Omni-Magician – Chapter 130, I Keep My Words

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The spell <Breeze> was intended to be used to control the wind element in such a way that one can create thin threads of wind which bind themselves to the desired object and move it with one’s thought. But in order to do the same to a fleeing swordsman, arresting him in mid-air, it not only needs the threads of wind be as thick as ropes, the spell caster also needs to achieve a great understanding into the spell so much so that they are familiar with all the intricacies involved in the theory and the practice of the spell, and to top it all off and making such a feat possible they need huge reserves of Mana as well as a powerful body and powerful spirit.


Right now Ye Chui possesses all three of these characteristics, others may think that Ye Chui has exhausted his Mana reserves, but the fact is that he is still full of Mana. This is the advantage he has received because of the dragon blood baptism.


Bedwick was trembling in fear on the ground, and those that saw this site would understand: ‘the magician, hammer, can no longer be regarded as trash’.


Oupu and Oberth’s faces have turned white, scared and restless. They were the ones that bribed Bedwick to deal with Debbie. For them, all of this was but a minor matter. They never thought that it would blow up to such proportions. That Ye Chui would act in such fearsome way for that young lady.


All they can hope now is that Bedwick would show some backbone and not bring the matter of who told him to deal with Debbie…


“Oupu! Oupu is the one that told me to assassinate Debbie, he also sent people to deal with you. This was all Oupu’s fault, I don’t have anything to do with it…” Bedwick shouted out loud all of a sudden. Right now he did not have any grace that he previously showed, all of that was but a huge joke.


Oupu: “….”


Everyone looked at Oupu.


Right at this moment, Balmain spoke: “Hammer was ambushed this morning by two swordsmen and according to my investigation, they were part of the Swordsman Guild. Damon recognized them and their relationship with Guild Master Oupu seems very intimate.”


Balmain knew everything he just spoke, but he did not have any substantial evidence to put it together with, and hence he kept quiet. Now that Bedwick confessed to his deeds, he can use it to hold his grounds against Oupu.


Eric took a deep breath in order to cool down before taking a deep look at Oupu.


“Lies! He is Lying…” Oupu panicked.” the only one to say that is him, why would I harm Hammer, I am a respected Guild Master of Magicians’ Guild, why would I deal with a bastard magician!”


“Bastard magician?” Booth calmed himself down, and then looks at Oupu, “Guild Master Oupu, I expected to watch how you speak, you use such derogatory term as ‘bastard magician’. Hammer is my student, moreover, everyone has seen his performance moments ago, and you still call him so, if this is how it is then I have no other choice but to be impolite!”


“He He.”


Ye Chui sneers and looks towards Oupu: “I would like to say a few words in this matter, which would clear a lot of misunderstandings…” Oupu’s complexion changed, Ye Chui then added.”I believe that neither Bedwick nor the two that attacked me in the morning had anything to do with you.”


Those words shocked everyone, Alfea was puzzled and said: “Hammer, have you gone mad?”


Ye Chui smiled at Alfea and did not bother explaining anything.


All those with experience and mature minds, City Lord Eric, Booth, Balmain, and all the elders present there, had a change in their complexion as they all had similar thoughts: [Oupu is the Magicians’, Guild Master. With the lofty status he holds, even if Hammer were to prove Oupu’s crimes, he would barely be able to do anything to Oupu. Naturally, even Booth could not act against Oupu so easily. Naturally, this is under the context of going through lawful means to deal with Oupu. If Hammer has no way to deal with Oupu legally then… he would be doing it in with his own hands… the only way he could end this with the lowest level of repercussion is to murder Oupu…]


[This youngster is not kindhearted]


Ye Chui continued to look at Bedwick: “Shall we continue.”


“No, don’t kill me….. I am willing…” Bedwick as he kept staring at the smocking black muzzle. At this moment he no longer looked like the dignified leader of the City Lord’s Guards but more like the lowliest scum of the city.


Everyone, Alfea, Alan, Balmain, and others, that previously held Bedwick in high regard have now started to disdain him and lose what little respect they had for him at this moment. They did not think of him as a person that would abandon his pride when faced with death. They did not think that he would have tried to assassinate Debbie, nor could they image he would murder Antano in cold blood.


Eric felt the same, but being the City Lord, his first priority is the impending Beast Tide. the strength possessed by Bedwick will be crucial in the upcoming fight. After a hesitating a little, he spoke out to Ye Chui: “Hammer, there is no need for this life and death duel anymore, you have already won. I ask you to let this sit for the time being, I will shield you from the effects of the oath. Although I too cannot withstand Bedwick’s actions, I ask you to let him go. I guarantee that he will be met with adequate punishment.”


Ye Chui shook his head and wanted to speak, but just then a burst of big laughter was heard out of nowhere.


That sound came from above, as a figure descended from overhead. It was a fierce looking person who dropped from the clouds. He landed by Eric’s side. This man had a large and strong build, wearing a magnificent heavy armor, whisker-like thin mustache which stood at its ends. This person exuded an oppressive aura.


His name was Dunson, a peak rank 8 swordsman at the same time he was also the Stan City Swordsmen’s Guild Master.


City Lord Eric, Magicians’ Guild Master Oupu, Bishop Faria, Swordsmen’s Guild Master Dunson these are the Stan City’s four giants.


“Ha Ha, interesting! I never thought that a mighty rank 7 Swordsman Bedwick would be punched to a miserable state by a rank 4 Magician. It truly is a pity the I came one step too late. I have missed a good show!” this Dunson seems to have a very lovely and bright personality, he laughed out loud for a while, then looks towards Ye Chui, “Magician, you are quite fierce. however since we are in such a desperate situation, you should withdraw from this duel. Although Bedwick made a few mistakes, he is, in the end, a member of my Swordsman Guild.”


Eric knit his brows and looked at Dunson: “Violent Tiger Swordsman, what do you mean?”


Dunson’s face was lazy as he picked his ear with a finger: “City Lord Eric, I have just heard of the upcoming beast tide. Don’t you think it would be better to save some strength right now? Bedwick will be of more use in the fight, I believe.”  hi was uncouth as he continued to shout at Ye Chui, “hey, you heard me right, be smart about it, will you? Although I do not condone the way he acts, he is still my friend. So how about giving me some face, huh?”


When Bedwick saw that Dunson was helping him, he revealed a happy expression.


Although Oupu did not concern with Bedwick’s life or death, after a brief thought, he came to the conclusion that Ye Chui’s life would be made difficult if Bedwick were to live, therefore said: “Hammer, no matter what you think of me, though what Bedwick has done is unforgivable, but one must consider the difficulty we are facing now. It would be better if you let go of Bedwick.”


Three out of four giants have spoken in favor of Bedwick.


The blood-soaked face of Bedwick was excited as he thought that he would live.




“You are very lucky, three of Stan City’s giants are speaking in your favour.” Ye Chui sneered towards Bedwick: ” I always mean what I say. The debt you have for hurting Debbie must be paid, I will make you pay. Since I said I will kill you, I will kill you. I always keep my word.”


He pressed the trigger.


Even if he were to go against three giants he must kill Bedwick. It did not matter who pleads or who is angered.

Who told him to hurt Debbie?


Silavin: Mana and Magic Power will be split into two different terms instead of using just Magic Power for everything.


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