Omni-Magician – Chapter 126, There are no Weak Spells

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Translator: Satya

Translation Checker: Silavin

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


Intermediate Offensive Skill <Cold Night’s Wind>


Bedwick attacked with all his might right from the start in order to get rid of Ye Chui. Although his left arm was cut off and was suffering from the wounds from yesterday. As a Swordsman, his body and spirit were very powerful. He had recuperated from his wounds and recovered almost 85 percent of his strength enough to wield an Intermediate Skill using his right hand only. But even with a single hand, Bedwick was still formidable.


His Short Sword released a cold light, which burst out. That cold light, will without any doubt, shred Ye Chui into pieces if it were to land on the boy


Bedwick wanted to end this quick. But is Ye Chui worried? Definitely not. Instead, he was secretly observing Oupu and Oberth.


All they can see was the Ye Chui’s who was crouching suddenly sprung up to dodge the strike.


‘Whizz whizz whizz’, several whistles can be heard as a cold wind blew, spreading frost as it passed. The tree that was behind Ye Chui just a moment ago is shredded into twigs falling right where it stood.


Ye Chui jumps across, magic wand held in one hand and sent out a spell real fast: Elementary Offensive Spell <Wind Blade>


“Humph, Hammer uses such pathetic spell in a Death to the Duel? This is a disgrace to the entire Magicians’ community.” Oupu cannot help but insult Ye Chui, “an Elementary Offensive Spell <Wind Blade> poses no threat to Bedwick, and he does not even need to dodge it.”


A sickle formed at the end of Ye Chui’s Magic Wand and shot fast straight at Bedwick.

(Satya: think ‘Kama’ like sickle with the wand as the handle and a translucent blade or a miniature scythe if you will.)


Bedwick sneered, as he did not even need to dodge. All he needed was to twist his body and this <Wind Blade> would fly by barely scratching him. He looked at Ye Chui as he moved: [I don’t even need to move to face this weak spell.]


“How….” he was about to taunt Ye Chui when he noticed something. He flipped back and twisted to the side. When he checked himself, his left leg was injured by the <Wind Blade> when it came into contact. He can see blood dripping from the wound. All because of his carelessness. He was caught off-guard.


The most noticeable change after advancing to rank 4 Magician, is the amount of control that one has on the spell after it is released. Ye Chui exercised that ability. It is a pity it did not hit the target, which was Bedwick’s neck, and was only able to wound him instead.


“Haha … “Booth laughed lightly and turned towards Oupu and said with a smile “How is that <Wind Blade> a weak spell? The strength of a spell depends on the abilities of the Magician!”


Oupu clenched his teeth maliciously, cursed Ye Chui for making him lose what little chance he had left with Booth to improve his relationship.


Bedwick was angry now, he stops paying any attention to the wound on the leg and rises up like a spring. He released a strong skill: Advanced Attack Skill <Star Dance>.

This was the very move he relied on to kill all the blood bats in a single moment when in Skull Town’s church. There are infinite ways to attack using this skill, a true gentleman’s sword skill.


“Be careful.” Alfea couldn’t help herself and yell, as Athol, Balmain, Damon, etc., watched on with tense faces as the City Lord’s Guards as they went through some trouble by Ye Chui’s side


Ye Chui was calm as he looked at Bedwick midair.


At present, Ye Chui knew all the tricks and skills that Bedwick had even before he issued the challenge, as he witnessed Bedwick use them in Skull Town. But what about Bedwick? All he ever saw was Ye Chui holding up his magic wand, aiming at him who was airborne.


What spell can Ye Chui use to cope with the offensive power of <Star Dance>?


Ye Chui told everyone the answer to that question.


Intermediate Auxiliary Spell <Light Drop>


White light gathered at the tip of his magic wand and then burst out with blinding light that looked like a miniature sun. this light did not float up this time, instead stayed there overwhelming the optic nerves, forcing everyone watching to go blind because of the glare and close their eyes.


Oberth had mixed feelings at that he was witnessing at this moment. Previously when Ye Chui participated in exploring the ancient tomb, he was responsible for releasing this very same spell <Light Drop>, preparing to force Ye Chui to fail when he was to release the same spell. In contrary to his expectations, Ye Chui successfully cast the spell <Light Drop>. That was the first time he felt his inferiority. Ye Chui released <Light Drop>, reminding him of his inferiority again. This traumatize Oberth every time he encountered <Light Drop> in his life, almost a nightmare. The light that Ye Chui summoned right now was not delicate sunshine. It was blindingly bright.


This overwhelmed Bedwick’s senses.


He can no longer see where Ye Chui was.


The mighty <Star Dance> was thus rendered useless under the burning glare of <Light Drop>.


Yet the skill that could bury over a hundred Blood Bats in a single moment should not be underestimated, as the strikes from this skill were like hundreds of <Wind Blades> raining down on Ye Chui. However they hit nothing but air, Ye Chui took advantage of the blinding white light and evaded the strike completely.


‘Whiz whiz whiz whiz.’


The ground was littered with over a hundred holes, some small some large, right where Ye Chui stood before.


In this confrontation, Ye Chui exhibited his quick wits, his adaptability to counter using his spells. The brows of Booth who was worried finally relaxed, and thought to himself that he took in a great student.


City Lord Eric, bishop Faria, and the others wore a very admiring expression.


Although disappointed, Oupu and Oberth could not utter a single sound expressing their feelings, but what made Oupu boil with anger was not when Ye Chui evaded the strikes from <Star Dance>. Instead, it was the spell that he was currently preparing to use: Intermediate Offensive Spell <Gale: Baptism Of The Night Wind>.

Gale blew. Under the control of Ye Chui became a ball of wind as numerous threads of wind condensed into the ball. Ready to explode the moment they were released from Ye Chui’s control. The ball of wind drew close to Bedwick silent as night under the control of Ye Chui, once close enough Ye Chui released the spell resulting in an explosion.


Obviously, Ye Chui’s mastered the spell to the limit.


Oupu saw this gone quietly, having an impulse to slap Oberth with his two hands….


Bedwick fell to the ground, his vision still somewhat fuzzy. Although he was confused by the white light his reactions were quick. The moment he felt the rapid wind, he flung his short sword to defend against the coming attack.






A huge explosion went off.


From the beginning of the fight, everything was under Ye Chui’s control.


Satya: Ye Chui literally means forgotten history.


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