Omni-Magician – Chapter 141, I’ll Show You What I’m Made Of!

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Translator: Satya

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Stan City

Northern City Wall


It has been about half an hour since the fight against the Magic Beasts Tide has started. More than half of the Magic Beasts were slaughtered. Though there are some casualties from Stan City, those were negligible compared to what was previously expected. So long as this continues, Stan City will survive this catastrophe. There was hope; this encouraged the Swordsmen and Magicians to fight with even more vigor.


Right at this time, the Advanced Space Defense Spell <Valhalla’s Gate> started to crack. The small crack started to enlarge. More fissures appeared; they grew in number and size… until the entire Space Wall shattered like it was made of glass and disintegrated into specks of light.


Finding that there was no more barrier stopping the Magic Beasts entered a frenzy, the Magic Beasts flooded through, breaking the line of defense. The tempo of the Swordsmen and the warriors broke. At first, there was hope and in a blink of an eye, all of it was lost. Mayhem spread across the battlefield and this sudden change has caused great confusion in the warriors. Starting from this point, one after another warrior fell as each of their pitiful screams filled the battlefield.


“retreat! Retreat!”


City Lord Eric bellowed. He rose above the city wall as his body was wrapped in a green mist. On his back was a pair of illusory wings, aiding him to stay afloat. This was City Lord Eric’s Skill Mode <Hawk Mode>.


Swordsman Eric’s title was Hawk Swordsman. Apparently, he was named after his Skill Mode. A Swordsman must reach the level of Sword Master before they could fly. However, certain skills can help the Swordsman to glide or fly for a short distance. And Eric’s <Hawk Mode> happens to be one such skill. He was like an eagle that soars to the skies. He dove toward the battlefield to kill.


Eric has not participated in the battle since the beginning, as he was protecting Booth. He was hoping that the current situation would not come into fruition. However, now, as the final and biggest trump card of Stan City, he heads off.


He dove into the group of Magic Beasts from 300 meters above, brandishing his Long Sword.


Advanced Attack Skill <Star Strike>


All the Magic Beasts around where he landed turned into shreds of meat and splattered around. Just with this one move, he was able to save numerous Swordsmen.


Eric rose once again and leaped forth. His silhouette appeared amidst another group of Magic Beasts at a distant place in the next moment. Again, all the Magic Beasts in his vicinity were mercilessly cut down. All this was to give the Swordsmen and the warriors a chance to retreat.


If one were to observe from atop the city wall, they would see that City Lord Eric was moving across the battlefield like a butterfly. One moment here, and another there. Within the brief moment since the collapse of <Valhalla’s Gate>, Eric was able to save 11 Swordsmen. Such is the might of Hawk Swordsman Eric.


Dunson was anxious but at the same time, he was in admiration. It was not so often that he, the Swordsman Guild Master, and the City Lord Eric would gather. Although Dunson would challenge City Lord Eric from time to time, he never had a decisive victory. He was convinced that the difference in their strength was minor. But, now, after watching Eric fight, he understood how far he was from the truth…


He mused [so this is his real strength! I definitely will not challenge him ever again!]. several Flying Magic Beasts arrived just then. Dunson roared at them. He slashed towards the beasts sending a gust of sword light towards them. This cut turned the Magic Beasts into slabs of meat. He then turned to Booth and asked: “Mr. Booth, how are you doing?”


Booth’s hands held on to the rampart for support. His face pale, white as paper. There were traces of blood flowing from the corners of his lips. Yet, he shook his head: “I am all right. Just a bit of Magic Power exhaustion…. Oh no! Debbie and her team are surrounded. They are too deep in the Magic Beast Tide for City Lord Eric to reach them!”


In the middle of the battlefield…

The warriors of the first squad were retreating led by Ye Chui, Debbie, and Vivian. Once <Valhalla’s Gate> fell, the squad acted quickly but was still swarmed by the Magic Beast Tide. Eric kept attacking the Magic Beasts whenever it was hard for the warriors to bring up their rear (defend their retreat from attacks at the back of the group) allowing the warriors to stabilize their formation.


 But even with his formidable prowess, he was getting tired fighting wave after wave of beasts. Looking at Ye Chui and others get swarmed by Magic Beasts, he became anxious, knowing that it would be hard for him to make it in time.




“Saint Word: Guardian of the Seven Gods!”


Vivian turned to one of the pages in the Seven Gods Saint Word. She recited one of the verses aloud. A giant palm congealed d in the air covering the remaining 60 warriors of the first squad. From afar, it looked like a pair of hands held onto tiny people. 


This was a defense barrier and none of the surrounding Magic Beasts could break through this palm, clearly showcasing the might of its defense. When the exhausted warrior noticed they were safe, they let out a breath of relief.


Ye Chui sized up this palm and could not help but exclaim: “These Followers sure have fun skills. These type of special effects would require no small sum to recreate.” 


Vivian’s little face started to show signs of exhaustion. She was worried [I… how much longer can I last like this…]


The present situation was obvious. They were at the center of the Magic Beast Tide. It was very difficult to escape to safety. This was akin to the time at Skull Town, where Ye Chui and Debbie were besieged by the Wind Wolves.


 At that time, there were only 100 Wind Wolves in the pack. But now, it was over a thousand Magic Beasts encircling them. 


As if that weren’t enough, all the warriors have been fighting for the past hour and they were exhausted, physically and mentally. If things continue, their spirits would have been broken as well.


The squad leader, already downcast. gathered his spirits to speak: “since it has come to this, we must fight to the end. We must make sure that our deaths save Stan City.”


After hearing what Beira said, the surrounding warrior’s heart started to be filled with vigor and they pledged, once again, to fight to the death. Ye Chui, who was also greatly moved by Beira’s words, turned to Debbie and said: “Debbie, let us join our bodies together.”


When Ye Chui said that, all the others had only one thought: [How could he be so shameless, flirting at such a time as this?]


Alfea, however, was red with envy….


“Err… what I wanted to say was that we should combine our body techniques…” Ye Chui started to explain hastily. The so-called combining of body techniques is to use Debbie’s Gatling bombarding the ground while he carried her floating in the air. This was the only way Ye Chui could think of escaping the Magic Beasts encirclement.


Debbie’s eyes shone brightly but then turned gloomy: “No. With that attack, only the two of us can escape. I am not going to leave without everyone here! In any case… so long as my Hammer can live on, everything is good.”


“…..” Ye Chui sighed. For him, Debbie was the most important person. He would not let anything happen to her, even if it meant his death. He also knew that Debbie thought of him the same way. He wanted to persuade Debbie more but she has already made her stance clear. He stepped in front of Debbie: “Debbie, I should tell you something….”


“I also happen to have something to tell you.” Debbie interrupted Ye Chui’s words. She held her hand in front of Ye Chui and said: “give back the pouch that you have gotten from me when we were in the Dark Forest.”




“what? You want to dishonor your debt even at this time?” Debbie responded without delay.


“What…” Ye Chui did not know what to say. How could she still think of money… at such a time… he gave Debbie her pouch back, embarrassed.


Debbie puts into her chest after taking the pouch. Her face revealed a great deal of gratification: “we are facing imminent danger. Once Hammer returns and finds me, he will know that this money was for him.”


Ye Chui was moved. Even while facing death, Debbie still thought of his wellbeing. For her, sending Hammer away for hire was her biggest victory. Hammer would live on… that was enough for her. Ye Chui wanted to speak, but no voice would come out. [If Debbie were to find out now… will she be sad?]

“Aaahrrr!” Ye Chui suddenly let out a bellow. The depressing atmosphere that he hated was getting to him and he wanted to wipe it off. He gritted his teeth in rage as he started towards the densely packed group of Magic Beast that surrounds him. “You pieces of shit! Let me show you what I’m made of!”


Silavin: He ended off saying: I’ll show you how much 10 dollars worth of Special Effects can do. But this doesn’t make sense as it is a reference to his description of Vivian’s skills, which most of us do not really understand Since most of us do not do special effect.


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