Omni-Magician – Chapter 129, Settling the Accounts

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Translator: Satya

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Among those who are present, only Alfea, Balmain, Athol, Alan, and Booth have seen the lethal power of this Enchanted Device, hence when they saw Ye Cui pull out Debbie’s Gatling, they were stunned, but immediately became happy.


With Gatling in his hand Ye Cui, even without a wand, can easily kill Bedwick from any direction, especially now that he was injured.


This was the first time Oupu father and son had seen Gatling. Oupu said in ridicule: “what is this? Does hammer think he can turn the tables with this strange contraption? How laughable!”


“The thing that is truly laughable here is only you!” Booth stared at Oupu, he was not humored with Oupu’s words, “Even I will not dare face this troublesome thing.”


Those words of high evaluation caused the expressions of Oupu father and son to ugly.


The people watching were perplexed when they saw Gatling. Bedwick too was shocked, as he found out the ferocity of Gatling first hand when they encountered the pack of Wind Wolves, which caused him to postpone his plan to assassinate Debbie, and that was so that he can obtain this enchanted weapon.


After that Iron-Swordsman and Debbie defended against him together, and during that time he experienced the bombardment of steel bullets from Gatling directly. The image of him being pounded by Iron-Swordsman and Debbie is still fresh in his memories…. He thought that Ye Cui would be helpless once he disarmed Ye Cui of his magic wand. But now Ye Cui, someone with the strength of an average person, is equipped with the enchanted weapon Gatling, turning him into a formidable force once again.


He has exhausted most of his Sword Aura while executing <Shadow Mouse Mode> and drilling underground, and now to face Gatling under Ye Cui’s control, even though he was fast, it is impossible to face 300 rounds per minute firepower of Gatling. This is just like how it was of martial arts masters in his previous life when they had to face the blinding speed of firearms bullets.


All the satisfaction and pride Bedwick felt before instantly turned into heart-gripping fear. Then he remembered something, which returned the smile on his face, he started to laugh with ridicule: “You know how to bluff, don’t you Hammer? Do you think that I don’t know that enchanted weapon in your hands? Sure, it is a formidable weapon in Debbie’s hands, and only Debbie is capable of wielding it to start with. How can you use it? By hugging it?”


“He He”


Ye Chui did not reply to Bedwick’s taunts, just pressed the trigger directly.


“Thump Thump..”


Red lines sprayed out from the Gatling’s barrel, it did not hit Bedwick though as Ye Cui was aiming for the tree behind him. The bullets flew scratching Bedwick at his side and fell on the big tree behind him.


The firey red steel bullet pierced through the tree, as thick as a person, turning it into as sieve riddled with holes the size of pebbles, from bottom to top, each hole releasing wisps of smoke from where the bullets left.




the tree split in half and fell, one half still standing.


Everyone that witnessed it was dumbfounded, their ears still ringing with because of Gatling’s loud fire.


This is not Skull Town. when they were at skull town, they did not have the time to worry about the sound it made, they were in a hurry. But they were in Stan City, in this tranquil morning, the effect that the resounding thumps of Gatling were even more impressive making the sound, even more, fear-inducing.


Bedwick, who was on the receiving end, on the other hand, was frozen in place with fear. Cold sweat dripped on his back. He saw Gatling in action before and he snatched it to use it before, tried to shoot Iron Swordsman with it, only to find out that only Debbie could fire with it. So how can Ye Cui use it as well?


He yelled with a shivering voice: “That’s….. That’s impossible, how can you use this enchanted weapon?”


“What nonsense, how can I not be able to use it when I am the one who made it?” Ye Cui sneered saying that and aimed the muzzle at Bedwick again.


“You… you made it…!?” when Bedwick saw Gatling for the first time, he was scared, not because of its own might but the kind of figure that was able to conceive such a scary warmongering weapon, turning one person into an army. As if all that was not enough he had to accept a Duel to Death with the very person he feared the most.

Eric, Oupu, and Oberth were given surprises one after the other since the beginning of the duel. Bishop Faria, who has been indifferent till now, had a face filled with shock.


Eric knew about the existence of Gatling, but he had not thought that it would be this powerful. And the most important point is that it was built by a Magician with whom he was familiar with. [This young man is unbelievable…]

(Satya: Unbelievable? Believe it!)


The way Oupu father and son saw the world was destroyed entirely. This trash for a Magician made that enchanted weapon? Really? Such a powerful weapon, the way Ye Cui looked while holding it, the dazzling physique, all of this would make anyone cry with jealousy.


As for Bishop Faria, the way he looked at the enchanted weapon, was eerie. No one can predict what he was thinking except for himself.


Ye Chui, however, was focused on the fight, unaware of what the onlookers thought, as he kept firing Gatling. His body shook constantly along with Gatling’s barrel. He extended his hand towards Bedwick: “Give my Magic Wand back.”


Bedwick grasped the magic wand, after hesitating for a moment, he decided. He threw the magic wand towards Ye Cuii. he turned into a shadow and ran away fast towards a corner. At this moment he had no interest in fighting anymore, all he wanted to do was to get out of the firing range of Gatling. Even if he cannot escape because of the oath, he felt that it would be better to be punished by the oath than to be blasted into million pieces by Ye Cui.


“You want to run away?!” Eric was startled to anger, he was prepared to intercept.


But Ye Cui has acted faster.


He caught the Magic wand, aimed at the shadow which was Bedwick who fleeing, and utters very heroically: “Come back!”


‘Zoop’, Bedwick who was fleeing felt himself being bound by invisible chains, his body started to fly back in the air and he cannot help but turn towards Ye Cui as he fell in front of Ye Cui. Ye Cui kept the Gatling in his space ring, made a fist, stood sideways, took a deep breath, Bang, punch fell on Bedwick who then flew backward.


Bedwick’s face contorted in pain.


Blech, Bedwick puked blood along with several broken teeth, he fell down, he rolled twice before stopping. The handsome and proud face is now completely distorted, and one can see the fear in his eyes clearly.


“This…” all the bystanders were shocked once again.


The strength displayed by Ye Cui with his punch surpassed everyone’s expectations. It seems that Ye Cui’s image of being physically weak was the complete opposite of the truth. Before the duel, everyone was surprised with the ingenuity that Ye Cui showed wielding his magic wand countering the techniques used by Bedwick, especially when they saw Ye Cui use the spell <Breeze>


It was an Elementary Spell <Breeze>


This spell is reputed to have no great worth, it can be used at most to make things float. At best it can allow one to control a puppet made of paper and make it dance in the air. But now Ye Cui proved them wrong by using it against an enemy as he used it to control magic scrolls to attack.


To the point that he made a rank 7 Swordsman flee for life, someone that even Booth did not have the confidence to restraint. Even more so, to only use an Elementary Spell!


Ye Cui arrived in front of Bedwick. Took out Gatling to aim at Bedwick’s face, with a smile he said: “that was for Antonio, now we shall settle our accounts for you bullying Debbie.”



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