Omni-Magician – Chapter 143, The First Hero of Stan City: Iron-Swordsman

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Just at the most critical moment in the war against the Magic Beast Tide, Booth advanced to the Specialist Realm, clearing the burden on the ragtag army of Swordsman, Magicians and the Mercenaries. And to add to that, Booth conveniently neutralized the remaining 4,000 or so Magic Beasts as if it were nothing harder than cutting grass. Everyone was waiting for the moment Booth would kill the remaining beasts in order to avoid any unseen danger. But Ye Chui wanted to use this chance to populate his ancient tomb with Magic Beasts.


One should remember that the Magic Beasts were highly valued for their Magic Beast bones, blood, meat, and Magic Cores… but for Ye Chui, the most important factor is their efficiency in battle, and they can only fight if they were alive.


Booth understood Ye Chui’s line of thinking and pondered for a while, and he seemed to have thought of something and revealed a smile and decided to help his student: “Good, I can help you transport these Magic Beasts to your ancient tomb. Consider this as a gift to you from me. Fine, come with me.”


Saying that Booth placed his hand on Ye Chui’s shoulder. A white radiance flashed, and their figures disappeared. They then appeared among the group of Magic Beasts. Booth did not wait as he created a Space Magic barrier and asked Ye Chui: “Give me the Coordinates of your Ancient Tomb.”


Ye Chui contacted Jarvis and projected the coordinates to Booth using his Spiritual Power.


The coordinates are not just simple data, but a group of Magic Arrays. Booth observed the Magic Array Matrix for a while and sent his magic through a wave of his hand and his palms released Space Magic which restricted the Magic Beasts. A white radiance is shown where the Magic Beasts stood and once the light dimmed the Magic Beasts were nowhere to be seen. When the transmission had finished, the first batch of Magic Beasts appeared in the Ancient Tomb. 


Meanwhile, Ye Chui received the information from Jarvis confirming the transmission: “Master, the transmission of the Magic Beasts is complete, there are 232 Magic Beasts inside. this is too much!’


“Specialist Realm Magicians are really powerful…” Ye Chui could not help but sigh if Booth were not a Specialist Realm Magicians, there was no way he would be able to accomplish these feats. However, his current capabilities made these Magic Beasts helpless against Booth’s magic. Even with the number of Magic Beasts present, they could not break through Booth’s barrier with all their combined strength. Every time Booth waved his hand hundreds of Magic Beasts disappeared.


Watching this dumbfounded all the warriors witnessing it, staring at the two figures that stood at the center of the Magic Beasts. They could not understand anything happening out there, yet they did not stop cheering for those two.


When City Lord Eric watched as the first squad was being overwhelmed by the Magic Beast
Tide, his heart broke with sorrow. He bellowed to the sky and was prepared to slaughter every Magic Beast in his sight, but just then a huge Space Wall separated the Magic Beasts from him as if the gods themselves have moved. Alfea’s cry brought him back to senses, he searched around until he finally spotted Alfea standing on the city wall. Seeing her brought tears of happiness when he saw her.


Eric was lost in happiness when he discovered that Alfea was alive. He ignored what was happening around him and flew into the air, landed in front of his daughter and hugged her tightly. That was when he saw Booth collecting all the Magic Beasts along with Iron-Swordsman [what are they doing?]


Alfea explained hastily about all that happened from the time they were trapped amidst the Magic Beasts and were on the verge of death and how Ye Chui created a <Transmission> scroll in a hurry  and to how Booth entered the Specialist Realm and tear the Space to bring them back before they were lost in the chaotic void saving more than 70 warriors from the first squad, that they would not have been alive if it were not for the Iron-Swordsman.


Beira, Alan, Balmain, and Vivian still had some thoughts about Debbie’s accusation on the Iron Swordsman but such matters were nothing in comparison to what he had done for them as they all smiled and thanked the Iron-Swordsman for saving their lives.


Hearing all that, Eric laughed wildly with content, but then expressed his doubts: “That…. What are Mr. Booth and Tony doing over there?”


“I don’t know. Specialist Realm Magician is too powerful!” Swordsmen’s Guild Master Dunson said, “he just raised his hand to push back all the Magic Beasts, that is some serious power. Yet now… it seems that Booth is helping Tony kill the Magic Beasts safely!”


The way Booth held the Magic Beasts in place was amazing. Alfea sighed and said: “Specialist Realm Magician is really powerful. He could just crush all the Magic Beasts into oblivion just like that!”


She would never imagine that these Magic Beasts were not crushed to death, but were instead sent to the ancient tomb to raise by somebody…


“of course, Mr. Booth is fierce! At the same time Iron-Swordsman’s performance is also worth mentioning!” Dunson continued. “a while ago he killed over 300 Magic Beasts, which was the most anyone has killed, and now he is helping Mr. Booth to kill Magic Beasts. He is the greatest warrior our Stan City has!”


Although Booth played a crucial role in the battle, he was, in the end, nor from Stan City. Stan City is grateful for his help, but it will not give rise to any stronger sentiment towards him. However, Iron-Swordsman was different. He was rumored to be born in Stan City. Which makes all the people of Stan City take pride in his performance, raising his position in the hearts of the people to a new level.


City Lord Eric was in a great mood, he laughed and said: “once all this matter is settled, I will commission a statue for the Iron-Swordsman at the city square in star avenue recording his heroic figure to be forever recorded. He is the First Hero of Stan City!” 


The warriors on the city wall were ecstatic, Alfea as well, they all cheered: “Iron-Swordsman! Iron-Swordsman!”


She was the first to begin the cheering, who was soon joined by Alan, Balmain, Athol, and the others and soon every warrior in the war started to chant one name together admiring the person who was working with Booth. The excitement was contagious, and the entire army was cheering louder and louder: “Iron-Swordsman! Iron-Swordsman!”


Ye Chui froze and looked at Booth: “Teacher, did you plan this?!”


Booth just needs to know the coordinates for the ancient tomb to send all the Magic Beasts. He did not need Ye Chui to stand along with him, yet he brought Ye Chui with him amidst the Magic Beasts. Why would he do that without any good reason?


Booth kept sending the Magic Beasts in batches to the ancient tomb while he patted on Ye Chui’s shoulder: “Hammer, now that I am a Specialist Realm Magician, I don’t need any more fame. At the same time since I have become a Specialist Realm Magician, I need to go to the Magic Saint Capital to register as per the Magician Capital Guild. Which means that I must leave Stan City for a while. So, consider this my farewell gift!’


“Teacher, this… this is not fair to you?” Ye Chui felt embarrassed.


Booth smiled: “it seems like you had a fortuitous encounter in the Dark Forest. If not for you sharing your insights into Space Magic, I would not have entered the Specialist Realm. If I did not enter the Specialist Realm, then perhaps, today all of us would have been doomed. The one that saved Stan City, in the end, is You.”


“Err… fine…” Ye Chui finally accepted Booth’s good intentions.


After several minutes passed, Booth sent all the remaining Magic Beasts were sent to Ye Chui’s ancient tomb. When some of the Magic Beasts discovered the situation, they were in, they tried to escape. However, those actions were fruitless as they were quickly restrained by Booth. So ended the war against the Magic Beast Tide. The ground was littered with flesh and blood of Magic Beasts, the scene was bloody and nauseating, yet the survivors could not help but smile with glee. They prevailed from this deadly calamity!


Booth smiles and teleported himself and Ye Chui above the city wall. Countless warriors looked at the city wall with gratitude for the Specialist Realm m. Booth patted Ye Chui on his shoulder: “everyone should thank Iron-Swordsman for helping me finish off the rest of the Magic Beasts. Iron-Swordsman has shown great strength in this fight to defend!”


“Iron-Swordsman! Iron-Swordsman!” cheers were heard again.


Yes! Ye Chui is the true hero of Stan City!




A man stood in the midst of the group of Swordsman on the City Wall. While the rest were issuing thunderous applause, he was purely focused on the Iron Swordsman. In his eyes were emotions of envy and spite. This man was none other than Arcaz, the Magician who took the magician examination with Ye Chui and Oberth.


In Arcaz’s arm was Basgen, who was wounded. As his eyes continued to continue staring at the Iron Swordsman and the glory the man was receiving, his gloomy self soon turned into excitement as he pledged, “One day, I will have them worship me like this. I swear.”


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