Omni-Magician – Chapter 148, Brand Ambassador

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Intermediate Offensive Spell <Wild Dance: Sand>


In the spacious grounds of the eastern woods, Ye Chui can be seen brandishing his Magic Wand, as the Magic Model slowly formed and hovered at its tip. Once the Magic Model was established the sand, dust and the leaves on the ground were swept up from the ground, creating a yellow-colored tornado that danced in the air. Spectacular and imposing was the tornado as Ye Chui pointed the magic wand at the nearby tree as wide as a person. As if it had a life of its own it lunged at the tree like a beast of prey attacks its prey, with a bang it hit the big tree maliciously and the big tree shook fiercely, the late autumn (ripe and yellow) leaves started falling in bunches. And after a moment, only creaks of wood could be heard as the tree stood still as if nothing happened. But in fact, one could see the ground cracked in various places around the roots, insects crawling out of the ground and the trunk of the tree-filled with marks left by the sand.


“Great, this spell’s complete.”


Ye Chui nodded with satisfaction looking at the spells might.


Although Ye Chui obtained over 100 magic books, most of them are on magic theory and contained few useful and complete spells or magic matrixes. In retrospect, Ye Chui chose to take several good spells and use them as the basis to create his own spell. In the past five days, he succeeded in establishing a Magic Model of one Intermediate Offensive Spells based on four different Intermediate Offensive Spells and that spell was named Intermediate Offensive Spell <Wild Dance: Sand>. It was the combination of Intermediate Offensive Spell <Sea of Fire>, Intermediate Auxiliary Spell <Storm Patrol > as well as the Intermediate Auxiliary Spell that Ye Chui obtained from Booth <Sun Shield>.


Creating a Magic Model for each of these spells would take a long time for an ordinary Intermediate Magician, yet for Ye Chui creating them was easy, if you consider each of the spells as a program then Ye Chui would use his unparalleled hacking skills to them break down and recreate a more optimized program, surpassing all the individual programs by a huge margin. As of now, he can recreate each of the spells within 5 hours, and if in a hurry then he can push himself to finish each of the Intermediate Spells within 2 hours of time.


The first Intermediate Spell he learned the Intermediate Offensive Spell <Gale’s Baptism>, which only took him two hours to create a Magic Model of.


“I really want to create the Magic Model and cast the <Earth Fissure> spell…” Ye Chui then mused that Booth was his Magician’s blessing, giving Ye Chui the opportunity to observe the constitution of this advanced Space Magic Offensive Spell. He had the spell’s original manuscript, but it was a pity that this is an advanced spell. moreover, a powerful and strong advanced spell was still impossible for the current Ye Chui to recreate. Right now, he is attempting to tweak this spell and create a simpler version of it.

This is something that an ordinary magician will not dare attempt, but Ye Chui would not let that stop him.


As he was lost in contemplation, Ye Chui heard the sound of footsteps closing in and realized that someone came. Ye Chui hand moved and he stored his magic wand in space ring. At this moment, he was still wearing the Iron Swordsman’s armor suit, and when he turned his head around, he saw Alfea standing beside him.


Being grateful for Alfea and the City Lord Eric (and the fact that Debbie kept pestering him), Ye Chui agreed to Alfea’s request for becoming an apprentice under Iron-Swordsman. So now, the Iron-Swordsman is Alfea’s teacher. Yet this was the first-day Alfea met Ye Chui since she has become Iron-Swordsman’s student.


“Teacher.” Alfea was wearing a long skirt with a long sword hanging down her waist. The excitement was brimming from her face as she faced the Iron Swordsman.


“Alfea, you came.” Ye Chui adjusted his mood and said with indifference, now that he was a teacher he must ‘act the part’.


“Teacher, please teach me the sword technique that you inherited in the ancient tomb!” Alfea asked with sincerity while she presented a scroll, “this is the sacred Master and Disciple Contract, Teacher. With this, we will officially become a master and a disciple.”



It has been a long-standing tradition in Aigen-Dazs Continent that the disciple and the master to enact the Master-Disciple contract whenever Swordsmanship or Magic Knowledge was passed down from master to disciple. Although the contract is not compulsory it is still practiced to show their dedication to the institution and is practiced universally. Considering all these facts it should not come as a surprise that Alfea had taken out the Sacred Master-Disciple Contract. However, Ye Chui gawked and rejected saying: “There is no need for that.”



“No need?” Alfea was startled, a look of worry was painted on her face as she was afraid that Ye Chui was not willing to teach her the sword technique. As after establishing the master and disciple contract, the teacher needs to fulfill his responsibility of teaching all that he has to teach, or the student can accuse the teacher, like how Oberth accused Booth.



“Do not misunderstand.” Ye Chui said hastily, “I do not want to make the master and disciple contract to affect our relation, after all, we are also friends.”



Well, the fact of the matter was that if he entered the master and disciple contract, and were to ask Alfea to do something while he was acting as Hammer and Alfea were to refuse, then the contract would enforce the corresponding penalty and he will no longer be able to hide his status as Iron-Swordsman…


Therefore, he cannot sign the sacred master and disciple, absolutely he not.



Alfea was puzzled for a moment, and her face turned red and she nodded as she mused in her heart [is he saying he has some feelings towards me?! Is that why he doesn’t want to make the sacred master and disciple contract to hinder our relations? After all the master and disciple contract forbids any romantic relationships between the master and the disciple…]


Aigen-Dazs Continent very pays great attention to traditions and customs. If a situation like that of Yang Guo and Xiao Long-nu were to happen here then it would be fair to say that both of them will be humiliated to death.



“Good…” Alfea gave a charming nod, she approached Ye Chui, “Teacher, can you teach me the sword technique”


“Um, sure…” Ye Chui nodded, although he had a nagging thought that Alfea misunderstood his intentions he continued with speaking with an earnest face “Alfea you must understand one thing clearly and that is that this sword technique is not a sword technique in the general sense. It would be better if you call it a style of swordsmanship. It is a style that I learned from the ancient tomb; therefore, I call it the Ancient Tomb Swordsmanship. It has a total of 12 moves that make it unpredictable, each move seamlessly connecting to the next in infinite variations. It is the embodiment of flexibility and adaptability, and hence you must grasp the core of each of the moves making it that much harder to master this style of swordsmanship. Are you prepared for that?”


“To become stronger, I will do anything!” Alfea said with conviction.


“Good.” Ye Chui nodded, then arrived by Alfea’s side and held Alfea by her waist gently, “Here, let us begin with the first stance.”


The Alfea’s face grew red immediately: “Teacher, you……”


[He is so bold!]


[He held my waist!]


[Must concentrate on the stance…]


[Don’t lose concentration! Must behave!]


“What are you blushing for?! What I am teaching you is the first of the 12 stances from the ancient tomb style. You must practice it industriously and strive to learn it and make it into your second nature. Once you have mastered the first stance I shall teach you the second one…” Ye Chui spoke as he moved Alfea’s arms in a strange fashion, “arm raises till here, the left leg slightly apart, this is the first stance, remember it well.”


Alfea: “…Yes.”


Once this ordeal was complete, Alfea relaxed a little, yet there was a slight disappointment in her heart…




After leaving from the east woods, Alfea was still practicing the ancient tomb swordsmanship relentlessly. Of course, it was not going to be easy for her as this sword technique was hard to learn and master.


Even with the help of Magic and Programming, it was difficult for Ye Chui to grasp the ancient tomb style quickly. He has not completely mastered the style even till now. If you can assign a number to the amount of mastery over the swordsmanship, then you could say that he might have mastered 30% of the style at the most. One must remember that the creator of this style of swordsmanship was actually a peak Level 9 Swords Master who was more mysterious that the Magic Specialist Booth as far as Ye Chui was concerned.


[Now that I remember, Jarvis did mention that there is something hidden in the ancient tomb other than the treasures that I have already obtained. I think now that I have time, I should take a stroll in the ancient tomb…]


When Ye Chui found a suitable place, he entered the ancient tomb.


In ancient tomb…thousands of Magic Beasts have rapidly declined to a little more than 800. Every day there is a massive number of deaths, but this falls short from Ye Chui’s goal. After all, what he wanted was nothing more than the fiercest of all the Magic Beasts to remain.

(Satya: don’t blame me for the author’s math)


While inside, Ye Chui put the armor back in the space ring and that was when he saw the dragon egg once again.


[I do not know when this Dragon Egg will hatch, although I had grasped the Dragon Language Magic, I am still unable to relieve myself from the Servant Contract with this Dragon Egg, Worse, I have not made any actual progress. The chains continuously tighten around my neck…… but the later the dragon egg hatch, the longer I have to relieve the Servant Contract. Though that matter is but a ticking time bomb as once that Dragon Baby hatches, I would be powerless to defy this contract!] Ye Chui thought to himself.


After returning to Stan City, Ye Chui did not go back to Anthony’s Magic Cottage but arrived at Dov’s workshop. 


Dov Invited him inside and resumed to forge the Enchanted Items that they were going to sell in Anthony’s Magic Cottage, most of them were now complete.


“I am sure that these will cause a huge stir!”


Ye Chui’s eyes shined. City Lord’s Manor had not distributed the rewards that were due which put Debbie in a foul mood. [I have been thinking of some way to distract her and the sales of these gadgets should do that for them while…]


[Iron Swordsman has a good reputation, which should not be allowed to go to waste. Making the Iron Swordsman the brand ambassador for these enchanted items would be amazing.]


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