Omni-Magician – Chapter 13, Sister, is the 10 Percent Discount You Gave Still Valid?

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll

Finalized Editor: theunfetteredsalmon


Just moments ago outside, he had seen several Beastmen. All of them were males with the build of a muscular warrior – they were all at least two meters tall, had protruding fangs and fierce looks. However, this did not dampen the anticipation Ye Chui had towards the model-like figure of the female Beastman. At least, that pair of slender legs emerging from the stairs was rather attractive. If only they weren’t green in colour…


As the female Beastman walked down the stairs, her silhouette gradually became more obvious – her slim legs, small waist… and a ridiculously full chest.


Sweat droplets appeared on Ye Chui’s face. Beastmen were born into a race focused on being warriors, and they had a wild style that could even be called simple, like how the female Beastman was wearing plain clothes.


Her skirt was considered to be rather short. It was clearly made especially for battles. Though he could not see her face, he assumed her to be a stunningly beautiful Beastman.


As a matter of fact, Hammer had definitely seen this female Beastman, who could possibly be the female boss or the staff of the bookshop. As long as Ye Chui put his mind to it, he would be able to imagine her appearance. However, he did not do so as he wanted to enjoy the pleasure of uncovering her beauty.


He deeply regretted making this decision; a face with fangs slowly appeared before Ye Chui’s eyes. She was chewing on a chicken drumstick in her mouth. The creaking sound produced made one subconsciously wonder if she was chewing the bone as well. With her long, blood-red hair resting on her shoulder, the present society would view it as unkempt but beautiful. Of course, Ye Chui thought of her hair as messy. [Did she forget to comb her hair in the morning… or do all Beastmen have a habit of keeping it messy?]


“Humph, there is a guest.” As the female Beastman saw Ye Chui carrying two books, she reached out her hand to pinch the chicken drumstick out from her mouth like how she would pinch a cigarette. As expected, the top part of the drumstick was left meatless, with even a segment of the bone missing. The female Beastman laughed as she approached Ye Chui, “Little Magician, are you here to buy magic books? Welcome, welcome.”


“Err, hi there…” As Ye Chui seemingly woke up from a dream, Hammer’s memory gradually resurfaced. This female Beastman was the lady owner of Cara’s Magic Bookstore. It goes without saying that her name is Cara. She was a female Beastman from the Tusk Tribe, one of the five major Beastmen Tribes. Beastmen from the Tusk Tribe were characterised by fangs stronger than those of other Beastmen from other tribes, and they linked their fangs to their standard of beauty. Cara, the female Beastman before his eyes, was rumoured to be the most beautiful of them all…


Cara obviously knew Hammer. Since Magicians would naturally visit the only Magic Bookstore in Stan City (and Magicians were few in number), it was impossible for her not to know him.


“Which book are you buying this time? I heard that you used magic scrolls to defeat a level four Swordsman this morning. Since you’re so interested, how about I give you a 10% discount for any book you buy?” Cara smiled flirtatiously.


She was most likely being flirtatious instinctively, but to Ye Chui, her blood-stained fangs were too scary to seem in any way enticing – goosebumps started to form at the thought of her bite. Ye Chui decided to not take her words seriously and refuse any little advantage he could gain from her!


Meanwhile, what made Ye Chui even more astonished was the time gap between defeating Carrey this morning and now. It has barely been two hours, and she has already heard of it? Uncertain if this was a good thing or not, he acted bashfully and brought two magic books to Cara, “I want these two books.”


“Ehh?” Glancing at the books Ye Chui chose, Cara frowned and looked at Ye Chui in an unusual gaze, “Are you sure?”


Ye Chui remained silent.


Cara then warned, “You have to confirm your decision now. As long as you take the books off the bookshelf, it is the same as you having decided to buy them. Both books cost 10 gold coins. No exchanges or refunds allowed.”


“10 gold coins?” Ye Chui was dumbfounded.


A meal at Stan City’s best restaurant, Moran Flower Restaurant merely costs eight silver coins, while Anthony’s Magic Cottage could only be mortgaged for 10 gold coins… but these two magic books actually cost 10 gold coins?


And what else did Cara say? There is no exchange or refund allowed once the books were taken!


Ye Chui suddenly realised that he might have made a mistake.


It is indeed a mistake, a very big one in fact.


“Hammer, what… what do you want the magic language books for?” Debbie’s sharp voice with a hint of breathlessness could suddenly be heard from the side, “Don’t you know the rules of the bookshop? The magic books can only be seen, not touched. Once you touch it, you have to purchase it, and it will definitely cost a tonne. Most importantly, these books are of no use to you in any way. If you wish to learn the magic language, you will need guidance from a true master!”


Debbie’s words made Ye Chui realise that he had neglected a very important matter, which made his heart skip a beat.


Due to its special characteristics, magic books were very costly. Not to mention, magic language books, magic spells, and other magic related teaching materials were considered to be more valuable than regular magic books.


Although the bookstore sold magic language books, comprehending the magic symbols they contain is far too complex for ordinary Magicians to understand. They can look at the symbols, but they would not truly understand the encompassing and concise meaning of the symbols because every symbol is said to have a profound imprint of special feelings and thoughts, which can only be studied properly through a master’s guidance and instructions.


Just like the matter between men and women, watching videos and not practising would never make one an expert…


Of course, such things were not absolute. Those blessed with special talents could use their observation and comprehension skills to master various techniques, but such people were rare. At least, Debbie didn’t feel that the stupid Hammer had such talent. She carefully licked her lips and pleaded Cara with a pair of sorrowful eyes, “Lady boss, can we not buy this book?”


Cara smiled mildly – of course, the mild feeling was subjected to her only. In Debbie and Ye Chui’s eyes, she was giving a sly smile, “Of course…not. Oh, do you still want to buy the encyclopaedia? On the account that you have bought two magic language books, I’ll give the encyclopaedia to you for free.”


Ye Chui, “…”


Debbie, “…”


Cara shoved the half-eaten chicken drumstick back into her mouth and chewed onto the chicken with a creaking sound, put both her hands on her waist and her fangs protruding from her green smiling face, she muttered with little clarity, “My two little friends, do you still have anything to say?”


“Yes…” Ye Chui stammered, “Sis, did you say something about giving me a 10% discount?”



Cara’s Magic Bookstore was infamous for its bluntness. The rules state that once the magic books have been touched, the person must buy it no matter what! Cara’s authority allowed her to implement, or maintain such ‘honesty’ of the store, so much so that even the hot-tempered Debbie had no choice but to compromise.


When Debbie and Ye Chui left Cara’s Magic Bookstore with an encyclopaedia and two magic language books for nine gold coins, Debbie’s face turned pale. The joy of having 100 gold coins two hours ago had disappeared. Her rage only made the great sword on her shoulder seemed more dangerous than ever…

(Silavin: Yandere!!)


Carrying the pile of books in one hand, a forced smile was plastered on his face as he felt cheated. However, he did not regret the purchase of these two expensive books. In fact, he wanted to buy several more books regarding the magic language, so as to gain a more detailed understanding of the theory of magic, although Debbie’s angry face was a powerful deterrent.


Recalling Hammer’s memory, Ye Chui knew that a master’s guidance would be needed to learn magic. After all, magic language was a type of complex magic symbol, and only by master and disciple interaction would one be able to accurately grasp the meaning of every magic symbol. Finding a master who could teach intermediate magic language and advanced magic language was immensely difficult. Even when that obstacle is surpassed, the cost of learning would easily exceed 10 gold coins. In fact, old George had the prerequisites for learning intermediate language being a level three peak Magician, but he could not find a teacher. Thus, he died as a mere level three Magician.  


It wasn’t impossible for a Magician to learn the magic language from the magic books, but it was an uphill task and only a handful of people have managed to do it successfully.


The few successful cases did not represent his own inability to do it. When Ye Chui was a hacker, he also did it step by step. To him, it was an interesting challenge as he took on the challenge in a mindset of a Father of Studies…

(Silavin: Father of Studies, a great man who stands at the apex of education. With his finely honed skills, he scored full marks on all his tests. A genius in short, but also a bit of a narcissist.)


As Debbie stomped in rage in front of him, he couldn’t help but think, [How can I pacify this girl?]


Soon after leaving Stardust Avenue, he saw a group of seven to eight-year-old beggars idling by the roadside. His eyes lit up immediately.


“Debbie, I have an idea to further improve the business in our shop…”


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