Omni-Magician – Chapter 146, The New Receptionist is Huge

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Alfea and Debbie shouted with excitement in their voice when they saw Vivian at the Anthony’s Magic Cottage. Although they despised the church, they did not let it blind them of how good a person this Bishop Trainee was.


Ye Chui and Debbie met with Vivian during the war against the Magic Beast Tide and fought alongside each other. They understood what the other person was like. When Ye Chui arrived at the doors of Anthony’s Magic Cottage, he was startled and asked in a strange voice: “What are you doing here?”


“Well…” Vivian, who was not accustomed to talking to strangers, spoke with hesitation, “Bishop Faria said that to be worthy of being a Bishop, one needs to understand and experience the commoner’s life and their sufferings. So, he sent me here to experience them firsthand…”


Hearing Vivian’s words, Ye Chui’s stare intensified [What is that old coot thinking?] The three exchanged meaningful glances for while unable to decipher what Bishop Faria’s thoughts. But then again, Vivian did help them in a dire situation like the beast tide…. So, no matter what Faria’s intentions were they will not send Vivian back, they liked her and had a good impression towards her.


Seeing the hesitation in the three’s eyes Vivian spoke hurriedly: “err… could you let me stay here… please…?”


“Of course.” Debbie said with a smile, “you can stay here and gain experience.”


“Great!’ Vivian almost jumped in excitement.


“Debbie! … although she is a kind person, Faria would definitely send her here with some kind of hidden agenda. Are you sure you want her to stay here at your shop?” Alfea asked Debbie with a wavering low voice, “how about she lives at the City Lord’s Manor to gain experience? That would be better for her.”


Ye Chui: “…” [She does sound sincere.]


“I also think it would be very good having her around here.” Ye Chui said.


Ye Chui could already guess why Faria would send Vivian here, to investigate Iron-Swordsman who had caused such a huge loss to the church and not to mention the Enchanted Weapon that he showed off fighting Bedwick. Thanks to City Lord Eric and Booth, the commoners have shifted their faith to Iron-Swordsman from the Church. Yet, this little girl is definitely not suited to doing any form of ‘spy’ work, so … why would he send her to do this job?


Sure, Ye Chui would accept Vivian staying at Anthony’s Magic Cottage but he has his own agenda. He wants to study about the Saint Word and for that Vivian’s presence here in the Anthony’s Magic Cottage would reduce a lot of hassle.


In the end, the decision was made and Vivian will be staying at Anthony’s Magic Cottage for now.


Debbie started clearing the room that Vivian would be staying in. It was used to store the inventory and was piled up with cargo. It was not a big room, just enough for Vivian to sleep and have bunk and bed, but Vivian didn’t mind. Alfea also gave a hand to Debbie and Vivian in cleaning up the room.


Vivian was very excited to start living her new life here. She started to pull out her clothes one after another and arranging in the closet: priest’s robe, priest’s robe, priest’s robe, priest’s robe, priest’s robe, priest’s robe, priest’s robe, priest’s robe….


Debbie and Alfea started to sweat looking from the side… until Alfea broke down: “WAIT… Vivian… don’t say that all the dresses you have are Priest’s robes?”


Vivian gawked, you could see some jealousy in her eyes at Alfea and Debbie, “I have always worn priest’s robes since I was little…”


“I’ll look around if I can find any clothes for you to wear.” Alfea said with a sigh, “You don’t have to wear the Priest’s robe here, maybe you are not allowed to wear anything else at the church…. But here, wearing the robes is not necessary. Don’t worry… I will find something good for you to wear.”


“Don’t trouble yourself with that. I am sure my clothes would fit her just fine.” Debbie said with a smile, as Vivian and she were of similar stature. And to top that off Debbie always wanted a little sister, she hurried to her room while she said that, and brought several of her own dresses to dress Vivian up.


All this time Debbie had a warm smile that never left her face. She always wanted a little sister, and Vivian was like a new little sister to her. All she wanted to do right now was to make sure that Vivian was comfortable.

(Satya: more like her new doll to play dress-up with)


It was till her smile vanished.


“this dress is a little small near…. The chest” Vivian stood uncomfortable, holding her hand over her chest. Although she was petite, and of similar age to Alfea and Debbie, younger by a year to be more accurate, she was in no way small, if you know what I mean! Her size did not match her small stature at all. And her beauty was revealed in all its glory once she removed her Priest’s Robe which shocked Alfea while Debbie looked at her. with clenched jaws.


Ye Chui, who was observing how the dragon egg was doing in the space ring, heard the steps as Vivian came out of the room. His eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw Vivian, [such a childlike face with such ginormous b&#@s!]


She wore a long white skirt with petals spread over. This was an ordinary-looking dress that Debbie loved. But she , on‌ ‌the‌ ‌other‌ ‌hand, dashed out of the room, fuming with shame and loss….


Vivian came to the front of the shop with a face red as an apple, one would wonder if that was because she was embarrassed by the way Ye Chui was looking at her or if it was because the dress was suffocating her to near death.


Debbie was definitely not happy at the way Ye Chui was looking at Vivian, she arrived in front of Ye Chui and stomped his foot: “What do you think you are looking at?”


“…” Ye Chui snapped his head with a weird smile “he he, I just thought that having her at the shop will be good for business…”


Debbie: “…”


Ye Chui can be seen rolling out of the Anthony’s Magic Cottage not long after. Debbie and Alfea threw him out, so that they could fix the problem with Vivian’s wardrobe. To make sure Ye Chui did not return anytime soon, Debbie gave him a few copper coins to have some fun outside.


With a bunch of coins in hand and a blank face, Ye Chui walked along the street behind Cara’s Magic Bookstore. He went to Dwarf Dov to discuss the next project he had. He had to strengthen the Anthony’s Magic Cottage’s repertoire of goods and commodities. And to do that he needed the expertise of Dov as he was the best craftsman in this city.


Dwarves rarely worked for human shops and merchants, but Ye Chui has made a good impression on Dov. On top of that, he was interested in the blueprints and design concepts that Ye Chui brought him. Therefore, Dov accepted the cooperation with Ye Chui and Anthony’s Magic Cottage exclusively. That does in no way mean that Ye Chui would rip Dov off.


Once they both came to an agreement, Ye Chui left the alley he went straight to Clara’s Magic Bookstore. 


[After rising to Intermediate Magician, I can imprint a few more Magic Models in my mindscape. I should start studying new spells soon]



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