Omni-Magician – Chapter 138, Let Him Be!

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Translator: Satya

Translation Checker: Silavin

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


Stan City, Northern Wall.


The forces gathered at the northern wall to resist the Magic Beast Tide in a hurry. At the same time, the commoners and weaker Swordsmen and Mercenaries flurried their way out of the city through the Southern City Gate. Everything was getting chaotic. The people were afraid. And slowly, among these people, appeared silhouettes that were completely donned in black robes; they were the priests. They kept a slow pace as the walked.


“The Swordsmen and Magicians in the city are all fighting against the Beast Tide but I don’t have the ability to help them. If the Swordsman Skills I learned in my early years have not been forgotten, I would have joined them to resist this invasion!” an ordinary citizen complained as he carried his luggage, while holding the hand of a little girl, with the companions traveling with them, “But the people in the church clearly have the power why do they not go and resist the Beast Tide?”


“I heard that Bishop Faria is comparable to City Lord Eric in terms of strength, but…… yet he……” 


Another fellow companion also had few complaints, but fearing the power of the church, did not say the remaining words. 


“Seven God’s light shines on everyone.” at that moment a gentle voice was heard in their amongst. “God loves the commoners. It was The Seven God’s wish that We followed shepherd the commoners away from danger.”


Two citizens were startled. When they turned their heads to look, they discovered that Bishop Faria was standing with them; panic was written all over their faces.


“Do not fear. The Seven Gods are magnanimous. as the servant of the Seven Gods, I cannot take offense from your words.” 


Bishop Faria said kindly,


“You are wondering why I have not to lead the Followers to resist the Beast Tide, right? That is because I am following the instructions of Seven Gods. I must follow close to you, to protect you.”


“But… But…” one of the citizens wanted to say something, but he was overwhelmed. Ending up saying nothing else.


“You want to ask me that since I must protect you, why not go to battle together with others, right?” Bishop Faria continued to voice his thoughts with a coat of kindness, “The Magic Beasts are very dangerous. even if it is the City Lord Eric, they can only resist for a short time. With so many Magic Beast, some of them will eventually escape the Line of Defense and chase after you. The  Seven Gods cannot endure when the commoners suffer. Therefore, they instructed us to accompany you. Even if we die, we will die with you. this is Seven Gods will.” 


“So that’s how it is!”


The two citizens seemed to understand everything. Looking at the gentle and divine halo that surrounded Bishop Faria, they felt his intentions towards the safety of the citizens to be truly sincere.


“At this moment, you only need to praise the Seven Gods. pray with all your heart and you shall be blessed.”


 Urged the bishop with a smile but as he floated away, he snorted.


Whatever doubts the two citizens had were removed completely. The ones that complained that Followers of the Church had not stayed back to resist the Beast Tide together with City Lord, now thanked the benevolence of Seven Gods! 


“Remembers the names of those two. Find a chance later and punish them for their blasphemy!” Faria arrived near one of the Followers and whispered.


“Yes, Sir Bishop.” That Follower said hurriedly whispered back.


As Faria turned his head towards the north, the earth trembled. From the distance, he was already able to feel the vicious aura that the Beast Tide emitted.  He took a deep breath and snorted. If it were not to collect the Power of Faith from these commoners at this moment, when they are the most reverent, he would have already led his Followers to run away from this death zone. 


[Who in their right mind would protect these dumb peasants?]


The Church is pivotal for human civilization. A Follower is one of the four major professions in human society. A Follower is not just some ordinary person who believes in the Seven Gods. The average person can only preach about the Seven Gods and pay to the Gods. Only those who can sense the Power of Faith and have the talent to harness it can be called a Follower. By tapping into the Power of Faith a Follower loses his/ her ability to cultivate as a Swordsman or as a Magician.


If the Follower is talented in using the Power of Faith, then he/she will be promoted. They can even become a Bishop.


The Bishops are further ranked into Bishop Trainee, the official Bishop, Archbishop and finally Cardinal.


 Faria is only an official Bishop now but his strength is comparable to a Level 9 Swordsman.


“Bishop Faria……”  while Faria was pondering whether he can escape this disaster, a clear voice sounded to his ear. He saw a petite form quickly approaching him. It was a girl wearing a black Priest’s Robe, clearly oversized for her. Her attire showed off her adorable and rosy chubby cheeks that still held some baby fat, as she was around 15-years old.


Seeing this girl, Bishop Faria eyes flashed for a moment as his mind returned back to reality. He opened his mouth asked: “Vivian, what is it?”


“Sir Bishop, why must we leave instead of fight against the Beast Tide along with City Lord?” Vivian spoke as she gasped for breath as she put forth her doubts to Faria.


 Faria snorted: “This is the will of the Seven Gods.”


“But… Bishop Sir, Seven Gods teach us to cherish the commoners. Isn’t it for the best if we fought to resist the Beast Tide?” Vivian naively looked at Faria, “Sir Bishop, I don’t understand.” 


“Vivian, will of the Seven Gods is deep and unfathomable. You are just a Bishop Trainee. do not try to guess the will of the Seven Gods!” Faria spoke sternly. In entire Stan City, he was the only one who has achieved the boundary of a Bishop. But that soon changed when this little girl, Vivian joined the ranks of a Bishop. So now there are only then two people in Stan city who have become Bishops. First is Faria, and another is this little girl Vivian. Vivian’s talent in controlling the Power of Faith is extraordinary. even Faria felt that very soon this little girl shall surpass him…. this was something he was not willing to promote.


“But… But…” Vivian was still not convinced and tried to argue some more.


“Enough! No more buts!” Faria Interrupted Vivian. He took a deep breath and calmed down. His eyes flashed with a cunning light, “Vivian, the Seven Gods encourage their Followers to make their own choices. If you think that helping the City Lord to resist the Beast Tide is the correct choice, then you may do so. May the Seven Gods light shine on you.”


Vivian gawked after hearing to what Faria said. Yet she did not feel any evil intention in Faria’s words. On the contrary, she felt very grateful towards Faria. She nodded and ran towards Stan City in a hurry.


[Humph, stupid girl. Good Riddance!] Faria thought to himself and cursed her under his breath. He then turned around continued to walk southward


Of the 200 Followers of the Seven Gods, only one participated in defending the city, to resist the Beast Tide.




Some of the warriors stationed above the city wall shouted when the Beast Tide entered their field of vision. Those on the ground could already feel the ground under their feet tremble. The beast tide looked like a sea of shadows, suffocating the world with its aura. The terrifying Magic Beast Tide has finally arrived.


“Stand your ground!” Eric commanded loudly. It was so loud that it could be heard by each and every warrior in the battlefield, “defend our Stan City. kill as many Magic Beasts as you can. Once the Beast Tide is repelled, you shall be rewarded based on the number of Magic Beasts you slay. Let us defend our Home!”


Thousands of cheers screamed out that seemed to shake the world.


At one end of the city wall, Ye Chui looked at the approaching group of magic beasts in the horizon. He looked towards Booth: “Mr. Booth, do you understand?” 


Booth looked at Ye Chui surprised: “your understanding of the Space Element is surprisingly profound… you have given me some new insights in some areas as well. How did you learn all this?” 


“It is good enough if I were of some help to you.” Ye Chui did not reply to Booth’s question but spoke with a smile. formerly he just told Booth that he had some understanding into Space Element. he could not reveal that he inherited the Dragon language. although he had not comprehended each and every word of the Dragon Language, he had a better understanding of towards the elements compared to an average Magician. After all, the magic symbol was originally derived from the Dragon language magic.


City Lord Eric: “Mr. Booth!”.


Booth nodded and walked to Eric’s side. After a brief moment of silence, he brandished his magic wand forward.


Advanced Space Defense Spell <Valhalla’s Gate>


An almost transparent Space Wall rose from the ground stretching from one side of the canyon to the other. It spans around a kilometer across and three-meters thick. It barricaded the entire canyon. meanwhile, a door slowly opened in the wall every 50 meters. Each of these doors was about 5 meters wide.


“All squad leaders, CHARGE!” City Lord Eric commanded at once. He drew out his long sword and stood by Booth’s side while Dunson stood on the other side. their responsibility was to protect Booth.


The 19 Advanced Swordsmen who were given the responsibility of Squad Leaders, hearing the City Lords commands jumped off of the city wall and sprang into action.


Ye Chui arrived at the wall preparing to enter the fray. But when he looked at the 19 Advanced Swordsmen jump down the city wall, he found out that he must pass over the 5000 Elementary Swordsman in order to reach his team at the front. This made him frustrated. [How can you allow yourself to be frustrated right now?] he took a deep breath and psyched himself. He took a jump and simultaneously ordered Jarvis to activate the Enchantment Array <Windwalk> on the Ironman Armor Suit. with that, he crossed more than 300 meters in one jump and landed in front of the first squad directly.


This feat of his took everyone by surprise.


“How can he jump so far?”


“Is he an Advanced Swordsman as well?”


“Does he have a Skill Moder similar to that of the City Lord Eric’s <Hawk Mode> which allows him to leap 300-400 meters?” 


Those that watched started to discuss among themselves. These discussions, which can be overheard by Ye Chui, made him satisfied. He was to the point he started to feel handsome and valiant.


What a pity. His trip on the high cloud was soon cut short. Just when he posed heroically, he fell on his face. Why? Well… before he managed to land, Debbie kicked him in the buttocks tripping him over “you pervert. Are you not ashamed of yourself? How can you change my clothes like that?!”


[Can’t she let me act cool for once in my life?]


Just then the group of warriors made way and through that path, Swordsman Beira came forth.


 He disdained Ye Chui when Ye Chui interrupted the meeting before. After witnessing the feat he performed just now, his opinion of Ye Chui improved a lot.


He started to think that this Iron Swordsman was not so shabby. Even though he acknowledged Ye Chui’s strength, his pride would not allow him to accept Iron Swordsman’s superiority.


 He calmed himself down and spoke to Ye Chui: “Iron Swordsman, you do have some real skill. City Lord announced that killing Magic Beast can earn you some rewards according to the number of Beasts you have slain. Would you like to have a competition and see which one of us would kill more of these vermin?”


Ye Chui was looking at Debbie with a face filled with grief, as he thought over the lost opportunity. When Beira spoke, those words passed by him and he gave a casual response, unconcerned about what it would mean. “Alright.”


The first squad gathered at their designated position. it was responsible for defending the gate at the very center of the canyon. The ten thousand strong Beast tide was rapidly approaching the gates, the Magic Beast all had one single goal: to break through into the city. Being in the middle of the wall, the pressure on the first squad was the highest.


‘Rumble’… Numerous Magic Beasts collided with the Space wall that the <Valhalla’s Gate> has formed. The group of Magical Beasts became disorganized for a brief moment. then they started rushing toward the 19 gates just as Eric and the others have strategized. The Magic Beast tide turned into 19 groups which entered the 19 gates. pressure from the beast tide is the highest at the middle of the Space Wall as the Beasts would enter from two sides. hence the strength of the 19 squads was also distributed in proportion to that. So the squad in the middle had stronger Advanced Swordsmen while the teams at the end had weaker ones. The teams at the end had 2 Advanced Swordsmen, but they were all the weakest at rank 7.


Magic Beasts ferociously entered the middle gate to kill. 


“For Stan City! KILL!”


Beira gave a loud shout. He was the first to bear the brunt of it all. 


He is a level 8 Long Swordsman. His was so powerful that he alone, broke through the defenses of the Magic Beast group in front of him. He released several of his skills turning many Magic Beasts immediately into corpses. And just like that, the incoming Beast Tide came to a temporary halt…


Beira could not help but gave a smug smile as he looked at Ye Chui at this time. He was a proud person. Even on the battlefield, he could not forget to show off. And shouted: “one, two, three……” 


He was counting the number of Magic Beasts he killed.


Rest of the squad started to attack the Magic Beasts.


Ye Chui looked at the gate where the Magic Beasts were packed densely. He flicked his hand and a Magic Missile appeared. Using his spiritual power, he activated the <Wildfire> array and launched it with ease. A Fanged Wolf Beast looked at the incoming Magic Missile and jumped up to swallow it. At the same time, it looked at Ye Chui fiercely, as if to say ‘I swallowed your weapon and you will be next.”


Then… it exploded


“Ka-Boom” an explosion occurred. Blood and flesh flew in every direction. The place that was packed with many Magic Beasts were all caught up in the explosion and turned into dust. One might expect the Beasts would stop after that. But they did not. They continued to charge into the gate without care for their lives.


Since that was the case Ye Chui brought out more Magic Missile.


“Bang!”  … “Bang!” ….   Explosions rang out mercilessly as Ye Chui also shouted, counting the number of Magic Beasts he killed: “10, 20, 30……” 


Beira: “…”


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