Omni-Magician – Chapter 142, The Amazing Ancient Tomb Seal Appears!

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Translator: Satya

Translation Checker: Silavin

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


Ye Chui still considers himself to be quite kind. However, he was not ready to throw away his life for the sake of others!  Even if he had to lay his life down, he wouldn’t leave Debbie to die. He does not bother with the life and death of others if it gets down to it, but … Debbie … he will not allow her to face any danger. He loves Debbie down to his soul. She was the most precious person in this world.


But Debbie would not leave with him in such a precarious situation. Which means Ye Chui will not leave as well. To be frank, Ye Chui had other ways to handle this situation, but all those methods did not guarantee success.


Ye Chui clenched his teeth: “you are crazy! Now I have to do this”. Those around couldn’t make heads or tails with neither “you are crazy” nor with “I have to do this” part at this time. Ye Chui kneeled on the ground, took a parchment and started to write on it with Magic Ink, quill and other items.


He was creating a Magic Scroll.


Yes! It was a Magic Scroll. (Satya: the warriors were gobsmacked when a swordsman was making a Magic Scroll.)


Booth gave Ye Chui 100 <Minor Teleportation> Scrolls some time ago to make it easy for him to return to Stan City as soon as possible. He did use them before, making him extremely familiar with the <Minor Teleportation> Scroll. He understood the intricacies of the enchantment to a very profound level. He took the Magic Ink, quill and all the other necessary items necessary to make a <Teleportation> Scroll a began to prepare it so that he can escape with everyone to safety.


This was his first attempt at making a scroll with Space Magic. Swordsman <Teleportation> Magic is an Intermediate Auxiliary Scroll. Compared to the <Fire> and <Gale>, which were Elementary Scrolls, making an Intermediate Scroll was way more difficult, time-consuming. Especially since this one should be able to teleport 60-70 people on the scene.


If it towed days ago, then Ye Chui would have no way of doing it. Even if had the confidence as the ‘Father of Studies’, it was not possible.


But now, not only is he an Intermediate Magician, he was also baptized with Dragon Blood, Dragon Language Magic imprinted in his mind. All of this made it possible for him to create a Teleportation Scroll possible.


Well… one must give due credit for the Father of Studies for being able to grasp all the intricacies of the concepts.


“<Teleportation> Scroll…!” Alfea understood Ye Chui’s plan. She knew that Iron-Swordsman was a Magic Swordsman, meaning that he was skilled in both Magic and Swordsmanship. She came to a realization and shouted, “everyone, we need to buy some time for tony!”


The Saint Word that Vivian cast <Saint Word: Guardian of Seven Gods> reached its limit just at that time, and the pair of imposing hands dissipated into thin air. The Magic Beasts that were held back by the Saint Word rushed to the crowd. The warriors encircled Ye Chui to protect him while he prepared the scroll without any distractions.





City Lord Eric roared, he slashed and stabbed through the horde of Magic Beasts killing them mercilessly. He was drenched in blood, his hair loose on the shoulder, he was distressed, and exhaustion can be seen on his face. He did not look like the indomitable Hawk Swordsman that rescued everyone from the Magic Beasts a moment ago.


There were about 4000 more Magic Beasts, and of those 1,000 surrounded Ye Chui and group, while other warriors were busy fighting the rest of the beasts.


Without <Valhalla’s Gate>’s protections, it was very hard for Stan City’s warriors to stand their ground against the Magic Beasts. Even though they out powered the beasts, they were outnumbered and exhausted.  Eric was enraged, his daughter was trapped in the encirclement of Magic Beasts along with the first squad. His heart was heavy with grief and helplessness.


On the city wall, Dunson was killing one Magic Beast after another, the archers were sending volleys of arrows down the range as they fought against the Flying Magic Beasts. However, looking at the condition below the city wall, they were not sure how much longer they can last.


Booth was looking at the beast tide anxiously as they surrounded Ye Chui and the others. He was worried and restless when the Saint Word protecting them disappeared. Debbie’s Gatling fired continuously while the Magic Beasts roared occasionally. The final result was clear to see…. that the first squad…. was doomed…


The cruel Magic Beasts closed in…. closing in on the first squad…. completely covering them in shadows…


They fought to the last second…


Booth could not watch anymore and closed his eyes.


He could not see what was happening, as just at this time, amidst the dense pack of Magic Beasts, a dazzling white light flashed illuminating the surroundings. This ten-dollar effect is worthy of its reputation!


“that was…!” Booth opened his eyes when he felt the Space Magic fluctuations from the battlefield.


Space Magic <Teleportation>


Some of the warriors realized that a <Teleportation> Scroll was activated.


“they must have used the <Teleportation> Scroll to escape, but …. That is not enough!” Booth knit his brows. He is a level 9 Peak Magician who specialized in Space Magic and had a thorough understanding in regards with Space Magic. Before the battle started Ye Chui gave a few insights into the Space Magic and Dragon Language pushing his comprehension into Space Magic. He could clearly sense that this version of the <Teleportation> enchantment was incomplete!


In essence <Teleportation> array is opening a door to a different dimension, and then to open another door to the real world. But the current scroll opened the door to a different dimension yet did not have any way to open the second door.


The warriors of the first squad were sent to the chaotic void of Space. Without a way out, they will surely die there.


Booth used the energy signatures he felt during the transmission to obtain the coordinates and found the first squad, but then again, he needs a Magic Wand to cast any spell as he has not yet reached the specialist realm Magician … but his Magic Wand was destroyed…


With his Magic Wand broken, Booth was helpless.


Booth could discern every aspect of the <Transmission> scroll when it was activated making him clearly aware of all the flaws in the array. He was also aware of all the dangers that the first squad was in. although different people would have different understandings of the same concept, the core of the spells was the same. Without any delay, Booth started to draw the <Teleportation> array with his Spiritual Power and cast the scroll.


Some of the Magicians could clearly sense this scroll.


The only person in Stan City who could control the <Teleportation> scroll to a certain level was Ye Chui. The only person who could draw the Space Magic Scroll was Ye Chui. He was the only one who had both the talent and understanding of Space Magic…. Which means that the person that made the <Teleportation> Scroll was Ye Chui.


His own student was among the first squad!


His body trembled with excitement, he must do something immediately… if a person is a list in the chaotic void, then, they only have a few seconds to survive there. The spell can only keep the chaotic void stable for a very brief time.


The words that Ye Chui told him before the battle rung in his head: “Space Magic is considered to have no intelligence of its own, however, it has animal-like instincts. It behaves like it has simple thoughts making its attacks more powerful than those of other elements. So, while using the Space Magic, one should summon it instead of controlling it. A Magician should summon the Space Magic and direct its path and not control its every movement…”


“Direct its path…. Summon…”


Booth was thinking at a rapid pace. He did not have a wife, nor did he have any children. He did not even take in any students all his life. Ye Chui was the first student he took in. although the other party did not accept him as a teacher, he will not allow his only student to die. He summoned his Space Magic using his Spiritual Power and connected to the dimension and took over the control…


A white radiance filled the air near his hands, and it slowly grew intense.


And then after a while, Booth’s hands trembled as his efforts bore fruit. It almost seemed like the wall started to crack and a gap could be seen in the sky. That was a tear in the space.


And from the white radiance emerged Ye Chui and the others.


Booth’s form trembled with vigor. The original ash-gray Magician Long Robe suddenly lit up with dazzling light. And once the radiance subsided, the dull ash-gray turned into pure white Magician’s Long Robe, the white was eye piercing.


Booth finally broke through to Specialist Realm.


“teacher…” Ye Chui felt excited and shouted involuntarily as he glided down using the <Wind walk> enchantment of the armor instead of falling down. It was a glorious sight for all the audience. Especially considering that even the level 8 Swordsman Beira dropped to the ground.


The <Teleportation> scroll that Ye Chui drew before was flawed. Although it enabled him in sending the first squad into the chaotic void, he was not able to bring them back. Just when they were about to be lost in the chaotic void, Booth tore through space an brought them back.


“was it the teacher who brought us back from the different dimension…” Ye Chui recovered from his shock once he realized that Booth succeeded in breaking through to Specialist Realm.


Booth looked at Ye Chui and smiled. Although no one noticed Ye Chui’s slip up, he clearly heard him say “teacher”, he sighed in his heart: [my goodness, really worthy of the student that I accepted shamelessly….]


He looked towards the city.


The difference between an ordinary Magician and a Specialist Realm Magician is immeasurable.


He held his hand out towards the city and gently pushed forth.


A transparent wall spread forth, separating the Magic Beasts that were tangled with the warriors in the battlefield.


This was not a spell, but the application of one of the abilities that a Specialist Magician had in controlling their concerned Magic Element.


It was a foregone decision that once Booth reached Specialist Realm, the Magic Beast Tide was done for.


Ye Chui as awe-inspired looking at Booth in his full glory. This was the power of a Specialist Realm Magician.


The watching public was just as awed with Booth’s power. They were excited. No one expected to Booth to reach the Specialist Realm from Level 9 Peak Magician. There are many Level 9 Magicians who were stuck there without any improvement. 


They have defended the Stan City.   have defended their home.


Booth looked at the Magic Beasts that he intercepted and held in the Space Barrier. He could feel a great power coursing through his body. He can feel that he could crush the thousands of Magic Beasts with a simple snap.


The Specialist Realm was indeed formidable!


“Teacher…” at this time, Ye Chui arrived at Booth. Since Booth had already recognized him, he did not conceal it. He suddenly thought of an idea and told Booth in a low voice “it would be an utter waste to kill so many Magic Beasts… could you give them to me, please.”


Booth looked at Ye Chui strangely: “what do you want to do with the Magic Beasts?”


“raise them.”


“Raise them? Where?”


“I have coordinates to a huge ancient tomb. It is large enough to hold all these Magic Beasts, teacher. Now that you are a Specialist Realm expert, you should be able to help me send them to the ancient tome, right?” Ye Chui smiled. He can finally use his amazing Ancient Tomb Sealing technique!



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