Omni-Magician – Chapter 134, Speak to Me After You Survive

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“The Holy light of the Seven Gods shines upon the whole world.”


“Everyone should strive to move and dedicate themselves to God’s will”


Faria looked at Ye Chui, a smile hanging on his face.


“Tell God…”


“He can visit me personally if he wants something from me.”


Ye Chui said in a matter of fact tone.


Of course, he was talking about the Seven Gods.


Since the great Seven Gods are so interested in the small toy in his hands, They should get it themselves.


Everyone stared at him with wide eyes.


The Seven Gods have the largest following in the Aigen-Dazs Continent. Ever since the inception of the Seven Gods, no one has ever dared to speak against its members. Especially someone who has become a Bishop like Faria. Faria, being able to smile and openly admit to leaving Stan City during this time of crisis will by no means take on any form of punishment.


Even if City Lord Eric wishes to oppose Faria, that opposition would lay flat. That is how powerful the influence of the church is. It is a form of law above government and lords itself.


But Ye Chui’s words were contrary to what governments and lords would do…


Him talking against Faria is no different from provoking the church. Angering Faria, who has held the status as a bishop for over a dozen years is the same as asking for death.


Faria looked at Ye Chui and warned,


“The Seven Gods are benevolent. But they are not forgiving of the disrespectful.”


Ye Chui laughed and replied,


“Say those words after the Magic Beast Tide is over, Sir Bishop. Since you do not wish to stay and fight. I’d advise you to make a move first and stop wasting time talking to me.”


“After all, a Magic Beast Tide of 10,000 is approaching.”


Faria was furious at Ye Chui’s remarks.


He takes a deep breath and walks away in the direction of the Church.


He was, in the end, anxious to escape as fast as he could….


Everyone else was now in admiration of Ye Chui.


No one thought much about this magician.


Yet he has shown extraordinary strength and dared to talk back to the Church’s Bishop.


Eric shook his head bitterly, reminding himself of the upcoming Beast Tide.


Of the 200,000 people from Stan City, only a few lucky ones might escape. So why concern themselves with the Church right now?


He turns towards Alfea:


“Alfea, I already know what your reply is but are you willing to leave it to me and go?”


“Father, I will fight for the Stan City till death!”


Alfea did not hesitate to reply.


Alan, Damon, Athol and other City Lord’s Guards held their heads up with pride.


“Haa… “ Eric had complex emotions.

He did not want his daughter to risk her life here. But he also felt proud or having her as his daughter.


He continued


“Mobilize all of Stan City’s Swordsman and Magicians!”


“Arrange them to join forces in defending our Home!”


“Hai!”  all the City Guards and many energetic people replied in chorus.


Swordsmen and Magicians must register at the respective Guilds, but that was not the case for the majority of the people.


The Guilds held no authority over them and hence they need not stay to defend the city. Yet they are the majority of the force that stands here to defend the city.


There will be no doubt that their additional strength will play a crucial role in the upcoming battle.


Alfea looked at Ye Chui one more time before she left with Alan and the others.


Eric approached Booth.


There is no doubt that he was Stan City’s most powerful Swordsman. But the most formidable Magician here was none other than Booth. Although Booth may not be his match in a fight, the current situation would have more impact for a ‘Master’ in Space Magic than a ‘Master’ Swordsman like himself. However, Booth was not a citizen of Stan City and holds no responsibility to aid them.


So, Eric had to ask.


He turned to Booth and said with respect:


“Mr. Booth, this probably is our first time meeting each other. It would be difficult to survive the incoming Magic Beast Tide. so I will not take offense if you were to leave now.”


Booth was hesitant.


He would be in the right if he were to leave right now. He has a genuine reason to leave now. Yet, when his vision met Ye Chui’s, he knew that Ye Chui would definitely not leave. The way he talked to Faria just before clearly indicated that fact. He never had the intention of taking in a disciple, but after meeting Ye Chui, he changed.


An indescribable urge welled up within him as he burning desire sprouted out to have Ye Chui become his disciple; a disciple he could hand every shred of knowledge he held to. That desire was only just fulfilled today when the boy finally muttered the words ‘Teacher’


How could he possibly leave his disciple here?


Perhaps, This was the very moment he has been waiting for? The opportunity to break through the barrier to becoming a peak Level 9 Magician?


Booth said with a smile:


“I shall stay.”


Eric was extremely happy to hear that:


“Mr. Booth, if we can get through this disaster, the entire Stan City will be in great debt to you.”


“ Thank you very much.”


“Please don’t say that.”


Booth shook his head with a smile,


“I will join the forces outside the city in a moment.”


Eric nodded his head and then looked a Ye Chui. Although Ye Chui’s performance earlier was a pleasant surprise for him, his strength was not enough to bring much change in the current situation, hence he refrained from saying anything at present.

Ye Chui was not a member of the City Lord’s Guard, Nor is he a prominent personality in the Magicians’ Guild.


Deciding not to involve the youth, Eric took a deep breath and had his body fly off the ground. He was like an eagle that spread its wing and disappears into the horizon.


Though, anyone who saw this scene would find something odd: why has he not talked to Oupu before leaving?


Ye Chui was grateful to Booth. He then looked at Oupu, still holding his son and weeping, with wrinkled brows. This scene was sad. But what was strange was that he did not feel sad while looking at the now puddle of blood Bedwick. On the contrary, he felt tranquility, which was frightening. He was no longer the person from his former world. The man from that world was gentle and peaceful.


If he were the original him, could he have handled all of this?


[When did I change so much?]

Ye Chui wondering.


[Was it during the slaughter of Wind Wolves in the Skull Town? Was it while I was fleeing for my life in the Dark Forest?]


[No… it was much further than that. Most likely during the three months of captivity by Busca…]


After realizing the silent changes within his heart, he was now clear that the old Ye Chui was gone.


Now, he could be considered a little crazy but firm and resolute… even a little cold-blooded.


Ye Chui does not like everything about the new him. He was now a person who would set up traps to kill someone.


The very thought of this made him afraid of himself. His heart was filled with darkness.


But then, he was quick to realize that there was still some warmth within him, and it came in the form of the new found family he wished to protect.


He reframed his judgment. Ye Chui now understood. He was not such a heartless person when he came here.


However, there was a difference when compared to now. Unlike his old self, he held nothing of great importance.

But now, he had Debbie.


His personality changed because he had something to protect!


Something so important that he would be willing to dirty his hands to safeguard his loved one.


In this brutal world with Magic, his personality now was just a form of adaptation.


[Haa… ]


All this brought a smile to Ye Chui. He looked at Booth:


“Teacher, I want to visit a place first.”



Back at Anthony’s Magic Cottage, Debbie, who was unconscious for over 10 hours, woke up.


Her body was aching all over as the Paralysis Poison had not been expelled completely. However, as though by instinct, she immediately reached out for her Greatsword and Gatling, only to discover that she was in a different place from where she was. She then discovered that she was in a very familiar place. It was a familiar cottage.


She tried to get up but was not steady enough on her feet.


She rubbed her head.


She tried to recall everything that happened.


She felt extremely dizzy.


she called out without thinking:


“Hammer, I am hungry… “


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