Omni-Magician – Chapter 127, Whack A Mole

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Translator: Satya

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The explosion caused by <Gale: Baptism of Night> threw Bedwick flying across, hitting numerous big trees. The Swordsman who wore a brilliant Armor now appeared in tattered clothes, hair dishevelled and miserable, blood flowing from the corners of his mouth.


A rank 7 Swordsman, even with a broken arm was still a rank 7 Swordsman. Someone that is untouchable to any Intermediate Magician, let alone someone who has just entered the domain of Intermediate Magician. But now Bedwick was clearly losing to Ye Chui.


It is not that Bedwick was weak, as a matter of fact, he was one of the few Advanced Swordsman who was recognized as a powerhouse. All things considered, it can be said that Ye Chui was very powerful. His strength did not lie in his attack power but his skill and battle tactics. It is often said that magicians fought using intelligence. this battle was a solid proof of that saying.


The explosion caused dust to fly everywhere. And once it settled revealing Ye Chui from within, everyone stared with wide open eyes.


“Really worthy of being my student. He improved his spiritual power recently and yet mastered it in such a short time! To the point that he could change the trajectory of the spell after it is released, such talent is rare even in the Capital City!” Booth was pleased and cannot help but laugh.


His laughter was more like a slap to the face for Oupu and Oberth, the father and son pair, making their skin change colors in all the wrong ways.


Alfea and the others were very shocked, they knew how powerful Bedwick was as they were part of the City Lord’s Guards. But now that mighty figure is being toyed with by Ye Chui… they started to doubt their eyes. Even if Alfea was confident in Ye Chui’s abilities from the start, she was still shocked.


“Great, this boy hid well. Although he is a Magician, he has the ferocity of a Swordsman. He definitely is not as timid as other magicians. This is great!” City Lord Eric said, pleased with Ye Chui’s performance.


“The duel is not yet over, and he might not necessarily win in the end.” Oupu stated indifferently, objecting the words of Booth and the City Lord, his words were poisonous, “we shouldn’t forget that though Hammer’s intelligence is high, his magic power is little. Most probably he has consumed his entire magic power reserves in the last attack. Bedwick did not use his trump card yet!”


His words made both Booth and Alfea dull, as they knew from Hammer that the so-called trump card that Oupu mentioned was Bedwick’s Skill Mode.


Bedwick never displayed his Skill Mode in public till now. But now he was burning with anger and did not care about who was watching. To have been pushed into such miserable state, that too by a rank 4 Magician, someone he looked down on, filled him with rage. He stopped hesitating and initiated Skill Mode <Shadow Mouse Mode>. Layer upon layer of black fog spread as it covered him. He spoke, the sound was gloomy: “Very Good, Hammer, you forced me to display my Skill Mode in front of so many people. I will not kill you quickly, I will tear you into shreds and make you feel every bit of it before you die!”


Eric, Booth and the other powerful individuals were not affected, but Alfea and others who were weaker felt a biting cold from the aura released by <Shadow Mouse Mode>. Alfea could not help but asked Eric: “Father, is the <Shadow Mouse Mode> that Bedwick used powerful?”


“I have not seen it before.” Eric said shaking his head, looking at the now proud Bedwick “this is the first time he displayed his Skill Mode in front of anyone.”


Alfea was worried and shouted to Ye Chui: “Hammer, be careful!”


“Hah” all the dust finally settled, revealing Ye Chui, there was a confident smile hanging on his face. He aimed his Magic wand towards Bedwick and said: “I already know how to deal with your <Shadow Mouse Mode>!”


“Hmhh, all talk!” Oberth taunted coldly, everyone knows that the Skill Mode was the most formidable technique that any Advanced Swordsman had. A Skill Mode is equivalent to an Advanced Magician’s Unique Spell. A person would spend their entire life cultivating to their advance tier of specialization an acquire one unique skill mode or spell. Regardless of if they are a magician or a swordsman, it is always regarded that this unique skill mode/spell is their trump card. He was sure that Ye Chui would die this time at the hands of Bedwick.


“This skill looks similar to a certain berserkers abilities?” Booth was filled with worry, “this will troublesome…”


“Since the name of his skill mode is Shadow Mouse, then it would most probably help in increasing the speed.” Eric stroked his chin and said after some contemplation “it is not easy to counter.”


“It does not matter what type of effects <Shadow Mouse Mode> has Ye Chui cannot survive!” said Oupu with a haughty face.




Bedwick slid underground at a blinding speed.


Everyone was rendered speechless.


“Drill…. He’s drilling…” Alfea was dumbfounded, “how…”


In a flash, Bedwick’s whole body disappeared and from where his legs once stood, was a small bump on the ground – as though bruised by Bedwick’s presence. However, this bump was far from stationary. From the moment it spawned, it immediately started to move, sliding towards Ye Chui at a breakneck speed.


Everyone watching held their breaths. Although this skill to burrow into the ground seems embarrassing, it is however extremely difficult to defend against. This stands true even for experts like Eric and Booth. How can Ye Chui possibly handle such an attack, this is practically cheating?


They did not need to wait for long to get the answer to that question.


They heard “bang”, right at the front of the bump was a crater caused by an explosion, the bump changed the direction it moved towards, and then there was “bang”, another explosion that hit the bump again, this time followed by a pitiful yell of Bedwick, clearly this explosion hit him, the direction changed once again, followed by another explosion, this time it was because of lightning, the electric currents dance around with great excitement.


“What is happening?” everyone was shocked, as they saw a series of explosions on the ground.


[So that’s how it is!] Eric understood the crux of it, his face filled with admiration, “after Hammer released <Gale Baptism of Night Wind> sending Bedwick flying, dust flew everywhere covering the whole arena, hiding his actions. He planted magic scrolls in the holes that formed during the time Bedwick made while executing <Dance Among Myriad Stars>. All Ye Chui needs to do is to trigger the scroll following the direction in which Bedwick moves, reducing the area in which Bedwick can manoeuvre.


The ground is littered with dense and numerous craters, dust flying everywhere following Ye Chui triggers the scrolls one after the other.


No one would have expected Ye Chui to come up with such a plan, even more so as a counter for Bedwick’s Skill Mode.


Though, besides all this awe that he was receiving, Ye Chui was simply reminiscing of the old classic, “Whack a Mole’. But, this was just an upgraded version of it with screams of pain and more explosions.



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