Omni-Magician – Chapter 145, The only Medicine for Stinginess is Generosity

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Translator: Satya

Translation Checker: Silavin

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


Once the public heard of Iron-Swordsman from City Lord Eric and Booth, he became their idol. This was of course, with the exception of Debbie. For her, he was clearly a shameless hooligan… a wolf in sheep’s skin.


Hearing all the praise that Iron-Swordsman was getting caused Debbie to clench her teeth in anger. Observing this, Ye Chui’s began to break out in a cold sweat. While Alfea tried to convince Debbie that the Iron-Swordsman did not have any other choice, while trying to hide her envy, she attempted to probe the dangerous loli: “about that Debbie, what if it was Ye Chui who helped you change?”


Debbie’s delicate brows scrunched up as she looked at Ye Chui piercingly: “Hammer, what do you have to say? Uhm… now that I think about it, I was in your Magician’s Robes when I woke up, were you the one who helped change my clothes?”


Ye Chui swallowed saliva, his mind ran at high speed to give an explanation: “of course not. Iron-Swordsman is a Magic Swordsman, maybe he carried a set of Magician’s Robes for spares!”


Debbie let out a snort as she did not wish to remain on this topic anymore. She clenched her fists when she remembered the incident in the Dark Forest and swore: “The next time I meet him, I’ll make sure he to beat him up to the point that no one else could ever recognize him ever again!”


“……” Ye Chui’s back drenched with sweat as he grew glad that he had an alternate identity to take the fall.


Alfea, on the other hand, was excited at the very thought of Iron-Swordsman: “I think that Tony is heroic, dashing, charming and handsome.”


“Miss, when you have such ‘exciting’ thoughts, think about the time and place first alright?” Ye Chui interrupted his back drenched in cold sweat.


“disgusting!’ the proud and lovable Alfea clenched her fists and hit Ye Chui straight in the chest.


Ye Chui was hit square and he flipped backward as he was not expecting Alfea to react in such a manner. Luckily his body has grown stronger and was not injured.


Alfea started: “Well… I have been meaning to ask you for a while, how did your body grow so strong in such a short amount of time?”


“this…” Ye Chui pulled his sleeve to show his biceps, “you see, I have been exercising daily these days. So, of course, my physique improved. I no longer am that frail and weak boned Hammer.”


Debbie and Alfea had a strange feeling: “How do you exercise?”


“that… is a secret. How can I possibly reveal such things to others so simply?”


“who would even want to know.” Alfea did not want to beg, but then she remembered something and asked: “Hammer, can you do me a favor?”


“Yeah… but…” Ye Chui looked at Alfea with a tinge of suspicion. “tell me what it is first, except for a way to contact Iron-Swordsman. That I will not reveal.”


“Who would ask you how to contact him?! I just wanted to know how he is doing right now and maybe if you would tell me where he is by yourself.” Alfea felt a little dejected, “he will tell me how to contact him personally one of these days himself!?


Ye Chui: “… good, so what do you want my help for?”


“I… could you … could you ask Tony ….” Alfea stuttered for a while before she could finish, “can you ask Tony to accept me as a student? I always wanted to learn from him after the events in the ancient tomb. I want to become Stronger!”


The war against the Magic Beast Tide had a deep impact on Alfea. She watched Ye Chui, Debbie and Vivian show off their valor in battle and felt weak and helpless. It was at that time that she decided to become stronger. The next time she met with such danger, she did not wish to feel powerless; least become a burden to others. She wanted to be able to fight alongside Iron-Swordsman. For that to happen, she had to become stronger both in her skills and Sword Aura. Although she had a Level 9 Swordsman who can teach her both skill and Sword Aura, she wanted to study the combat methods from the ancient tome, the so-called sword technique ‘style’.


Ye Chui wanted to reject Alfea’s request straight away, but after he looked at the anticipation filled Alfea he could not find the heart to reject her… After a moment worth of deliberation, he caved in and nodded. “Fine, I… I will ask Iron-Swordsman.”


Alfea was very happy: “Hammer, I will definitely return this favor.”


“Speaking of the reward…” the moment Debbie heard her eyes started shining brilliantly, “Alfea, City Lord Eric announced that he will reward handsomely for killing the Magic Beasts based on kills!” she extended her hand towards Alfea, “what’s my reward?!”


Alfea sweat violently: “I knew you would not forget… Father should have come to an agreement with the Swordsmen’s Guild Master right about now regarding how much gold is to be allocated to each kill. You should not be worried in that regards, I am sure you will profit greatly this time around.”


Debbie’s face was lit with excitement: “I killed about 304 Magic Beasts; I wonder if I could get a few thousand gold coins? We are rich! Hammer, it turns out you will get a rise in your allowance!”


Ye Chui immediately asked right away in high spirits when he heard of an increase in allowance: “how much?”


“20 copper coins per month,” Debbie said with a straight face.


Alfea: “…”


Ye Chui: “… Debbie, Stinginess is a disease. Be more generous…”


Debbie spoke with pride: “this money will go to investments. It was my father’s lifelong desire to make Anthony’s Magic Cottage into the world’s largest magic store. Behind his only heir, I must accomplish his wish. Hammer, this is the best opportunity to turn that dream a reality!”


“Fine…” thinking of his own savings Ye Chui stopped haggling over with the stingy Debbie. Ye Chui has already prepared a few enchantments and talismans to sell.


He had given some blueprints to Dwarf Dov for making some gadgets and tools like Magic Core powered Lighter, Magic Core powered Flashlight, Magic Core powered Timekeeper, Magic Core powered Razor…. Though this world has substituted in this world, it was the first time someone introduced these products with such convenience. These are indeed a fresh innovation and will be sold like hotcakes.


Then Ye Chui thought of the rewards that the Iron-Swordsman would get for his kills on the battlefield, over 400 kills individually and 4000 or so with the help of Booth. Ye Chui started smiling like an idiot when he thought that he would have so much money! He turned to Alfea and asked: “Word on the streets is that Iron-Swordsman would be rewarded with riches? How much do you think he will get?”


“Humph” Alfea gave a despising look at Ye Chui, “I really don’t know why Iron-Swordsman would have any contact with you. He is a powerful hero; fearless, and not a greedy muck that grovels over wealth. Why would he care about such a small reward?”


Ye Chui: “…”


[WTF. Just try giving me a penny less and see what I will do…]


Alfea waved her hands dismissing Ye Chui: “His rewards are his to worry about. Father is having a discussion as to what Iron-Swordsman would be rewarded with. Once he announces it, I will tell you”


Ye Chui relaxed after listening to Alfea, then he started to plan out his actions. He needs a lot of money. [A hero must not lack in wealth. When someone does a heroic job, he must be rewarded just as generously. Otherwise…. Don’t come looking for me next time… hmph!”]


He looked at the majestic Iron-Swordsman statue once more and turned to leave towards Anthony’s Magic Cottage along with Alfea and Debbie.


On the way back Ye Chui asked how Booth was doing. Booth entered the Specialist Realm, and that is no small issue In the Mattan Empire, so, the entire empire is looking at Booth with keen eyes. But Booth has just entered the Specialist Realm and needs time to stabilize his Spiritual Power. This was the only reason he was allowed to stay at the Stan City and had to stay at the City Lord’s Manor for his safety, under City Lord Eric’s protection.


“I heard that the Mattan Empire has dispatched a Magician for Stan City, and that Magician has a long-time friendship with Booth and that the Magician would accompany him to register at the Magic Saint Capital’s Magic Central Guild,” Alfea finally revealed some news.


Ye Chui nods. [If that’s the case, I can just leave the matter as it is and stop worrying about him.]


By the time he returned to Anthony’s Magic Cottage, there was a new person there. Debbie and Alfea stared and said in chorus: “Vivian?”


The young miss was wearing oversized priests’ robes, was standing anxiously in front of the store was none other than the Church’s Bishop Trainee Vivian!


Silavin: This is a little sad. Satya has been missing for the past week and we do not have anyone to translate the series.

Let’s hope nothing bad happens to him.

Either way, without a translator, this novel can’t move forward and we are in limbo once again.


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