Omni-Magician – Chapter 147, Must Borrow them All

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[Several journals mention that the Beast folk are natural-born fighters, invincible on the battlefield, with an instinct to fight that is embedded deep in their bones. They are used to robbing and pillaging with extreme violence and cruelty. That is all the books that I have read ever say about them. But that did not seem to be the case for any of the Beast folk that I have encountered till now…. Blindly believing whatever these books say is detrimental. Or so I like a thought… Apparently, they were true after all!]


Ye Chui’s hand was frozen midway in the air as he held onto the knife and fork sitting at the dining table, his forehead was full of perspiration as he stared at the female Beast-folk Cara as she kept eating selflessly. Every piece of food on the table was taken in front of him. One dish after another… and this scene made him come to that very conclusion…


But rolling back time a bit,


It was almost evening when he arrived at Cara’s Magic Bookstore. Ye Chui being the gentleman he is, decided to invite Cara for supper. They went to a restaurant known for its scrumptious food with gorgeous attention to the presentation. Once the food was placed on the table, Ye Chui’s appetite increased a lot. But alas, as it stands now, by the time he could even move the knife and fork, this person sitting opposite him, Cara, had already gobbled all of it without an ounce of etiquette. Before Ye Chui could react, the entire table was empty. Unable to bear it, Ye Chui’s face contorted to the point it became black.


“Well? Hammer, why aren’t you eating?” Cara asked with her mouth munching on a roasted mutton leg.


“That… Actually, I am not too hungry….” Ye Chui, embarrassed, replied.


“Not hungry? That’s a pity. The chef here at the Moran Flower Restaurant is an artist with food. Even though the price here is high, for you to not taste such craftsmanship is really a pity.” Cara spoke with a face full of regret, “well, then don’t mind if I am impolite.”


Ye Chui: “….”


[Since when were you polite to begin since the start of the meal? youuu…] Ye Chui thought with a tear in his eye.


After the sumptuous dinner ended (by Cara alone), the two human servant girls started to clean the dinner table as Cara started to pick her teeth with a chicken bone and asked Ye Chui: ”out with it, don’t tell me that you came to me just to invite me on a date?”


“I need Magic books.” Ye Chui drank tea, and his next words shocked Cara, “I just rose to become an Intermediate Magician, and need to increase the number of Magic Models I have.”


“I knew it! I knew you would come for this.” Cara was smiling pinching the chicken bone… In fact, she was grinning fiendishly, “you should remember that the magic books in my store are very expensive.”


“For the entirety of Stan City, only your store has so many magic books for its collection, and it also has the most exclusive and rarest of books, so I do expect them to cost a pretty penny.” The Ye Chui said with a nod as the price of each magic book is several gold coins, however, the amount of gold that he will have to spend, even if the total amounts to over several thousand or even several tens of thousands of gold coins, is only a small issue for the present him, 


“You are quite Straightforward!” Cara gave a thumbs up in her head to Ye Chui, “I have a better deal for you.”


“What would this proposal be.” Ye Chui asked with curiosity/caution.


“Cara had to overcome many tribulations to gain a footing in Stan City, especially one who did not have a family and a female Beast-folk at that. I built my influence by making friends, many friends. And any new friend of mine enjoys many exclusive benefits.” Cara said with a smile, “I hope you know who my new friend is.”


Ye Chui stared, one could say he was extremely flattered: “You mean me?”




Ye Chui: “Mmm…. you mean Iron Swordsman.”


“Right.” Cara nodded, “he is Stan City’s hero. if I become friends with him then I can give you many benefits, even lending you any and all magic books you need to read for free of charge. After all, you, the Enchantment Master, is also a friend of mine. How about it?”


Ye Chui understood what Cara meant. [This female Beast-folk is a brilliant merchant. She is the kind of person who makes friends with people based on their potential or capabilities instead of their wealth. That is how she grew so big and successful.] Ye Chui said with a smile: “Good, I can promise you that now you are the Iron Swordsman’s friend if there is any matter within his power, he definitely will help you!”


“Great, it is settled then!” Cara let out a carefree smile, put the chicken leg into the mouth like a piece of sweet, chewed it like it was a mouthful of leaves, and Ye Chui suddenly couldn’t help but feel how it is that after eating a few meals like now Cara managed to remain the same size?


Cara and Ye Chui arrived at the bookstore which was bustling with action. The bookstore was managed by many beautiful salespeople. Yet, only one small bookshelf had magic books. Though the bookshelf is small the magic books are very precious, and this small bookshelf held the richest collection of magic books in the entire Stan City.


“Hammer, if any of these books catch your eyes you can borrow them.” Cara stood to one side of the bookshelf and said with a smile.


“Sure, I’ll go and choose a few of them then.”,  Ye Chui started to collect many books from the bookshelf right away one after the other, starting from the top shelf down to the bottom… < Primary Magic Theory>, <Simple Wind Spell Analysis>, <Principles of Wind Element >, <Fundamentals of Fire And Lightning Elements >, <Guide To Become a Gentleman Magician >…


Ye Chui quickly picked up several magic books from the bookshelf.


He sized up several bookshelves again up and down, satisfied he nodded.


“Oh, so few?” Cara happily laughed for a while and said to Ye Chui “I thought you would take the entire bookshelf with you; I did not think that you would only borrow ten or so of the books.”


“He He.”


Ye Chui turns his head to smile to Cara: “I do not need these books; I would be taking the rest of them.”


Cara: “….”


With a hundred or so books stuffed in his space ring, a Ye Chui left Cara’s Magic Bookstore with a satisfied smile. But as he was filled with glee, his stomach started growling with hunger. Though he had an urge to slap someone, the time he took parading around had already left him by the entrance of Anthony’s Magic Cottage. The parade has deflated as he already knew that there would not be any food at home. Debbie did not know how to cook, so that little girl would have had a feast at the City Lord’s Manor next door by habit. Since it was so late now, he was embarrassed to ask for food from the City Lord’s Manor. So, he had to cook up something himself.

(Silavin: He is embarrassed because he did not cozy up to them first. It makes it clear you went to another person’s house just for food like a beggar. Well, it is a Chinese sorta thing.)


When he went in, he was shocked to find the kitchen table was filled with ingredients. Debbie and Alfea had already made the necessary alterations to the dresses Vivian would wear and was busy setting up the table. Meanwhile, Vivian was preparing the food. She had already put on the dress she was given and Ye Chui had a few comments on them. [The chest region seems to have enlarged greatly… but… why did they only alter that part?] Though both girls had similar stature, one was more curvaceous than the other, and without any alterations to the other parts, her curve was brazenly apparent to be spectated upon. 


Seeing that Ye Chui came back, Vivian called immediately: “You came back, tell me how my cooking tastes.”


“How can I allow you to be the one to cook? You are a guest here. Come. I’ll do it.” Ye Chui said politely.


“It’s all right, Sister Debbie said that I will be cooking from now on,” Vivian said with a smile as she put another dish on the dinner table.


“Haa… I won’t be polite then, let me taste your cooking.” Ye Chui said once he sat before the dinner table, he looked at the food on the table, in front of his eyes was a juicy green vegetable and a piece of meat, fresh bread, and sweet potato soup. The food was simple yet made Ye Chui remember the time before his transmigration to this world.


Ye Chui: “….”


“So this is what Vivian has eaten since her childhood. It must be extremely nutritious!” Debbie said with a mouthful as she ate and motioned to Ye Chui to sit down.


Alfea nodded similarly: “Right right, this meal doesn’t look like it has enough meat, but it definitely is very nutritious!”


Alfea Spoke as she looked at Vivian who stood there quiet.


It was then, Ye Chui understood that these two were treating Vivian’s food as a recipe for gaining a more plentiful chest.


Silavin: Alright. Satya is back!

We are going slow with the chapter for now. Just in case. So, one chapter a week first to keep up the tempo.


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