Omni- Magician – Chapter 12, The Magic Store

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll

Finalized Editor: theunfetteredsalmon


Since Ye Chui’s reincarnation into Hammer’s body three days ago, he comprehended all the magic knowledge that Hammer left behind. He even reviewed all the information of this world. However, he didn’t bother with the useless information, like how Hammer hid a portrait of his dream lover, City Lord’s Young Lady Alfea under his bed.


There were also some other dirty-minded things that Ye Chui wasn’t interested in…

Debbie wasn’t bothered by the fact that Ye Chui did not recognise his dream lover. As mentioned previously, this girl had plenty of self-confidence, despite her petite stature, which was very compatible with her “rush in and attack” style as a Great Swordsman.


With regards to the matter where Hammer hid the portrait of Alfea under the bed, Debbie let the matter slide with a smile: Alfea was looked up to as an idol by most men and even women in Stan City. Hence, Alfea’s popularity in the city did not invoke any jealous thoughts among the common girls. Moreover, Debbie worshipped Alfea subconsciously as she was a genius level 5 Swordsman.


It was understandable that her future husband admired the other party secretly.


Actually, several of Alfea’s portraits were also hidden under Debbie’s bed…

(Silavin: My god!)


As Ye Chui saw Alfea with her heroic aura from his window seat slowly travelling by, he reigned in his unusual thoughts – Alfea was unattainable for him due to his status. More importantly, after the previous incident, he had grown more immune to pretty girls. Disregarding Hammer’s influence on him, Alfea was, to him, nothing more than an idol most men obscenely fantasised about.


[Hmm, could I manage to find all the portraits hidden by Hammer?]


After spending 8 silver coins feasting at the Moran Flower Restaurant, Debbie and Ye Chui went back to the Magic Cottage, feeling satisfied.


On the road back, Debbie chattered endlessly about the wonderful future with Ye Chui, while carrying her greatsword, “Hammer, did you really carve those magic scrolls? You’re smarter than my father! With your speed in making magic scrolls, we would definitely make a fortune – one scroll can be sold for 40 copper coins, 10 for 4 silver coins, 100 for 40 silver coins and 1000 for four gold coins!”


“Sales for the magic scrolls hasn’t been good. Even if I am able to carve that many, we might not be able to sell them.” Ye Chui perspired while explaining.


“Everything is up to us to obtain. If we didn’t do anything, would we have the 100 gold coins we have right now?” Debbie gave a nonchalant expression. Being in a good mood, she said, “By the way, do you have anything that you want? I shall make an exception and buy you something good, in acknowledgement of your accomplishments today!”


“…” Ye Chui was speechless. [Girl, the 100 gold coins in your hands were gained through unscrupulous means… No, although you could argue that you earned it through hard work, don’t you feel shameless about it?]


However, Ye Chui did not give much thought, not knowing whether it was the fact that he and Debbie spent three days of hardship or the fact that the influence of Hammer’s remaining memories made his subconscious mind regard the girl as his own sister. Being with her gave him a feeling of comfort and warmth.


As he sized up the shops on both sides of Stardust Avenue, he noticed a particular shop and his eyes lit up, “Debbie, buy me some magic books.”


[Magic in this world is simply too engrossing!]


Until now, Ye Chui had successfully grasped five magic symbols, out of 32, and was eager to learn the remaining magic symbols. This feeling was similar to the time when he first started programming – eager to learn all the languages at once.


Using his ability as a hacker, he believed he could grasp all the magic symbols and could cast any spell. He even trusted that he could create his very own spells.


Ye Chui expressed his impatience to Debbie.


“You want the magic books? All right, I shall buy any number you want!” Debbie proclaimed arrogantly.


Ye Chui was momentarily surprised as Debbie was usually very stingy. [Why is she being so generous today? Is this the same girl who wouldn’t even spare an extra drop of sesame oil for her noodle soup?]

(Silavin: LOL)


“Hehehe…” Debbie gave an evil smile, “Hammer, seems like you have the talent in carving magic scrolls, huh? We shall buy a few magic books, go back to research the carving techniques for other magic scrolls, but let’s not make the business of the Magic Cottage get too prosperous…”

(Skoll: Female version of Weed?)


Ye Chui, “…”


[Alright… this is the Debbie I know who goes all out to not waste even an extra piece of a noodle.]


The bookstore name that Ye Chui saw was called Cara’s Magic Bookstore. In Hammer’s memory, Ye Chui knew that this bookstore was the largest one in Stan City, and was also the only shop where one could purchase magic books.


After entering the bookstore with Debbie, he was immediately attracted to the rows of bookshelves. It was noon and the bookstore was practically empty – no patrons or even shopkeepers were around. It seemed as if the boss of the bookstore wasn’t fearful that people would steal his stuff, but in reality, as the only magic bookstore on Stardust Avenue (and in Stan City), the power and aura of the owner acted as a deterrent for robbers.


Ye Chui scanned the books on the rows of the bookshelves, which were very diversified and varied. Several bookshelves, namely ‘Swordsman Biography’ and ‘Ancient History’ were used to categorise the books. As Ye Chui looked through every single book, he set his eyes on a book with its name intricately and lavishly decorated on its spine, which read ‘Aigen-Dazs Continent Encyclopaedia’, under ‘Ancient History’.


Without much hesitation, he took out from amongst the dozens other books. This one weighed at least a kilo.


Wrapped in a bronzed leather cover, the thousands of pages described all there was to know about the Aigen-Dazs Continent – its history, culture, races, geography, species, etc.


With this book, Ye Chui could gain a better understanding of this world that he reincarnated into.


“Encyclopaedia?” Seeing Ye Chui choose such a thick book, she was shocked. “I thought you weren’t interested in such things?”


[If Hammer was interested in these, I wouldn’t need to buy these books to read myself.]


Ye Chui explained smilingly, “I am now a little interested, let’s just bring it back.”


“Ohhh… Alright.” Debbie muttered.


Feeling wealthier than ever before, Debbie merely took a quick glance at the price tag at the back of the encyclopaedia and agreed to it. In the past, she would never have agreed to a purchase so readily. “Hammer, do you want any other books?”


“I’ll take a look at that bookshelf,” Ye Chui pointed at a small bookshelf. Despite its size, the magic books that filled it made it the most valuable corner within the shop.


“All right, I’ll take a look at some books under the ‘Swordsmen Biography’ category,” Debbie said as she took the encyclopaedia from Ye Chui. Her kind gesture to help Ye Chui with the heavy book accentuated her kindness towards others…


Seeing the little girl walk away with the 50 kg greatsword in her hands and a 1 kg book under her arm, Ye Chui sighed. The females in this world were much stronger. He turned around to move to the innermost bookshelf.

(unfetteredsalmon: 50kg is actually the most retarded thing i’ve ever heard, swords in history didn’t weigh more than 5 kg, and even then those were typically decoration/props, the kind that would break in a sword fight)

(Silavin: It is a fantasy setting after all, can’t blame them from making it overly done just for exaggeration)


The bookshelf was closely located near the innermost wall and a staircase that leads to the second storey. It was not known if there were different sorts of books stocked up there.


‘Analysis of Magic Principles’


‘Talks about Wind Elements’


‘Mysterious Link Between Basic Magic Elements’


‘Origin of Magic’


‘Basic Offensive Spell Compilation’



Seeing book after book related to magic was dazzling, but as he scanned through them seriously, two books at the bottom of the shelf caught his eyes.


‘Intermediate Magic Language’


‘Advanced Magic Language’


“These two books are what I was looking for!” Ye Chui joyfully pulled out the two books from the shelf. While he was cleaning off the layer of dust on the books which had been untouched for a long period of time, he suddenly heard footsteps coming down the staircase.


Turning his head, Ye Chui was greeted by a pair of slender legs navigating the steep steps.


Those legs were firm yet bouncy. It was as if a beautiful slim woman strutted in a graceful and poised manner, however…


Those legs were green.


It was a female Beastman.


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