand my child to you magician, it shall hatch when it is ready to enter this world. Your actions till now, decisive and firm are impressive. You have received the Draconic Language risking the danger of being crippled and instead of advancing to becoming an Intermediate Magician. You have not disappointed me. You have proved my choice in you is the right one. I hope that my child shall grow well in your hands to become a true

Great Dragon!”


“Um…. I will look after it.” Ye Chui understood that the Snow Dragon Beast was speaking its last words, he felt it instinctively as he took the egg into his hands.


Snow Dragon Beast looked on last time at the dragon egg as to say its last goodbye, then after a moment of silence, it offered: “I shall send you off now.”


“How can you send us out?” asked Ye Chui in confusion.


Snow Dragon Beast did not reply, instead, it raised its head, stand up on its rear and unfurls her beautiful jewel-like butterfly wings on her back out of nowhere, its aura rose to the skies and shot up flying high, sending the ceiling up to the height till it cannot be seen.


This was the first time Ye Chui truly believed this fat pig was actually a true dragon, a Snow Dragon Beast. When he first saw the Snow Dragon, he could not consolidate its image to those of the Great Dragons. But now, he could finally see the faint semblance of a being that existence could be regarded as a shadow of the Great Dragons. [Hmm… It really was a Dragon and not some pig…]


It was not a gigantic creature, yet it fluttered in the air, it sang at a high pitch that illuminated the whole world and shocking every creature, trees, and rocks in the world, that was a Dragons Song. The magic beasts have been trying to dig their way into the cave ever since the entrance collapsed, but now after hearing the intimidating Dragons Song, all they can think of is to flee in whichever direction they could find.

(Satya: figuratively speaking, though it is described as a sound similar to that of an insect’s screeching chirp and whines, I didn’t like describing that way. I mean we have a shining flying pig here guys.)


After clearing the magical beasts Snow Dragon Beast hands a space ring to hold the Dragon Egg to Ye Chui. Ye Chui takes the space ring and holds Debbie in another hand, looking at the Snow Dragon Beast with the utmost respect.


Its imposing stature and powerful aura.


[How great it would be if I had such a pet] thought Ye Chui.


“Leave now!” Said Snow Dragon Beast.


Snow Dragon Beast drops in front of Ye Chui, slashes with its claws ripping the void and pushing Ye Chui and Debbie into the space tunnel.


This was teleportation, and just as Ye Chui vanished into the wormhole, he received a transmission “take care of my child, as I said, it shall become a Great Dragon one day flying across the world unhindered!”


The light disappeared as did Ye Chui and Debbie with it.


Snow Dragon Beast body shook with immense sadness, as she saw the disappearing silhouettes, also at the fact that this is the last time she can see her child as her vitality kept dissipating, however, she had one last thing to do.


She roars, proud and unfettered, majestic Dragons Roar, echoing across the world.


“No one can challenge the dignity of dragons, anyone that does must pay the price with their lives. Now is the time for all you greedy vermin to pay the interest with your puny lives. You all think you can escape from the wrath of the Great Dragons?!”




There was a white glow, it appeared out of nowhere and then slowly dissipated into thin air, leaving no traces but a young couple from where it once stood…


Snow Dragon Beast was capable of teleportations and the range was quite huge. They were sent to the borders of the Dark Forest. Ye Chui looked at rising sun in the sky, to find out the directions. Then he looked back at the Dark Forest holding Debbie, silently mourning the death of the Snow Dragon Beast.


With that he set out towards Stan City…. Just then his body felt a tremor from the ground, and he turned towards the Dark Forest with an incredulous face… [you gotta be kidding me right now. What the hell!?]


All he saw was a huge black line across the horizon.


That black line was all magical beasts.

The ground shook as if the black line will cover the whole land and sweep through them.


Ye Chui lost color in his face with fright “Why now, … why should it be a Beast Tide now?!”


Although Ye Chui might not know but we do that the Snow Dragon Beast went of fit of rage after they left, throwing caution to wind and started massacring every damned magical beast it could lay its hands on while burning what little life she had, all that commotion forced the entire Dark Forest to go crazy with fear and started to run out of the forest, turning it into a stampede of magical beast, and they were heading towards? Yes, they were going straight for Stan City.


Several thousands of magical beasts running, from the dark forest.


This is the worst day for Stan City, it is about to experience the worst beast tide in its history.


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