Omni-Magician – Chapter 133, Flee If You Want To Flee, Why Blame The God?

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[Damn that Oberth!] Danson cursed. Though Danson had the appearance of a brute, he was still the Swordsmen’s Guild Master. He knew his limits, especially when he was planning to deal with the Magician Guild Master’s son. He had no intentions to end the poor boy’s life. All he wanted to do was to frighten Oberth with the pressure from his sword aura and teach the kid a lesson.


[Then again… I used the same amount of sword aura on Ye Chui and he did not even flinch. Ye Chui even took it with a smile. Who knew that Oberth would just up and die. Bleeding through all his holes to death!? He died all by himself so why blame me? I am not responsible for his suicide.]


“You… you went too far……” Oupu was furious. Glared at Dunson. Ran to Oberth’s side and inspected the injury. Finally, when his hands laid bare on Oberth’s body, he was saddened to find that it was already stiff. [He’s gone… My boy…] Oupu wept bitterly as his arm wrapped around his son, hoping to hold on to the last remnants of heat his son once had.


Dunson held his scalp and held an apologetic face. He wanted to scare Oberth when he found out that he stole the Magic Stone. But, once remembering that the <Grand Protection> formation cannot be activated in time to protect the city from the Beast Tide; resulting in gods know how many people’s death.


[This damned boy!] Dunson cursed once again and revised his thoughts.


Even if he were to fight Oupu to death later, he did not regret killing the boy. So he turned his head towards Eric: “City Lord, what should we do now?”


Eric was also surprised when Dunson killed Oberth just now. But the boy is already dead. Being the city lord, Eric had to think of the balance between the city’s higher strata. Usually, he did not stand on Dunson’s side for fairnesses sake but this time it was different. What Oberth did has put the lives of over 20,000 citizens at risk! So he supported Dunson killing Oberth.


After a moment of hesitation, he ordered: “Balmain, announce the news of the incoming Magic Beast Tide to the public. Send orders to prepare for evacuation. Keep the law and order avoiding chaos during the evacuation.”


“Yes!” Balmain replied and left immediately.


Everyone around the scene was all afraid. They all wanted to flee for their lives. The danger is upon them, so they started to leave in flocks in order to prepare for evacuation. Yet, some remained determined to face the Magic Beast Tide. they were waiting for City Lord Eric’s instructions.


Eric started: “Dunson, gather all the Swordsmen outside the city wall. We will work together with City Lord’s Guards.”


Stan City is their home. The city might be razed down to ashes by the end of the Beast Tide. Even so, neither Eric or Dunson want to leave. They might not withstand the Beast Tide but at least they can buy some time for the people to evacuate.


“Yes!” Dunson said with vigor. He turned around to enter the Swordsmen’s Guild to gather the Swordsmen.


Eric arrived at Oupu’s side. With Oupu still grief-stricken, Eric knew that Oupu might not be able to handle anything right now. Hence he approached Diya and said: “you gather everyone from the Magicians’ Guild outside the city wall. We must resist the Magic Beasts together.”


“Yes… Yes.” Diya was still grasping the situation and nodded subconsciously.


Stan City had four mighty organizations. The first was Swordsmen’s Guild which had 30,000 Swordsmen registered to be hired. Of which The Mercenary Guild, which is supporting the Swordsmen’s Guild, and have 4300 heads who are under Dunson’s direct command.


The second is the City Lord’s Manor. It had the City Lord’s Guard. They can be considered as the Stan City’s civil forces which numbered 700. Most of them are Swordsmen, and all of them are under the City Lord Eric.


Then we have the Magicians’ Guild. The number of Magicians registered under the Guild are over a hundred people. However, the number of people that officially work for the Magicians’ Guild is only about 30-40 people. Although the number is small, it might is nothing to joke about.


Lastly the Church of Light. It has numerous followers. And amongst them are Swordsmen, Magicians, healers, and many other professionals. Most important are the Priests who can tap into the mysterious power of faith. The Bishop has 200 followers under his direct command.


“City Lord Eric…” Bishop Faria was a little hesitant. He firmed up his resolve in a moment and said, “may the light of the Seven Gods bless you. But I fear that the citizens would be attacked by the Magic Beasts during the evacuation. So I decided that the church will take the responsibility of protecting during their evacuation and ensure their safety until they find a sanctuary.”


Hearing the Bishop’s words everyone stared at him except Oupu. everyone had only one thought [you just don’t want to face the Beast Tide alongside the city and want to flee! And you make it sound like you are doing a favor to others? Just say you want to flee, damn it!]


Eric’s eyes become cold: “Bishop, the strength of the church is immense. I request you to unify its members outside the city.”


“The Seven Gods blesses the people. He does not want his devotees to be hurt. We must protect his devotees at all costs. His will is to  protect those that are evacuating.” Faria said without a single change in his serene voice.


No one knew what to say anymore.


[Flee If You Want To Flee, Why Blame the Gods?]


“Bishop Faria, I never would have thought that you are so shameless!” Eric was angry. He kept staring at the Black Clothed Bishop.


Faria smiled and kept silent. But then he moved straight towards Ye Chui. Smiling he said to Ye Chui: “the will of the Seven Gods moves the world.  May the Seven Gods bless you. I, the Bishop, will fulfill his command. Are you willing to serve the Seven Gods to your best of abilities in protecting the citizens?”


Everyone was dumbfounded. No one understood why Faria would say that to Ye Chui. Why would Faria invite Ye Chui at this time?


Ye Chui understood the Faria’s meaning after a brief contemplation. He laughed with valor and spoke to Faria: “why beat around the bush? Just say that you want the Enchanted Weapon in my hand.”


Enchanted Weapon!


Faria wanted Gatling in Ye Chui’s hand. He has seen the might of this Enchanted Weapon, making him greedy. If he had this Killing Machine in his hand then he will be able to escape the Beast Tide half the effort. The people present thought that the Bishop had a thick face when he said he wanted to escort the citizen away to safety. They were proven wrong. That did not even compare to how thick his face was.


Bishop Faria smiles and nods: “may the Seven Gods bless you. The Gods have blessed you with the ability to create such wonders. Now, then, are you willing to dedicate your strength doing the Gods’ word?”


“Ha ha.” Ye Chui smiled at Faria, “I don’t think so.”



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