Omni-Magician – Chapter 128, Let me Blow Your Head Off

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Magic scrolls kept detonating one after the other, releasing a cloud of fire or lightning. The entire arena is filled with energy residue. Each explosion covered a part of the arena.


These explosions are not big, not too powerful. However, like fireworks, their numbers made them lethal.


Everyone now saw the advantage held by a magician right now and that is the number of magic scrolls the can bring into a fight. Just in the past few seconds, he had used over 30 scrolls, detonating them one after the other creating numerous explosions continuously.


Bedwick kept drilling in all directions to avoid the explosions, fearing for his life, surviving this twisted game till now. It was at this point that spectators around found it amusing.


“And here I thought that his Skill Mode was dangerous…” Alfea’s worry eased by a great margin, “now it looks extremely comical to me?”


Oupu father and son: “….”


Eric laughed without a care in the world and said: “Bedwick is a Swordsman, if he chose to fight Hammer at close quarters from the start then he would have won already, yet he chose to use skills that posed no threat to Hammer, and now is on the verge of losing. All he could do is to passively defend against Hammer’s attack. This strategy to face Hammer was completely stupid.”


Oupu interjects while saying with disdain: “all of this is nothing but trivial tricks, a way that is heretical, an utter disgrace to all the magicians. This is not how a magician should act.”


“The most important asset for any magician is intelligence, right now Hammer is using his strengths to overcome his weakness. He is using his intelligence to draw his distance in the match, this is a stunt that ordinary magicians cannot pull off.”


“But..” Oupu was unable to refute even if he wanted to, but thinking Booth’s status chose to stay quiet. Being a magician himself, he did not have any way to refute Booth. He truly hoped for Bedwick to perform a counter attack and kill Ye Chui, but all he was met with was a big disappointment.


Once Bedwick used his <Shadow Mouse Mode>, drilling into the ground, all that the opponent was capable of doing was to wait for his death, but now all he encountered was on explosion after the other, forcing him to scurry about like a rat. All this makes one doubt if this is how Advanced Swordsman fought?


A pitiful sight that Oupu did not want to see.


Ye Chui was playing around for a while now and chose to end it now. He took out about 78 scrolls from his space ring, and he used his wand to direct all the scrolls into the ground and detonated all 78 scrolls together.


“BANG!” soil on the ground was already loose due to all the explosion till now, so it took off after it was hit with huge forces of fire and lightning. Dust flew everywhere throwing Bedwick out of the ground straight away. He rolled twice and came to a stop on the ground. His clothes tattered, his face covered with a black mixture of blood and mud, his hair …. Mmmm…. Well, no one can see what happened to his hair but it looked like a birds nest. All things considered, he pretty much looks like a beggar.


He lay on the ground unconscious,


“Is he dead?” Alan cannot bear to wait anymore and say “he sure looks like he is…!”


His words brought everyone else to concentrate,


Ye Chui stood straight at that moment. When he found that Bedwick was moving anymore he let his guard down and walked towards him so that he could talk to him, a huge mistake. As just when Ye Chui relaxed, Bedwick sprung to his feet, his hands held a cold shine, whiz whiz, many blades were released towards Ye Chui’s hand.


Ye Chui reacted quickly to the sudden attack as he retreated with a backward flip, however, the sudden attack did hurt. After this short encounter, his Magician’s Robe was filled with tears and he was wounded. His wrist was bleeding and he lost his wand to Bedwick. He immediately withdrew another one and held his magic wand as his feet reached the ground and stabilized.


“Damn, I did not expect such a cheap shot from him, … I guess I should learn from these mistakes. Seems I am not experienced enough.” Ye Chui muttered in his heart.


Once the strike ended, Bedwick retreated a few steps, while looking at Ye Chui who held the new wand in his hand, could not help but laugh: “I did think you were so cautious as to have a spare magic wand!”


A Magic Wand is an indispensable tool. Without it, a magician no matter how good or powerful are incapable of siphoning their magic power and cast even the most rudimentary of spells. Hence to lose the magic wand in a fight is the same as losing their head.


This sneak attack surprised everyone present.


Eric became furious: “A noble and respectable Advanced Swordsman using such underhanded methods is an absolute disgrace.”


It truly is ignoble for Bedwick to use such cheap tricks. If he were to face an opponent as strong as he was, then using such methods to secure a victory is acceptable. But he was fighting Ye Chui, a mere Intermediate Magician. Even though Oupu father and son had to accept this to be the case, their eyes were glittering with cold light. As they wished for Ye Chui to die.


Everyone present here, especially those of the younger generation, like Alfea, Alan, Arthur, Balmain, and others who idolized Bedwick, now felt that they were all deceived by Bedwick. This was not how he acted before them at all.


“You disgrace yourself using such methods.” Ye Chui spoke as he wrapped his wounded wrist with a bandage, sneering as he spoke.


“Anything goes as long as I defeat you!” Bedwick spoke with arrogance. “As long as I can win this duel, I am willing to do anything.”


After listening to what Bedwick said, Ye Chui said: “umm, I think what you said is actually true.”


He removed his magic robes with a rip, revealing his lean and muscular body. Everyone’s view changed about the long-established fact that magicians had weak bodies. However, Ye Chui’s body looked very strong? Of course, it did not reach the level of a Swordsman, but it is not weak at all.


Alfea mused with wide open eyes: “Debbie always said that Ye Chui had a weak body? But how is that weak? It is weak compared to Debbie’s physique but she is an exception. Even I find that his muscles are big enough to appear charming… But if that is what his body looks like, I wonder what Tony’s body would look like.”


As Alfea allowed her imaginations to run wild, her face turned beet red


Ye Chui sneers, throws his Magician’s Robe, turns towards Bedwick: “since all is fair play now…” in the next instant, a strange one-meter savage looking device appears in his hand, Gatlin, with its shiny black muzzle aimed at Bedwick’s head. “Should I blow your head off?”


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