Omni-Magician – Chapter 135, Why Are You Still Conscious?

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“Slurp Slurp……”


Debbie gorged on the noodles, as she sat in the courtyard looking at the ground that was stained with bloodstains. Though she did not stop eating noodles, her heart was restless.


She did not forget all that has happened in the dark forest before she fell unconscious. She was however confused as to how she came back. She did not know where Hammer rushed to and to top all that off the entire floor was littered with bloodstains.


All this did not make any sense. So she had to hurry, but if she was starving, she would have no strength to do anything. So, she was gobbling down all her food, reminding herself that she had to find the ones that caused all this and bullied Hammer.


She will go all out and beat the living daylights out of him.


But before all that, this little miss had to obliterate, the Noodles……


Just as she finished destroying the noodles in front of her, she heard footsteps, and vigilantly turned her head around in that direction.


“Aah!?” Alfea could be seen walking in through the gate. She saw that Debbie is sitting on the ground slurping on noodles. Alfea became happy at the sight


“Debbie when did you wake up?”


“Hammer?” Debbie asked directly, “where is he? Whose blood is on the ground?”


Alfea blanked for a moment. She can see the cold fury in Debbie’s eyes. Those eyes were saying: [If something were to happen to him, I’ll make sure to go all out against the bastard who did it!] She saw a similar expression before, it was the same expression before when Ye Chui killed Bedwick without hesitation.

She doesn’t know why, but she became a little envious of these two people. she explained: “Relax, Hammer is all right… We had a little incident here, that’s all.”


In a small lane behind Clara’s Book Shop …

“Clang …. Clang… Clang… “, there was a rhythmic sound spread across without end. Dwarf Dov can be seen hammering on an extremely damaged pair of greaves. each time he hammered, one can see a visible change in the damaged this piece of armor. This exquisite art of smithing is exclusive to the Dwarf.


Ye Chui stood to the side as he admired the scene playing in front of him.


The Iron Swordsman armor was damaged during the Dark Forest fiasco. Therefore, he had to call Dov to repair it as soon as possible. So when he left Booth, he arrived here right away.


It was not too long before Dov stopped working with the hammer in hand.




Dov said as he checked on his work:


“your friend is too careless, how did he get this armor damaged so badly? He is lucky that I am helping him repair this. It would have taken at least 35 days for human Blacksmiths to get it in working condition”


“The damage is caused by Magic Beast.”


Ye Chui examined the Greaves as he brought out his Mithril Chisel and small hammer from space ring in preparation to repair the enchantments on the Greaves.


He spoke as he busied himself with the enchantments:


“Uncle Dov, you heard about it right? About the Magic Beast Tide? It will arrive soon and the city will most likely be breached. This is, after all a city of humans. You don’t need to stay to defend the city.”


Dov took down a wine pot from a nearby cupboard, Glug glug glug he poured the wine down his big mouth. He breathed out a carefree sigh and said:


“I came to Stan City more than 20 years ago. This is my hom. How can I scamper my ass off when it is facing its harshest tribulation to date!? We Dwarves are not cowards.”




He opened an antiquated (old and fragile looking) chest with his foot trampled. In the chest was an incredibly sharp Battle Axe. Dov bent down and picked it up and threw over his shoulder. He was filled with a heroic spirit:


“I’ll make these bastards taste of Mount Blue Dwarf’s Battle Axe!”


Ye Chui was awed by the vigorous and heroic Dwarven majesty that Dov released. But soon he returned his focus towards repairing the enchantment on the Greaves. Delicate sounds of metal on metal can be heard as Mithril Hammer struck the Mithril Chisel. the fine patterns started to become complete on the Greaves.


The enchantments were complete once again.


Finding no mistakes in the enchantments and engravings in the Greaves Ye Chui prepared to take his tools into his space ring and just then… ‘Clang’, many objects were thrown in front of Ye Chui. They were all in the forms of rods. Some were as thin as two centimeters, while others were as thick as an arm. All of them had engravings on them. They were each inscribed with six wind symbols. Their form was strange, nothing of such design was seen in this strange magical land. But if one were to ask Ye Chui then he would say they looked similar missiles.


Well, they were missiles, or more precisely…… Magic Missile.


“Here, I made these with the blueprint you have given me a while ago. the enchantments are completed, magic stones have been installed. there are a total of 13 of them here. As I am the one to finish the enchantments instead of you, I was going to charge you for that as well. But since we are currently in a precarious situation, we can discuss the matter of price after everything is settled down.” Dov has continued gulp down on liquor.


Ye Chui was practically glowing with excitement.


He gave the Blueprint to Dov, asking Dov to help build these items. He has not thought that Deve would forge the missiles so quickly. Ye Chui was incredibly happy as he finally got his hands on these missiles: “How did you finish these missiles so fast all alone?”


“Nonsense, you think that I am like your human race’s Blacksmiths?” Dov was pleased with himself, “I am telling you again, these things are not complex. I used black iron for the casing. Then I made the axle using Silver. And finally, the center is filled with finely ground Magic Steel Dust. The <Wildfire> array is engraved on the top of the missile. This is an advanced Fire Magic enchantment. Its might exceeds that of your <Fire> array by over ten times. Once you press the switch the array deploys. The missile will explode sending fragments of the Magic Steel in all directions with great speed. The range of the explosion is around 10 meters.


Ye Chui,s  eyes shined as he looked at the missile in his hand. This type of tool, especially in an event like the Magic Beast Tide will yield twice the result with half the effort. He then had a thought: “Dov, why don’t you keep some of these for yourself. They will be quite useful in battle?”


“We Dwarves have a craving for forging various types of exquisite devices. but when it comes down to killing the enemy, we do not like using tricks and tools. I have this Battle Axe and that is enough.” Dov plainly rejected Ye Chui’s good intentions,


“boy, this fight… you better not to lose you head.”


“Relax. Now that I have the missiles you made, I have a lot more confidence.”


Ye Chui said with self-confident.


Just as Dov stepped outside his forge going towards the city gate bumped into Cara who was clad in her Heavy Armor. Like Dov, she lived in Stan City for a long time. She had also decided to fight to the death to defend her home.


After they said goodbye, Ye Chui looked for a deserted place. He equipped the Iron Swordsman Armor to test its response. Once he confirmed that it had no malfunctions he rushed to Anthony’s Magic Cottage. To make it convenient, he took off the helmet and the gauntlet and wore the black magician’s robe outside before he entered the yard.


Debbie finished eating that bowl of noodles clean as she listened to Alfea. Alfea was telling her what happened in the yard earlier. Also the matter of the imminent Beast Tide.  her small face was full of shock from hearing all of this.


When she saw Ye Chui at the entrance, the young miss rushed to the front. She examined Ye Chui up and down: “Hammer, are you all right? You should leave these fights to us girls, why did you feel the need to put yourself at risk?”


Ye Chui: “……”


[What happened to gender equality?]


“Well… aren’t I still doing fine?”


Ye Chui said embarrassed as he gave the space ring containing Debbie’s Great Sword and Gatling once he removed the mark the space ring.


So now Debbie can use it without restriction. Ye Chui also said that it was Iron Swordsman who gave him the space ring and with Bedwick’s help he opened it. As many people saw Ye Chui using it he did not conceal the matter of him using the Gatling.


For some strange reason, Debbie did not bicker with Ye Chui about the adventure he had a little while ago, as she tried her Great Sword and the Gatling.


There was a tinge of sadness in her eyes when she looked at Ye Chui: “Hammer, you must look after yourself well from now on.”


“Mmm?” Ye Chui dazed for a moment. [Why is she making such a sad face?]


While Ye Chui was thinking about Debbie’s sadness, Debbie moved suddenly. She hit Ye Chui on his neck, trying to knock him out. she knew that he would fight along to defend the Stan City to death, but she did not want that. So she planned to knock him down and sent Ye Chui out of the city


Ye Chui staggered, looked at Debbie surprised:

“what did you hit me for?”




“… ahhh? Why are you still conscious?”


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