Omni-Magician – Chapter 144, Stan City’s True Hero Iron-Swordsman

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Day after the beast tide ended, Ye Chui crawled out of his bed after a day and night of rest.


Ye Chui did not have an ounce of rest starting from the patrol mission from the Stan City. Although the Spiritual Power that Magicians possess is humongous, enabling them to carry on for long periods of time without sleep, Ye Chui was exhausted after the marathon from Dark Forest to the fight against the Magic Beasts Tide.


He yawned as he crawled out of bed, and the first thing he did after was to contact Jarvis.


“report on the Magic Beasts.”


“Master, you are too ruthless.” Jarvis responded to Ye Chui with a voice filled with surprise and indignation,


 “you have sent, in total, 3108 Magic Beasts. Of which 1459 are Level 1, 1009 are Level 2, 635 which are Level 3. 5 of the Magic Beasts that entered have advanced to Level 4. As of now the number of Magic Beasts in the ancient tomb that is alive are only 845 Level 1, 940 Level 2 and 570 Level 3 excluding the five Level 4 Magic Beasts. Which makes a total of 2360 Magic Beasts are alive. More than half of them died in half a day’s time.”


Huhh, that is scary!” Ye Chui exclaimed.


“Although it’s amusing to watch the Magic Beasts fight each other, I also believe that they should be kept in check. I suggest we separate them into smaller groups. I can create separate regions in the ancient tomb for the Magic Beasts.” Jarvis suggested,


 “otherwise we will lose more and more Magic Beasts.”


“but if we leave them be, then we will end up with the strongest of the beasts with us … which is what we want, right?” Ye Chui reasoned as he wore his clothes,

 “The reason so many Magic Beasts fled the dark forest was because they were intimidated by the <Dragon’s Might> the Dragon beast released. Once we removed the Magic Beasts from the place which had its aura, they sobered up and reclaimed their natural behavior, the law of the jungle.Which is ‘Strong eats the Weak’. So, the weak will either submit to the strong or get eaten, and when it is all done and dealt with, we will be left with the strongest of the bunch, which is my goal. We don’t need thousands of weak Magic Beasts, but instead a single Magic Beast, the final victor, the king of the beast … and not to mention I will not be able to raise all these beasts even if I could keep them.”


“Master, even if only one of them remains, you will find it hard to raise it. The Magic Beasts’ appetite grows as they get stronger.” Jarvis advised sincerely.


“…. Fine then, observe their behavior for the time being. Once one of the Magic Beasts emerges victor, inform me. I will check on the situation in the ancient tomb in two days.” Ye Chui leaves the room and heads downstairs.


“Yes, Master,” Jarvis responds.


The ancient tomb is several times larger than other normal ancient tombs.


Most of the ancient tomb is nothing but the paths leading to the tomb and the two parts of the palace. Doria Tomb was the center of the ancient tomb; however, the tomb was separated into many zones after before it ended up in Ye Chui’s hands. It was designed to test the arriving youth in search of a successor. However now in Ye Chui’s hands, it is being used to rear Magic Beasts which were separated into different pens. For the time being, he didn’t need to worry about feeding the Magic Beasts. He would think of food when the time comes.


Of the all the Magic Beasts only half survived. He did not have to think of the impact on the environment in the ancient tomb for the while.


[I was right,] Ye Chui kept pondering, [the Magic Beast bones and Magic Core that the Magic Beast would leave behind can be stored for a long period. There could be many ways to use them.  …]


[Understood master] Jarvis responded.


One could smell the delicious fragrance that wafted through the air from the kitchen of Anthony’s Magic Cottage. When Ye Chui arrived, he could see Alfea and Debbie sit together at the dinner table eating the sumptuous food on the table. Apparently, Alfea brought the food over from the City Lord’s Manor. Debbie looked like she just woke up, her hair was hanging loose as she wolfed down the food.


Alfea was in her casual long skirt, seemingly thinking of something else as she ate food.


When they saw Ye Chui, Debbie gulped down the food she was chewing and greeted him, while Ye Chui remembered the conversation that was interrupted before: “Hammer, you woke up. Come, hurry, eat the meal. It is made by the best chefs in the City Lord’s Manor with the Magic Beast meat. It’s delicious.”


A smile appeared on Ye Chui’s face. Before going to the war against the Magic Beast Tide, Ye Chui was knocked down and sent out of the city by Debbie and Alfea. Then Ye Chui slipped out of the carriage and arrived at Stan City when he woke up, leaving the poor cart driver in a panic. In the end, all was fine.


When Ye Chui came home, he immediately changed his clothes. When Debbie came into the house, she did not raise any question and just jumped into his bosom and… fell asleep. Even though she has healed from the <Paralysis> poison she was inflicted within the Dark Forest, she was exhausted from the fight against the Magic Beasts, even with the help of Gatling.


She needed to regain her vigor.


“what’s the situation now?” Ye Chui asked Alfea as he started to eat, he was very famished.


“312 Swordsman and 17 Magician were killed in the beast tide, over a thousand were left disabled…. However, this loss is acceptable compared to the scale of the beast tide considering that we did not have the <Grand Protection> to shield us from it. So, it can be considered a success.” Alfea answered, yet there was melancholy in her voice, she continued, “the people that evacuated are slowly returning. The followers and the Bishop that fled say that the reason the city survived was because of the Seven Gods’ blessing. They are shameless in taking credit for everything. When father heard their claims, he was so angry that he broke the table into pieces…”


“Yeah…  the skin on the church’s face is really thick.” Ye Chui sighed, “it is not that all the followers of the church are bad, Vivian is good…. Then again the followers are quite powerful.”


“Humph, Vivian is an exception. In all of Stan City Vivian is second only to Faria in terms of power.” Alfea said, “father said that Vivian was the only follower other than Faria who has reached the Bishop Level, so he thinks Faris made her come back to the Stan City with ill intentions.”


“that Faria is no good person.” Ye Chui and Debbie sighed.


Alfea did not want to talk about such unhappy things and changed the topic: “both of you hurry up, I have something nice to show you.”




“you’ll have to see it yourself.”


Looking at Alfea trying to be mysterious and all, Ye Chui grew curious as well. He finished his lunch and set out with Alfea to the star avenue. The star avenue was one of the most famous sights in the Stan City and a few hundred meters to its south was star square. And at its center stood a statue that people gathered around and looked at with reverence.


It was a life scale statue of a person, in an armor suit. Ye Chui was first amazed and then …


 [err…. Whaaat?… that’s me?]


“father commissioned the best artisans and smiths to sculpt it overnight,” Alfea said with pride in her voice, “even the Dwarf Dov was personally invited to participate in making this a lifelike sculpture. in order to get it done as fast as possible. Before the beast tide, the statue of Seven Gods stood here, but my father was angry at the church for abandoning the city when it needed the churches strength the most. So, he decided to demolish that statue and replace it with that of the Iron-Swordsman and announce to the citizens of the incredible service that the Iron-Swordsman had done for the Stan City. Mr. Booth expressed his experiences with the Iron-Swordsman and explained how it was impossible for us to face the Magic Beast Tide without his contributions, how he fought bravely and his heroic feats during the war against the beast tide.”


Ye Chui looked at his statue in a daze, it was lifelike, even though it did not show his face, but it made Ye Chui feel as if he was looking at himself in a mirror.


Alfea continued with a smile: “even though father could not act against Faria for his shameless act, he can, however, make Faria face the public outrage by speaking the truth! The church’s power comes from people’s Faith. So, father replaced the Seven Gods statue with the one of Iron-Swordsman would also redirect the people’s faith from the church to Iron-Swordsman. Even if it were not enough to overthrow the church it will still cause loss to it. Now the Iron-Swordsman has become the hope for Stan City.”


Ye Chui: “……”


[He’s trying to make them believe in me?]


He looked at the statue: “this statue is really majestic.”


One could see stars sparkling in Alfea’s eyes: “yes, he is the most majestic Swordsman.”


Debbie: “…. he is just a shameless pervert.”


She remembered that the other person changed his clothes without her consent…. Pervert….


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