Omni-Magician – Chapter 136, You Pervert!

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Debbie did not want Ye Chui to risk his life for Stan City. so she knocked him down and wanted to send him out of the city. She hit him on the neck to knock him down, but he just shook it off.


All this did not make any sense to Debbie and made her stare at Ye Chui with disbelief.


[When did Hammer’s physique become so strong?]


If it were the Ye Chui from before then he would have fainted. But after he had undergone Dragon Blood Baptism, his physique had undergone a metamorphism. And also Debbie‘s strike was not heavy. So he did not faint.


But now that Debbie had realized this, she tried to hit again. This time it was even harder.




Unfortunately for Ye Chui, Alfea stood beside him and struck him on the forehead to help Debbie.


And now, after receiving both strike, Ye Chui did not fall unconscious but was a bit dizzy.


“Debbie you are too soft. You don’t seem to know how strong Ye Chui’s body is. He is quite muscular.”


“Really? How would you know that?  …. Did you peep on Hammer while taking a bath? I never did….”


“Debbie, stop talking nonsense… he stripped while fighting with Bedwick…..”


While they were having their argument, Ye Chui who was lying on the floor took the chance to take a magic crystal from his space ring and held it in his hand.


Looking at Ye Chui on the ground, Debbie pursed her lips. She stabbed her Great Sword on the ground nearby. She bent down, hugged Ye Chui and lift him up in a princess carry.


Ye Chui, now unconscious, would be wailing in his heart about the shameful state he was in if he was awake.


Debbie turned her head to Alfea:  “can you send him out?”


“There are many City Lord’s Manor’s carriages that are evacuating the city. I can get him on one of those to leave the city.” Alfea nodded. She then led Debbie to the City Lord’s Manor next door.


While they walked, Alfea thought for a moment and said


“Actually Hammer is very powerful now. He fought with the rank 7 Swordsman Bedwick. Although he was wounded during the battle, his battle prowess is great. He has killed him easily. If he stayed back…”


“No. He is a magician. He can at most create a distraction. I can’t let him risk his life. If something were to happen to him…” Debbie refused firmly, and she looked at Alfea,


“whatever strength Hammer could add, I shall compensate for it. Let him leave. Rest assured that I will fight till my last breath against the invading Magic Beast Tide.”


Alfea sighed and did not persuade Debbie anymore.


Although the strength that Hammer showed was fierce, his individual strength was not enough to bring too much change in the fight against the Beast Tide. not to mention that Hammer does not have too many important connections in the city.


They arrived near the City Lord’s Manor. There were many carriages and vehicles that were waiting there. All the City Lord’s Manor servants were flustered while getting ready to set off. They were startled when they saw Debbie carry Ye Chui to one of the carriages. She sat by Ye Chui and looked longingly towards Ye Chui for a long time. During which time Alfea instructed the carriage driver. After a while, Debbie collected herself. She went close to Ye Chui and kissed him. She jumped down the carriage with her small face flushed.


It did not take long for Alfea to instruct the matter to the carriage driver. and soon the driver whipped the horses and the carriage was drawn out of the city gate at a rapid pace.


“Hammer, you must live on.” Debbie kept looking at the receding silhouette of the carriage until it disappeared from her sight.


“Uh… Debbie” Alfea thought of an issue suddenly, she looked at Debbie and said, “how come you are wearing Magician’s Robe?”




Debbie gawked and started looking at herself. She remembered that she fell in a lake in the Dark Forest. Her clothes were soaked. After that, the Nimble Shadow Cat attacked her when she fell unconscious. She did not change her clothes. So, If she didn’t change her clothes… Then…


[Was it Hammer or the Iron Swordsman?]


Debbie’s small face started to tremble with extreme anger.


“Who was the one that helped me change? Does that pervert not care about face!!!”



The carriage that Ye Chui was on headed towards south. The carriage driver was very anxious. Ever since the news of the Beast Tide spread to the people, the was commotion everywhere. Everyone was fleeing from the calamity. The roads were packed to the brim.


It was very difficult for the carriage to leave the city. Once the carriage was out of the city and the road was free the driver started to whip the horses like crazy demanding that they would pick up the speed and not to stop.


He did not notice that Ye Chui who was laying in the pile of goods in the carriage sat up. And in a single movement jumped out of the carriage nimbly and head into the nearby woods.


At this time, Ye Chui’s eyes were still closed. Apparently, he was still unconscious. In fact, his body was actually being controlled by Jarvis.


When Ye Chui realized that he was about to lose consciousness, he inserted the magic stone in the helmet. Although he did not take the helmet out, with the physical contact he had with the suit, he commanded the autopilot option via Jarvis.


About half an hour later Ye Chui recovered and woke up in the woods. He rubbed his swollen head. Looked around to observe his surrounding.


“Jarvis, where are we?”


“Southern woods.” Jarvis’ voice sounded in Ye Chui’s head. “Master, you will be pleased to know that nobody followed you here.”


[Umm, It would be good if I changed first.]


Ye Chui nodded to himself.


He took out his helmet and wore it on his head.


Just then Jarvis sounded in a timid and subservient way:


“Jarvis is online..”


But Ye Chui could not delay any longer. He left the small wood and rushed towards the city. He traveled north.


The dark forest was situated to the north of Stan City. So naturally, the ones defending the city would gather at the north gate.


Of course, there will be people who will not leave willingly. In their hands were simple weapons.


They stood bravely, ready to risk their lives against the Beast Tide. there are many people that practice Swordsmanship in this world. You can feel swords aura from their body. However, most of them stay at the first and second ranks.


For them facing the terrifying Beast Tide… let us just say that it is just a pipe dream to get out of it unscathed. And yet here they are. Fighting for their home. These were all hot-blooded sons prepared to die for their home.


Along the way Ye Chui’s heart became heavy. When he finally arrived at the souch gate of the city, he jumped onto the city wall which was 3.5 meters tall. Then he jumped over above the watchtower.

He finally arrived at where booth, Eric, Dunson, and the others gathered and were discussing the strategy. Debbie, Alfea and the others were not here.


People noticed Ye Chui’s arrival.


“Who are you?” Dunson asked with a crude voice.


“I am Iron Swordsman, Tony Stark.” Ye Chui replied.


“He was the one who brought The information about the Beast Tide. he is also a powerful Swordsman.”


Eric made a simple introduction.


“City Lord Eric, I would like to join the fight against the Beast Tide.” Ye Chui said.


Eric nodded:

“great, we welcome your help.”


At this time, Swordsman Dunson stood up and spoke cynically


“So, you are the Swordsman I been hearing about that has not registered with the Swordsman Guild. Just what kind of Swordsman are you? You can fool the rest but I can tell. You scam of an Advance Swordsman. Well, no matter… that’s not really important right now. The army is divided into 7 divisions. I am the one leading the first division. You are still, at the very least, strong enough to be a foot soldier in under my leadership.”


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