Omni-Magician – Chapter 137, You Pervert!

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Only when one has reached the realm of and Advanced Swordsman does one have the qualifications to call oneself a “something” Swordsman. This was the unwritten rule in the world of swordsmen.


Ye Chui, on the other hand, named himself Iron Swordsman. Just for the fun of it. But now that he was a well-known figure, he felt that his actions were uncalled for. Even though he was a skillful Swordsman, it would be quite clear for anyone with a discerning eye that the Iron Swordsman was not an Advanced Swordsman.


Dunson’s words especially hit hard when the words scam was uttered.


Hence the ridicule in Dunson’s voice and his blatant disinterest of Ye Chui made the boy a lowly foot-soldier in his division.


Ye Chui stood there stupefied and defiant. However, the person in question had a higher standing, both in power and in prestige. Him looking down on a boy wearing an armor suit was normal.


This hint of disrespect, however, was not unbearable to Ye Chui. On the contrary to being angry, he contained himself with a smiled and asked:


“Good, I shall join the first division then. But can I ask, what is the strategy you propose to resist the Beast Tide?”


“Can you not see that we were discussing the very matter before you barged in?”


Another Swordsman cuts in, not taking Ye Chui’s questioning one of the most respected persons in Stan City well.


Especially someone who they have never seen or heard of, who had popped out of nowhere and interrupted their meeting.


“We have just come to an agreement.”


Booth was the on that spoke just now.


He knew that the Iron Swordsman and his student were on good terms. Hence, he had a soft spot for the Iron Swordsman.


Then he proceeded with explaining the strategy they came up with.


Stan City had four walls surrounding it the four directions. Yet, there was a reason for there to be a <Grand Protection> Array cast on the city to face Beast Tides.


The city walls are only strong enough to defend against a small amount of Magic Beasts. If the numbers were to reach 10,000, then you may as well have built the wall out of bread loaves.


hence they chose to assemble the forces 300 meters from the northern city walls.


The major force of the City was Stan City’s Swordsmen.


There were a total of 30,000 Swordsmen registered in the Swordsmen Guild. Of which 4,300 were under the direct command of the Guild Master, while the rest were free to do as they pleased. When this ‘free’ group was summoned, only 2000 have shown up.


On the other hand, the City lord’s Guard had 700 people. Most of them were Swordsmen, and they were under the City Lord Eric’s direct command.


There were 100 Magicians. Of those 64 participated in the resistance.


In total, the force had 7000 Swordsmen but most of them were Primary Swordsmen. There were only 140 Intermediate Swordsmen. And 21 Advanced Swordsmen, including Eric. Although the Magic Beasts in the tide were only Primary Magic Beasts, they were a lot more savage and fierce compared to humans of the same rank.


So, Primary Swordsmen would not have much of an effect on during the resistance. Simply speaking, it all came down to the Intermediate and Advanced Swordsmen when it comes to resisting the Beast Tide.


Hence it made sense for Eric, Booth, Dunson, and others that the Advanced Swordsmen were chosen as the team leaders. The whole army (gathering of the volunteers and the soldiers) was divided into 19 squads of Swordsmen.


70 Intermediate Swordsmen were allocated to the 19 divisions, who would be the first line of defense.


The rest of the Intermediate Swordsmen along with the more than 5000 Primary Swordsmen were spread across the 19 squads as the second layer of defense.


They were to intercept any Magic Beasts that broke through the first line of defense. They are also to protect the magicians, commoners, and doctors who volunteered to support the army during the battle.


As the Magicians were fewer in numbers, they can only perform a supportive role from the rear.


City Lord Eric and Guild Master Dunson would watch over the city wall and protect Booth, as Booth’s role is the most important in the upcoming war. He was responsible for casting an extremely powerful defensive spell.


“Advanced Space Defense Spell <Valhalla’ Gate>” Booth spoke, “this is a Space Defense Spell that was created by the Magic Emperor. It was inspired from The Gera Temple Gates. It can create a Space Magic Wall that spans for a few kilometers. Except for the ends of the wall, the only way to get through is by the gates. We can set up a kill zone there and destroy them. Of course, I cannot compare to the Magic Emperor. I can only create a wall one kilometer long. But that should be enough to barricade the city from outside.”


There were two mountains to the north of Stan City, the Endt mountain and The Wolf Teeth mountain. They both are very steep, almost vertical.


It was said that these two mountains were once connected. But now they are separated with a kilometer wide canyon. Stan City was located at the edge of the canyon.  What is notable is that this canyon was a key aspect of the <Grand Protection> array. It is a pity that the <Grand Protection> array cannot be activated. So it is up to Booth to cast a defensive spell.


Though <Valhalla’s Gate> is a mighty spell and can resist the Magic Beasts, but it cannot last forever. Booth is only a single magician and has his own Mana limit. To top it off, the magic beasts do have some level of intelligence.  


So not all the Magic Beasts would pass through the gate. Some will take a detour. However, Booth can last for several hours. So the best strategy is to have 17 gates in the space wall. Just like a flood, the magic beasts would enter from the 17 gates and the 2 ends, where the different squads would be waiting to kill.


19 squads. 17 gates and 2 ends to protect.


Considering that there would be flying Magic Beasts, archers were arranged on the Northern City Walls. Bow and arrow were famous in the Elven Tribes, the point that they almost exclusively trained in it as their primary weapon. That was not the case in Humans. Although they study the art of archery, there was no way they could achieve the mastery that the Elves had.


This was the reason that archery was not as popular as Swordsmanship in Human communities as a separate profession. Yet Bounty Hunters in the Swordsmen Trade Union had some minor understanding in it.


As for Stan City’s <Grand Protection>, Eric did search for a magic crystal in the hope that they might activate it in the last moment. But that was not likely to happen in such a short time.


7000 Swordsmen against 10,000 Magic Beasts. Does not seem like not such a huge risk. But such was not the case. A Magic Beast of the same level is far more powerful a Human. Usually, it takes over 5 to 6 Primary Swordsmen to fight a single rank 3 Magic Beast. Even though they have made detailed plans to face the Beast Tide, there is no assurance of victory in sight.


“Tony, you are a part of the first Squad. Which incidentally happens to be the one that would face most of the brunt.”


City Lord Eric said to Ye Chui,


“Alfea, Alan, Athol, Debbie, and Balmain are also in the first Squad. You might ask to be a part of another team.”


“That won’t be necessary.”


Ye Chui rejected. Why would he change anything? Especially when he wanted to fight by Debbie’s side.


Observing the surrounding people, especially his Squads leader made him realize something. T


hat the sudden discovery that the highly honored Booth personally explain the situation to the relatively unknown Ye Chui did not sit well with some of the people assembled here. So, Ye Chui got up and said:


“I will look for Debbie and Alfea.”


Eric nodded.


Ye Chui jumped down right after he arrived at the city wall. He finally reached the division he was assigned for and started to search among the sea of warriors, that were battle ready.


He finally found Debbie. And just when he spotted Debbie, Debbie has also glared at him.


Almost at the very instance, her gaze met his, her mouth began to spew a torrent of screams and roars.


she was pointing to the amour she had on. she was shouting something while pointing at her soft-armor as if to say:

“Are you not ashamed of yourself for changing my clothes when I am helpless…..? Pervert!”


Everyone was speechless from the shock…


Alfea, drenched in sweat, quickly pulled Debbie away from the scene in retreat.


Ye Chui stiffened. He violently turned back, embarrassed, and spoke to Booth:


“Mr. Booth, I just remembered a little matter that I must tell you. Perhaps it could be useful for you while using Magic…”


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