Omni-Magician – Chapter 139, The Two Abnormalities on The Battlefield

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For the 19 squads, the one in the middle had to bear the brunt of the assault. The Magic Beasts were the densest and numerous at the central. So, as expected, The Magic Beasts flooded the central gate. City Lord Eric stood on the wall along with Dunson and Booth. Worry filled their faces. Although the first squad was the strongest group of warriors of the eighteen squads, it was not enough for them to lessen their worry. They were not sure if the first squad could survive this encounter. But they soon discovered that their worry was unfounded.






Magic Beasts that entered the central gate were blasted away with each explosion. More than half of the Magic Beasts that entered the central gate were killed ruthlessly; a scenery of pure carnage. Within a brief moment, more than 50 of the beasts were reduced to dregs of meat.


It was not just City Lord Eric, but everyone present was overjoyed at this scene. All this commotion dumbfounded the warriors of the first squad.


The squad leader Beira had an indescribable expression on his face. He was the one to propose the competition to Ye Chui. But now that he witnessed Ye Chui killing Magic Beasts left and right, he did not know how to feel about that. Just a moment ago, he was filled with pride and smugness at his own outstanding performance killing several Magic Beasts. But looking at Iron-Swordsman kill tens of Magic Beasts with each attack….


[Isn’t this just plain cheating?!]


As the battle began Ye Chui noticed that the number of beasts that were entering the central gate increased. So, in order to avoid being outnumbered, he chose not to tarry any longer. He immediately threw five Magic Missiles. Their effect was truly remarkable. Most of the Magic Beasts at the door were blasted away. And the pressure on the squad was greatly reduced. Of the 13 Magic Missiles he had, only 8 were left now, so he must use them sparingly from this point.


Both his hands grasped onto his sword and he started to slash through the Magic Beasts as he rushed to the forefront of the squad.


[It seems like he does not have too many of those mysterious enchanted weapons. Otherwise, I would have lost all my face as a squad leader. I will not be able to call myself as a squad leader anymore…] Beira relaxed when he saw Ye Chui started using his sword instead of the missiles.


What a pity. Just when he relaxed and gain confidence, he heard a thumping noise from another corner ‘Thump Thump Thump’. The sound was like a metronome, repeating as a consistent rate. This noise originated from a petite girl, and it was none other than Debbie. She stood in the front-lines holding onto the Gatling. She aimed at the Magic Beasts and fired straight at them. Fiery red steel balls flew out of the muzzle opening a bloody path in their wake killing numerous Magic Beasts with ease; meanwhile, a look of pure exhilaration filled this little girl’s face. As she killed the Magic Beasts, she also started to count the number of kills in complacency: “2, 3, 4, …”


The reason Debbie was excited was that City Lord Eric announced that he would reward based on the number of Magic Beasts each one of them they slew. What the City Lord Eric said might not affect anyone else, but how can they not affect Debbie? Those words of the City Lord were the perfect motivation for Debbie. The rate at which she killed the Magic Beasts was many times more than how fast Beira dealt with them.


Beira: “….”


[This twerp is cheating as well!]


Many more people notice this performance as well. They all thought that the pressure on the first squad would be the most. But apparently, it was the least. And the main reason for that was the Iron-Swordsman and the little girl Debbie. These two were abnormalities in the battlefield.


Amongst the Elementary Swordsman stood a person. He was Dov in his Dwarven Armor Suit. And by his side stood Beastman Cara. Because of his height, Dov was not able to see what was happening at the front line of the battle. So Beastman Cara held Dov up and lifted him over her shoulder. Dov then sat on her shoulders like riding on a horse. Although that seemed disrespectful, Dov let out a hearty laugh. Because he saw what was happening on the front lines. He saw the havoc created by Gatling and the Magic Missiles, his two creations!


‘screech’ A screeching sound was heard from above. There were several hawk-like beasts flying over the defenses of <Valhalla’s Gate>. They flew over the space gate and toward the city wall. It was as if they had discovered that Booth was the most crucial person in the entire battlefield.


But just when they neared Booth, an incomparably powerful pale blue sword light flew at them. The sword light scattered all the flying beasts that approached beast shredding them into slivers of flesh and blood. The one responsible to defend Booth this time was City Lord Eric who stood by his side.


There were not many Flying-type Magic Beasts. But not so few either. It was his and Dunson’s responsibility to protect Booth. This just notes how important Booth was in this fight.


“Mr. Booth, are you alright?” Eric looked at the battle below and then looked at Booth.


Booth’s face was pale with exhaustion. He held his Magic Wand to the front; his hands were trembling slightly as he supported <Valhalla’s Gate>. Obviously, such a powerful spell would consume a lot of Magic Power but he continued to show that he could go on with a determined nod: “I can carry on….”


Although the forces of Stan City have an advantage, if Booth does not hold the spell in place, then the situation would worsen in an instant.


“Let me through… Sorry… Let me pass, thanks…”  under the city wall, among the many Elementary Swordsman, a petite lady was pushing through to the front of the squad. She was small, so it was hard for her to push through the rugged and strong warriors. When some of the Elementary Swordsman discovered what she was doing, they were startled. They couldn’t understand why such a young miss would rush to such a dangerous place. Yet after they notice here Priest Robes, they quickly understood that she was a Follower. What is a Follower coming for at this point in time? Does she think that her faith in the Seven Gods could help fight on the battlefield.?


None of them had any good impression on this Follower since Bishop Faria led all the Priests away with him.


After expending a lot of time and energy, the Apprentice Bishop Vivian finally reached the front of the battle. She was still breathing heavily from exhaustion. When she arrived and saw the situations, she ran towards the first squad.


Three magicians stood at the rear of the first squad for support. One of them was Arcaz. If Ye Chui saw him then he would recognize the magician. He was one of the Magicians who took the Magic Exam together with Ye Chui. He was amongst the first to discover Vivian’s figure closing in little by little. And just at that time, several roars were heard. Many Magic Beasts broke through the gate in unison. Arcaz grasped his Magic Wand and prepared to release spell immediately.


But he was very nervous. As every single second passed, the closer the Magic Beast got. Just when his spell was showing signs of activation, managing to release a small spark, the Magic Beast pounced on him.


Arcaz’s face turned vivid as his heart was filled with fear.


At that instant, Vivian pulled out a book. It was the Seven Gods Saint Word, also called the Holy Bible. It was a book that every member of the church would have with them. She swiftly turned the pages and started to recite the verses in a soft voice: “glory of the Seven Gods shines on all, Seven Gods’ fury burns all evil, Saint Word: <Fire>.”


The passage ended, the air in front of her suddenly turned red like Fire. This fire, as if alive, surrounded the Magic Beasts and turned them into ashes.


This was the way the followers use faith power, Saint Word.


Vivian patted her chest. She was still in shock and fear. This was her first time ever to attack a living thing with a Saint Word. And apparently, it was very powerful. She then turned her head towards Arcaz with an encouraging smile. She tiptoed to Arcaz and pat him on the shoulder. She then proceeded forward to where Ye Chui and Debbie were engaged in battle.


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