Omni-Magician – Chapter 131, Where is the Magic Stone

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“You are very lucky, three of Stan City’s giants are speaking in favor of you.” Ye Chui sneered towards Bedwick: ”I mean what I say. The debt for hurting Debbie must be paid, I will make you pay. Since I said I will kill you, I will kill you. I always keep my word.”


Ye Chui spoke without care, and pulled the trigger “thump thump”, everyone was dumbfounded as Gatling resounded. A line of fire drew in the air starting at the muzzle. The bullet hit Bedwick’s head, which bloomed into a flower of blood and flesh as it turned into nothing.


Bedwick’s face was not that of fear at the time of death but of sheer surprise.


The three big giants of Stan City, the City Lord Eric, Swordmen’s Guild Master Dunson, Magicians’ Guild Master Oupu all came together to guarantee his life, thought that he would escape death for now. Wasn’t everything settled with that? Then…  Ye Chui spoke something and waited for him to understand what was said. Just when he understood the meaning of those words, the heartless gunfire of Gatling arrived, rumbling his muddled head.


Shock can be seen in his face, as he did not have enough time to get scared, he bid his farewell to this world.


This is not how it was supposed to end.


That deafening sound drowned the surrounding people, making them feel like everything that happened until now was an illusion. He killed, even after the three giants instructed him to let go of Bedwick, he still fired.


Ye Chui lifted up Gatling and rest it upon his shoulder. For Alfea, Alan, Balmain and the other City Lord’s Guards, it was a heroic pose, simply divine valiance, cold and oppressive. And the fact that he opens fired after his words to Bedwick, it made them see Ye Chui in a new light.


Alfea’s face turned red, as she saw Ye Chui’s manly mannerism, she was reminded of a certain Iron-Swordsman.


But Alan who has been pursuing Alfea felt extremely lucky, as Ye Chui was engaged to Debbie and that he was very loyal and faithful to her. If he too pursued Alfea then he had no chance at getting her as Alfea would choose either Ye Chui or Iron-Swordsman.


Oupu father and son’s complexion turned pale. Previously Balmain had identified the people sent to trap and kill Ye Chui and also that Bedwick had been sent by them to assassinate Debbie, yet Ye Chui said that it had nothing to do with them. Which makes everything obvious that he will not let Oupu go, that he will kill Oupu personally. When he understood all this, he felt disdain and ridicule in his heart, because he was a rank 7 Magician. Even if Ye Chui asked for help from a peak rank 9 Magician, it is beneath Booth’s dignity to deal with a rank 7 magician. Why would Oupu feal Ye Chui?


But even knowing all of that, he felt genuinely afraid.


He could not help but shiver.


Oberth held tightly onto the sleeve of Oupu from the side, like a scared little boy, ready to cry…


However Oupu was a highly accomplished personality, although he was frightened in his heart, He did not show it in his face. After gathering his guts and wits from the effects of Bedwick’s unsightly demise from the deafening sound of gunfire, his lips turned purple from fright, looked at the angry Swordsmen’s Guild Master Dunson, said in a sinister voice: “Mr. Dunson, this boy cannot differentiate good from the bad. He is blatantly unruly, even towards you, I don’t understand how you are able to tolerate it?”


Dunson let himself calm down and stared at Oupu, he understood what Oupu was trying to do but the issue is he was still feeling suffocated with all the anger in his heard. He personally guaranteed justice but the other party did not listen, to top that off the one he wanted to protect is turned into a bloody mess! He did not think of this possibility, so he was too late to respond to Ye Chui’s action of pulling the trigger…… then it took some time for him to suppress all the hatred in his heart, to calm down an spoke to Ye Chui: “Boy, you are really brave!”


As he spoke, he walked forward, Ye Chui flinched a bit, as an invisible wall pushed towards Ye Chui. It felt like he was being pushed down by moving mountains. Anyone above the ranks of Intermediate Swordsman can release their sword aura. What Dunson was using was not a skill but his sword aura to put pressure on Ye Chui.


Ye Chui’s body shook, he felt his body becoming many times heavier, making it hard for him to breath. His hands started to sweat.


Dunson was a rank 8 swordsman, though the difference in rank between him and Bedwick was only one, their power cannot be compared. He was much more powerful than bedwick.


Ye Chui ‘s body turned rigid and he felt an impulse to kneel down. He, in the end, did not kneel as he stared back at Dunson stubbornly as if to say “So what if you are the Guild Master of the Swordsmen’s Guild? You think I will be afraid of you?”


“Huh?” Dunson was expecting this magician to kneel to him when he released his aura… but contrary to his expectations, this magician did not only resist his aura he even stared back at him? He held back his anger, smiled, and released even more pressure making it unbearable to Ye Chui, who began to shiver helplessly. Yet he did not drop down to kneel, his eyes still calm and still staring at Dunson. This action of his changed Dunson’s expression a little.

[This boy is strange.] he thought.


This was the most pressure he can cause with his Sword Aura… are the youth these days this strong?


“Enough!” Eric shouted and stood in front of Dunson and faced him.

Booth vanished as a white light flashed where he was and with another flash of white light, he appeared in front of Ye Chui shielding him from the sword aura. All this took a few seconds.


Ye Chui’s body almost collapsed. He barely managed to resist. When he saw the caring expression on Booth he couldn’t help but call out: “Teacher.”


“Ai, you.” Booth had a lot of complaints regarding Ye Chui’s behavior right now, but he still had a face filled with a smile as he appreciated Ye Chui’s incredible performance in his heard. He was very pleased that he chose such a good successor. He pats Ye Chui on the shoulders. “You have killed a rank 7 Swordsman in a deathmatch, you must be tired. Go and have a well-deserved rest. Your teacher will deal with anyone that dares trouble you!”


The last words that he spoke were for the three giants to listen to.


“Dunson, Hammer killed Bedwick in a life and death challenge. Neither of us has the right to interfere in this matter. Let this matter go.” Eric spoke in a low voice, although I too am not pleased with Ye Chui’s disobedience, I am at the same time impressed with his bravery. Not everyone is brave enough to go against three of Stan City’s giants. he looked at Dunson: “But the most urgent matter is that of the Beast Tide. Guild Master Oupu, I believe you have been informed of the matter regarding the activation of Grand Protection, you may start.”


“What!?” Oberth who was standing by Oupu’s side froze where he stood. The Beast Tide was almost upon them and City Lord has commanded him to prepare the Grand Protection, the most important object needed to activate the Grand Protection is the Magic Stone, the very magic stone which was stolen by Oberth to give it to Ye Chui in exchange. Right now he was the one that wished the hardest that Dunson would manage to kill Ye Chui. He knew that he was doomed.


Oberth wept in his heart.



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